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How to commit suicide without feeling any pain….

Hey. I presume that you are facing a very difficult set of circumstances in your life and are probably considering putting an end to it.

I will not try to change your mind and unlike most other people, I definitely don’t have a good reason to do so.

The only request I wish to make is that I want you to  read this entire blog before you put an end to your life. This won’t be long, I have deliberately kept it short considering the fact that you probably don’t have much time left. (Please read the entire blog, as it might be the last good deed that you are doing in your life. It’d also mean a lot to me if you do considering the type of situation you are in right now)

As the title suggests, in this blog, we will try to find the best possible way by which you can commit suicide without hurting yourself in the process and without feeling any pain.

The most common methods of committing suicide are jumping in front of a train, putting yourself on fire, drug overdose, slitting your wrist, shooting yourself in the head, hanging yourself etc.

Now let us analyze these popular methods of committing suicide and conclude which is the best and the most effective method for you.

1. Jumping in front of a train: This definitely is a very popular method of committing suicide. A lot of people intentionally put themselves in front of a speeding train or some other vehicle in order to kill themselves. In the recent movie, ‘Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps’, the hero’s mentor does the same. So, its gotta be cool….Haah..??

Nonetheless, this ain’t the best method because it might leave you with a severed limb and make you disabled for life. In some cases, even if this does kill you, trust me, the pain would be immense. If you were thinking of this, please change your mind as this method is not fool-proof and is surely not painless.

2. Setting Yourself on Fire: I would never recommend this for anyone. Remember the time when you were a small kid and were afraid of lighting match sticks. Do you remember what made you afraid of lighting those small matchsticks? The answer is getting a small burn or a blister that’d follow after you have the burn. Just imagine that same painful burn extremely aggravated, all over your body. Also, do not forget that you might end up with a hideous face for the rest of your life. Surely, this is not the best way to kill yourself.

3. Drug Overdose: This is effective in few cases but mostly, trust me, you might end up unconscious in the hospital with people all around you. You would be labeled a ‘Drama Queen’ for the rest of your life and won’t be taken seriously. You might also end up damaging your liver or your entire digestive system, without any good.

4. Slitting your wrist: This is probably the least effective method of committing suicide and you’ll end up loosing nothing but a lot of blood and feeling excruciating pain. This is the second least recommended way to commit suicide after putting oneself on fire.

5. Shooting yourself in the head: This is surely a very effective way to commit suicide but in a few cases, the consequences can be disastrous. You might end up blowing of a part of your brain. This will leave you brain damaged and you wouldn’t  even ever get the idea of committing suicide again. This is the worst thing that can happen to a person. Personally, I have genuine reasons not to advocate this method.

6. Hanging yourself: When people were hanged after being sentenced for life, the task was taken by experts who knew how to properly hang a person to death. You, on the other hand, might end up struggling and twitching for about half  an hour, then fall down and cause severe damage to your spinal cord. Also, capital punishments have made this method ‘not classy at all’ and if at all you do succeed, an unacquainted person would surely be laughing his balls out reading about your death in the local newspaper. You surely don’t want that.

Thus, it can easily be understood here that none of the popular methods of committing suicide are fool-proof and it can also be clearly seen that if they do not end canonically, they may have extremely undesirable  consequences much to your consternation.

Also, there are a few different types of pains which will be felt even if you do succeed. As a prudent person, it is your duty to consider these pains as well.

1. Pain of the loved ones: Sure, there are people who have made life difficult for you and now you want to commit suicide and get done with your life. But, if I were you (I am not a perfect person, just a happily selfish, average person you meet everyday in your life), I’d have made it a point to make life more and more difficult for people who made life difficult for me, instead of hurting people who’d miss me after I am dead.

Trust me the people who made your life difficult do not love you at all and putting an end to your life would not affect them in any way. I might just make them happier. Sure you don’t want them to have the last laugh. Do you?

2. Religious pain and suffering: You might not be a very religious person. Well, neither am I. But most of the religions that are being followed in the world condemn suicide. Going by religious views of most people throughout the world, you’d surely have a tough time in hell for eternity, or maybe something worse. I don’t think you should ignore the religious believes of millions of people around the world.

In the end, all I can say is that I guess, I failed in my endeavor. I cannot possibly give you the best way to kill yourself. I am highly apologetic for I have failed you.

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Looking forward to hear from you.

Also, please see a counselor and/or seek help if you still feel depressed. Its completely normal and happens to many people (a lot much more than you may ever think). 🙂

Stay blessed.