"something will turn up, always has, always will”

Hey. I presume that you are facing a very difficult set of circumstances in your life and are probably considering putting an end to it.

I will not try to change your mind and unlike most other people, I definitely don’t have a good reason to do so.

The only request I wish to make is that I want you to  read this entire blog before you put an end to your life. This won’t be long, I have deliberately kept it short considering the fact that you probably don’t have much time left. (Please read the entire blog, as it might be the last good deed that you are doing in your life. It’d also mean a lot to me if you do considering the type of situation you are in right now)

As the title suggests, in this blog, we will try to find the best possible way by which you can commit suicide without hurting yourself in the process and without feeling any pain.

The most common methods of committing suicide are jumping in front of a train, putting yourself on fire, drug overdose, slitting your wrist, shooting yourself in the head, hanging yourself etc.

Now let us analyze these popular methods of committing suicide and conclude which is the best and the most effective method for you.

1. Jumping in front of a train: This definitely is a very popular method of committing suicide. A lot of people intentionally put themselves in front of a speeding train or some other vehicle in order to kill themselves. In the recent movie, ‘Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps’, the hero’s mentor does the same. So, its gotta be cool….Haah..??

Nonetheless, this ain’t the best method because it might leave you with a severed limb and make you disabled for life. In some cases, even if this does kill you, trust me, the pain would be immense. If you were thinking of this, please change your mind as this method is not fool-proof and is surely not painless.

2. Setting Yourself on Fire: I would never recommend this for anyone. Remember the time when you were a small kid and were afraid of lighting match sticks. Do you remember what made you afraid of lighting those small matchsticks? The answer is getting a small burn or a blister that’d follow after you have the burn. Just imagine that same painful burn extremely aggravated, all over your body. Also, do not forget that you might end up with a hideous face for the rest of your life. Surely, this is not the best way to kill yourself.

3. Drug Overdose: This is effective in few cases but mostly, trust me, you might end up unconscious in the hospital with people all around you. You would be labeled a ‘Drama Queen’ for the rest of your life and won’t be taken seriously. You might also end up damaging your liver or your entire digestive system, without any good.

4. Slitting your wrist: This is probably the least effective method of committing suicide and you’ll end up loosing nothing but a lot of blood and feeling excruciating pain. This is the second least recommended way to commit suicide after putting oneself on fire.

5. Shooting yourself in the head: This is surely a very effective way to commit suicide but in a few cases, the consequences can be disastrous. You might end up blowing of a part of your brain. This will leave you brain damaged and you wouldn’t  even ever get the idea of committing suicide again. This is the worst thing that can happen to a person. Personally, I have genuine reasons not to advocate this method.

6. Hanging yourself: When people were hanged after being sentenced for life, the task was taken by experts who knew how to properly hang a person to death. You, on the other hand, might end up struggling and twitching for about half  an hour, then fall down and cause severe damage to your spinal cord. Also, capital punishments have made this method ‘not classy at all’ and if at all you do succeed, an unacquainted person would surely be laughing his balls out reading about your death in the local newspaper. You surely don’t want that.

Thus, it can easily be understood here that none of the popular methods of committing suicide are fool-proof and it can also be clearly seen that if they do not end canonically, they may have extremely undesirable  consequences much to your consternation.

Also, there are a few different types of pains which will be felt even if you do succeed. As a prudent person, it is your duty to consider these pains as well.

1. Pain of the loved ones: Sure, there are people who have made life difficult for you and now you want to commit suicide and get done with your life. But, if I were you (I am not a perfect person, just a happily selfish, average person you meet everyday in your life), I’d have made it a point to make life more and more difficult for people who made life difficult for me, instead of hurting people who’d miss me after I am dead.

Trust me the people who made your life difficult do not love you at all and putting an end to your life would not affect them in any way. I might just make them happier. Sure you don’t want them to have the last laugh. Do you?

2. Religious pain and suffering: You might not be a very religious person. Well, neither am I. But most of the religions that are being followed in the world condemn suicide. Going by religious views of most people throughout the world, you’d surely have a tough time in hell for eternity, or maybe something worse. I don’t think you should ignore the religious believes of millions of people around the world.

In the end, all I can say is that I guess, I failed in my endeavor. I cannot possibly give you the best way to kill yourself. I am highly apologetic for I have failed you.

If you survive for long enough, do message me and add my blog on facebook  http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Clairvoyants-Blog/152672771467923

Looking forward to hear from you.

Also, please see a counselor and/or seek help if you still feel depressed. Its completely normal and happens to many people (a lot much more than you may ever think). 🙂

Stay blessed.


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  1. Sourabhi Sircar said:

    The end was quiet predictable.. But still i loved every bit of it n had a nice laugh..

    Keep it up.. 🙂

    M proud of u bro 🙂

    • Thank you very much….i do intend to spread a lot of laughter through my blogs. 🙂

      I hope it helps someone who has suicide in his mind and googles out this page….

      • hi there well it has made me think ,mostly when you said that the people making you miserable and unhappy could possibly not be unhappy at my demise but could be the opposite at seeing me gone ,so i,m going to make them unhappy now and be here annoying them ,,thank you for a different view ,, i,m off now to have a better life ,,,

      • Ryane Kelly said:

        Hello im Ryane, im a 20 year old mother trying to make ends meet and live happily. but everytime i try making ends meet with my family they just hurt me so bad that i dont even feel good enought for my own daughter.. and iv already tried suicide 4 times because they hurt me so bad and i just want that happy family u see in movies.. what should i do

      • Rishabh kansin said:

        I suicide tonight.

      • u r a lil bitch post shit like this u deserve 2 die haha lol pussy waqtch when ur site is 30mil in the hole u will be killing urself after me of course dont be such a pussy n do it stop talking?

      • well lately ive been having these suicidal thoughts but not out of self depression but i just feel that the world we live in now is soo messed up from all aspects . i cant find peace anymore. though we are now experiencing technological advancments far more than any time ever we are not humans anymore , we lost some of our greatest senses given to us by the CREATOR , well yeah i do believe in him , how wouldnt i ?!. the reason why im suffering and everyone is even if your oblivous about it ,i know i were, is the monetary4 system . ive given alot of thought about it and long story short is that monetary system defines the people with the most money to be successful and should be respected and more sadly they control our visual and mental exposure. i call it power sickness. How come 6 million people die out hunger every year !!!! . makes me sick to my stomach i swear, there is obviously something wrong, think about it, of course there is enough RESOURCES to feed the planet but the problem is that it costs monetary losses for those in control if they couldnt dominate and control the world to thier intrest. im not talking about conspiracy psychotic themes im talking about multi bullion dollar busineses , advertising and politics etc. So to come to the end of my point , i wouldnt want an easy way out , that is depressional suicide , i may do it whenever i fel like it , however i feel like it UNLESS i find another way completey out of this monetary sytem based world. today i just read about the british paralyzed guy who wanted to have the legal right to suicide medically using doctors assistance but the case was refused by court and he choose the smart not the easy way out , which is starving to death, it may sound stupid to someone but when i thought about it . its the most suicidal method that brings you to inner peace when leaving this so called WORLD we live in. try to deprive yourself from eating for 2 days, ive tried it before .besides the fatigue and loss of concentration i experienced something more like inner purification , that was how i felt. . i have no family, alot of friends though but at the end no one can save you but your creator . so i will take my chances , i hope he understands that me commiting suicide wont be out of cowardness and running away from problems but an attempt to find truth cause i cant live in this hypocracy,lying and brutality we call it earth.

      • sanjay singh said:

        thanx dear i was also thinking abt suicide.

      • i want to suside because of my smokng habit

      • you know wat i m just 13 right now…and i feel nothing is gud my parents r always fighting and nothing is gud …i dont know wat a happy family is.. 😦 but recently i decided to suicide and leave this world because my parents were putting pressure on me for studies…..and u noe wat?? i drank bleach i was really in a mess and i called up my mom and told her wat i had done …. my mom is a doctor she helped me out…and actually i hadn’t drank that much i just had mixed it wid 7-up a bit and i tuk a sip… my mmom was very far she cudnt do anything ….my aunt came home and she helped me out….andtoday i m commenting on this page….fully healthy and fit 🙂 mom has made me understand the meaning of life… 😛 she understud me :)…please guys if u have a problem wid some1 share it wid ur parents and if u have a problem wid ur mom ….then remember she was the 1 wu bared so much of pain wen u were taking birth…did she thought that after baring so much of pain she will have 2 see such a day wen her own child is deing because of her ….wen she wanted to correct u….always remember ur parents always help u… 🙂 mom i luv u ❤

      • Bob, on the Happiness Scale of 1-2, 1 being plumb damn miserable and 2 being plumb damn miserable, how happy are you right not based on living to spite somebody else? 1.5 and you have become a chronic alcoholic? I find this blog to not be a very good thing. I hope it’s creator will delete it or modify it. Unless its another crude joke, an 11 year old wrote on here last night stating they where considering taking their life!!! What is wrong with people today? Is there no Holiness in life to be considered? Most people on here sound like the are writing because they are bored to death. I have yet to see anybody write about solutions to their problems in order to have a more meaningful life, not just exist and waste their lives until old age or disease overcomes them.

      • bayoumihisham@gmail.com said:

        That because we’re always self centered. Always indulged in our own thoughts about ourselves,others, what we should be and what we shouldn’t be instead of just living and trying to make the best out of the present moment
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      • You just made fun of others’ pain; people taking this pain lightly are what drove me to commit suicide, you just gave me a boost.
        You’re yet another person who makes me feel so helpless, so lonely.
        I have collected 3,000mg of Valium throughout the last few months,
        I have 5 bottles of vodka to wash it down; I live alone, nobody is going to look for me, ever.
        It’s safe to say I didn’t need your help in the first place.

      • i want to ask you a question, what if everyone that knows you or even your family members don’t like u and you are always alone, no one cares about your well-being or knows your presence, just ignoring you when you speak your mind or even simple things like saying even hi, not to mention things that happen to you like fever or anything, and the most important thing is that no one loves you or cares about you and they seemed to be so much more happier when you are not around, which means without you their lives are so much more better. So if you have such people around even when you die do you think anyone will miss you or feel sad for you? I don’t think so at all cause I am such a person i’m so pathetic that no one even pities me. So what’s the point of living anymore I don’t want to live alone and be the lone soldier or whatever I would rather just end my live by myself, that case it would be better!

      • good bye im only ten yrs old but time to end life for me

    • I loved my hubby much but he dnt understand me, so I planned 2 commit suicide.After reading the above point I planned not 2 suicide

    • Wow. Thank you. Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.

    • I think someone has the right to end there own life. I find if someone has tried every option and has put in the effort to see if there is a reason to live and still can not find one why not.
      Such as myself.
      I’ve suffered for decades with the way I feel and I’ve reached the end I probably have days left in me I’ve given it my best over the years and now I can not see a reason to open my eyes of a morning.
      It can’t be wrong to give myself peace when I can not find it in the world.

      • paintakenlightly said:

        I feel the same way but also I am angry with myself as to why can’t I be strong and create a better life…

    • I watched 2 much memz an i got adhd an i wanna kill ms
      mf nigga hours 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌vv

  2. Deepika Agarwal said:

    well in dat case pritish…..he would definitely quit his wish 2 sucide……n say this is my last wish nt to commit sucide ever……

  3. This is slightly twisted… but also very clever at the same time…. Interesting. I enjoyed reading it.

  4. its really funny… 😀

  5. ronald turko said:

    I will kill myself no matter what.

    • i dont think that i have the knack to convince you not to do something that will hurt you and the people who genuinely love you. nonetheless, i urge you not to give up the fight. suicide is a weak thing to do and wouldn’t really solve any purpose except for making people who don’t like you happier. please don’t give up the fight.

      • My question is what do you do if you have no one that would miss you or even loved you in the first place ?

      • Sharon said:

        You sound young. These things that seem so horrible today will one day not seem so bad. Remember, what does not kill you will make you stronger! My son that is now 27 lived a life of constant abuse in high school. he was small and shy for his age. Not anymore! He is so happy, with a beautiful woman and has many friends! After high school, it is like starting all over. People accept you for who you are! The bullys get the what goes around comes around scenario and end up NEVER happy. So live through this rotten time and you will have the best appreciation of how wonderful your life turned out to be and not there’s!!! My cousin and close friend committed suicide thinking nobody cared when he hit a low point in his life. WOW, why did so many people show up at his funeral if they did not care? They did not have to make an effort to do that! They just truely cared. So when you think that same thing, think again! If you succeed, you will never be able to say”hah, look what you did to me”, but soooo many people will be left to deal with the pain and guilt of not knowing how sad you were! And trust me, it is almost unbearable. Do you really want that to be your legacy? You want to be the tough one that rose above it, made it to the top, and know the compassion for other people! Let that be your legacy!!!


      • vishwas tripathi said:

        how long i will have to fight?

      • David James said:

        no one loves me so why am i caring if i live or not, and clearly it is solving something, your misery… and at least i’m making someone happy

      • Suicide is not weak. Suicide is someone who has been fighting for way too long, someone who lost that fight. In a war, you wouldn’t consider one team’s retreat weak, if the war itself was doing more damage than the outcome of the retreat. You would say it was a wise thing to do, for that side to retreat. Suicide is a battle lost, sometimes it makes more sense to retreat than to keep fighting and loose more than you would loose by retreating. Suicide is not weak. It is not courageous, but it is not weak.

      • what if there is nothing to fight for anymore showing weakness is something alot of people do and its resolving a purpose for most people it may not be for the people that dont like u. it can mean that u are tired of suffering the pain of other people that have put u through hell and back and they only way to go is down this path. Its not about showing the sign of weakness its showing that youve fought long and hard enough to just make everything stop. Life its self is suppose to have a meaning well were are the meanings for people that wanna make all the pain and suffering stop. If talking to someone and getting help is going to stop that pain and suffering then u people are DEFINITELY wrong about that. it will truly show who loves u and hates u until u actually take ur own life. THATS ALL IT TAKES.

    • agree ronald

    • me too

  6. i have to laugh when i hear ‘suicide is a weak thing to do.’ the amount of courage and strength it takes to live each day in unremitting pain is not understood by those who have not been there. i’m glad that you are blessed to believe (ignorantly) that suicide is ‘weak.’

    • you yourself say that it takes courage and strength to live through life. then, wouldn’t escaping be a weak thing to do? give it a thought my friend. everybody has problems in life and remember tough situations never last but tough people do….

      • I’d rather be weak and die than live in this life! What’s the point of living when there’s nothing to live for. Screw love and all that crap, it doesn’t make you happy.

      • Don’t give up friend. Give life a chance, everything will be beautiful soon and you’ll have something nice to live for. Don’t miss the good things that are in store for you. If people give you crap, shove it back, up their arse. Just don’t give up. Feel free to talk to me anytime you want to. And remember, good times don’t last forever and neither do bad times. Its just a cycle and they follow each other. Take care.

      • Thank you, but it’s really not easy for me. I don’t even know how I’m keeping myself going lately. Everything is just too much!

      • What if the Situation commands the people….

      • Bannana poop said:

        So u want me to make others suffer instead of myself? SOUNDS AWESOME

      • when your strong for to long you get weak.And when you reach out for help. no one answers what is the point ,if your just a ghost?

      • sometimes tough situations do last . mine will follow me to the grave and there’s nothing i can do to stop it .you should close your mouth before researching so you won’t look like such an offensive ignorant ass next time.

    • people live through broken families, perennial diseases n worse. i know you are strong friend. god shll show you the right path. life is precious.

      • Life is just one big lie. U havent lived life until youve lived Death. Yea is precious and that which means u can life it to the fullest or not. it UR LIFE!!! PEOPLE CAN TELL U TO NOT MAKE THE CHOICE AND NOT DO THIS BUT WHOS LIVING THE LIFE! YOU? GOD? MY FAMILY? whos actually feeling pain !! they will feel the pain once its done, but wont feel nothing after that the grieving stage will be long pass them once they know im in a good place!!! NO MORE PAIN NO MORE SUFFERING.

    • That’s so true… no one would understand on how I feel everyday… no one would understand about my suffering. This suffering is greater than anything. It’s pathetic really… every one would mock and laugh at me. i can’t help but to be me. I will tell you frankly that my dick is 2 inches long… this has caused disaster in whole life. Trying to survive everyday through embarrassment. Can’t even get a job for myself. IT teared my family apart but they don’t know about IT. Everywhere I go, everyone I meet mocks at me when they find out. Now school is coming up, kids at school know about me. I’m not even good looking, rich, smart… I’m like the total cursed creature. Who’s got nothing to live for…

  7. sarah johns said:

    My friend gased herself in the family car leaving a fiancee and 2 small babies! Think its the bravest thing in the world and she was very selfless! Can’t get over it!

  8. I always felt unhappy and think i could never be happy. So what is the point of living?..I would like to get rid of these thoughts but this always comes in my mind

    • most people have no control over the thoughts that keep coming in the head. trust me, i m no exception either. you do have control over doing things which make you happy. so my friend, stop thinking n start doing, you’ll have no time to think. try doing it, it helps.

      • chiquita said:

        I have a lot of stress in m liefe,,I’m bad at m skoolwork and I do bad in m raport,,I jst want help,,I can’t explain how I feel,,evetayone at sckool does good in their maths axept me,,I fele so worthless and ashamed,,m dad hits m mom a lot,,once I had to jump infront of m mom to proteckt her,,the only thing that’s stoping me is when I think to myself “who’s gonna be there 4 my mom to help her,,how would m death afeckt those close to me???”I feel so alone,,some boys at m scool call me a slut,or say I’m ugly and stuf,,I’ve been stabes in m back through fake friends,,so I don’t know what to do,the onlyu thin I know is that I jst wana end all m pain and sufering

  9. Jess Lynn M said:

    Hmm… Is there anyway to kill urself with out being able to turn back and it not be scary to do…

  10. To Sarah Johns: Do you know why she killed herself?

    It’s sad that she may have killed herself because she was depressed and saw no way out. Don’t you think she wrestled with the decision? That she believed that she was doing what was best for her family.

    It’s a shame that there isn’t more support in this country for people in pain. Perhaps if there were so many wouldn’t take their own lives.

    • i agree, people who start having suicidal thoughts should spend more n more time with friends n family. they should also seek help from someone who is old enough and wise enough to understand their problems. no problem in life lasts forever.

      • I’m impressed with what u’ve said bout probs- IT DOESN’T LAST FOREVER. By the way, how did u get the idea of writing this blog? have u thot of suicide in the past? is that wat inspired u to rite this? ….. its not a prob, i just would like to know. It may really help some people and r thankful 4 tat. For some people coming from religous background, ter is a book called PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE by Rick Warren, it may Help too.

      • LostInLife said:

        Sometimes when you are with ur family all they do is bring u down ten times more…and when u are having suicidal thoughts and u call ur friends so u can be around the people that make u laugh but they are always busy then what!!!!

      • You obviously do not understand this stuff. I’ve been bullied since year 3, 7 painful years. Life does not get better, it escalates in a downwards spiral.

  11. i see the face of my kids and i know that i have to live- even if i take life as a punishment- then god has given me punishment. i have to live because i cannot possibly give a good reason to my babies, why mommy chose to do what she did, when they did not even know how to put milk in their glasses.
    i am bad, a sinner, a loser, a lier and mean and greedy and selfish, but i too am human that needs respect and love. not a single being who is closely related to me have ever found a virtue in me from the past 31 years of my life, all i heard was what a pain i am. oh yes, i wait for death…yes i do….

    • God has plans for you. let your kids grow up. they would be your strength. you have to let them have a chance. they are too small to understand whatever goes through your head at the moment. there are people who mail me and have have problems like perennial illness, no means of livelihood etc. God is great and he certainly has some beautiful plans for you. there would be an end to your bad times and good times are bound to follow.

      you are the best judge of yourself and you certainly dont need people to tell you how good you are, not even close relatives.

      i sense a determination in you, maybe for the sake of your children, that you are willing to fight it out. i feel glad.

      take care.

      • I have a question? What if you want to commit suicide but are scared to go to hell? Will you go to hell no matter what?

    • Sara Eleanor said:

      I really want to answer this… I just don’t know what to say… It seems so unlike short term adolescent depressions… I too await death by natural cause. I’m 22, and I know I have a long way to go..! I googled “how to commit suicide painlessly”, and I have done so many times before. I’ve tried TWELVE times in the past 11 years. I’m still here. For fucks sake, that must mean something…..

      “i am bad, a sinner, a loser, a lier and mean and greedy and selfish, but i too am human that needs respect and love.” I’m so sorry you feel that way. So sorry. I empathize, as I tell myself the same thing constantly. Why do we tell ourselves such horrible things that we wouldn’t dream of telling anyone else? Aren’t we worth just as much as the others, flaws and all? Don’t we realize that if we tell ourselves something enough times, we will eventually believe it? And it’s so hard to unbelieve! They say you should tell yourself you love yourself every time you look in the mirror, and give yourself compliments. Have you tried that?!? Seriously, it makes me feel like the biggest idiot I have ever looked in the eyes… It doesn’t work!

      I was only a child the first time I tried to commit suicide. No child should want to die. It hurts me that the child I used to be felt such immense pain, and I wish I could receive it all now instead, to allow the child I was to be a child…

      I hope you saved some lives mr. clairvoyant. I’m going to keep trying to save my own.

      Regards, Sara Eleanor from Norway.

      (PS. So much for not knowing what to say, eh?)

      • Vignesh said:

        We will always be with you and care for you Sara. Will Pray for your happiness. 🙂

    • may be tonight is the last night of ma life………i am going to succide

  12. I read this genuinely trying to find a way to commit suicide. i’m fourteen. it made me smile, thank you. although i must say it hasn’t quite changed my mind. i have been struggling with many problems for nearly 3 years now and have severely hurt many people in the process. the damage i have done is irreversible and every second i have to live, to breathe is hell. so many people have tried to help me over time and currently still are, but i’ve only ever got worse. i’m scared. i’m scared of dying, so so much. but i cannot bear this any longer, i can’t stand what i’m doing to myself and to other people. there is no way back and no way out.

    • there are a lot of things which can never be undone. trust me, everybody has baggage. even i have, sometimes, hurt the people for whom i care about the most. trust me, there are people who have stood by you even after you’ve hurt them and it is because they truly love you. if you kill yourself, you will just hurt them more, and i’m sure after reading your comment that you are not someone who likes to hurt people. nevertheless, teens always hurt people close to them. everybody does that.

      you are only 14 right now, grow up a bit, have some patience dear. there are so many things which God has in store for you. there will be a time when life would just get better everyday. there are always minor setbacks in life, but there would be so much happening in your life that you’ll get over them easily.

      take care.

    • I feel the same way. There is no hope out there for me. I can’t stand my life anymore. Me and my friend ran away 2 nights ago. But we had to come back. On the way back I tryed to jump in Frount of a car on the high way. I don’t know what to do with myself anymore.

    • Tristen said:

      I am the same kerry

  13. plz gve a suggestion to die
    i failed in every movement of my life .
    i failed in my main interview.
    aftr a week i failed in love.
    aftr a mounth i failed in friendship.
    aftr tht i failed to gve hope to my parents
    i failed and just failed

    • i am really sorry if you are looking for a good way to die because i really don’t know one.

      all i know is that someone wise has said long ago that failures are the pillars of success. we all fail everyday. and trust me, you and me are no exception. i have failed in numerous interviews, a couple of love affairs and have also lost a number of close friends.

      i just wish you change the way you are thinking at the moment because the very fact that you are feeling sad that you couldn’t clear an interview proves that you are serious regarding your career.

      maintain this seriousness, you will surely succeed in your endeavours and be very successful in life. God is watching everything and tough times are just to try you. you will soon have everything that you always wanted. god bless.

      • nickeypants is 3 said:

        NO! I can’t accept failings mine yours or anyone elses. I have been punished each time for failing, and i have been told that I cannot do the things I long to do either – because I am emotionally a 2 year old, not only do my controlling parents voices reverberate and command me, but I am also having to commit suicide. Basically, I have found that my inner child the good boy that he is, is looking for friendships with children his age and beyond. I cannot accept this and so it is right htat he be with his mommie, my wife, who died on 17th september 2010. I have to die, because I never p0dophile ok?

    • Leave the pain and failure…live the life for you and not for others….U’ll see more happiness than pains and wt so ever u name them….

    • Sharon said:

      Why are you putting so much pressure on yourself? It is not called failure, it is called life experience. How can we learn if at times we don’t succeed? It teaches us. We learn how to love and what that means. Who knows these things the first, second or even third time around? We are learning to understand what a relationship means and takes to grow. We are learning through are mistakes and getting better each time until we find the right person and time. MAN, if we all could succeed at everything perfectly the first time….. BORING!

    • SAME HERE FAILURE THEN THE BEST SOULUTION IS A COUPEL OF PILLS AND A GLAS OF WHATER LISENING TO NEVER ENDING STORY SOUNDTRAKK it dosent matter if you die with pepole or alone when you died at least you made it over to the other side hope i dont fail that also good night evryone T.A.S

  14. Psalm 73:26
    My flesh and my heart may fail,
    but God is the strength of my heart
    and my portion forever.

    You don’t have to be afraid of failure. Failure is not at option for true failure is when we give up. Just ask Him and God will give you the strength to keep getting up. Please, don’t give up. I promise God hears you, and loves you more than you can imagine. He cares about how you are feeling and He cries with you.

  15. this was something interesting , ok listen i wanna die bcoz my parents they are suffering bcoz of my nuisance specially my mom i dont know wether she hates me or loves me but i know one thing i hav only these 2 guys in my lonly life and i wan to liv happily with them but not able to do so

    • plse clairvoyant do reply my quest i need help right now though u r a stanger for me but i think some times strangers hlp out in worst situations and u look cool buddy

    • if u wanna die just because your parents are unable to put up with your nuisance then i have only one suggestion for you…..stop being a nuisance maker.

      if u r in ur teens then lemme tell u that almost everybody goes through these phases when they are not on the same page as their parents and this is just a phase of life. once you grow up a bit, things and life are going to change for you and that change is something which shall last forever.

      after reading what you have written, all i can conclude is that you still need to grow up a bit. do not take any hasty decisions. relax and figure out how to make ur parents happy and after that just chill and trust me when i say this, there is no other person in one’s life apart from family, every other relationship is for convenience. so chill and stop worrying abt being lonely and stuff for you shall soon realise that being able to stand and walk alone is a virtue which not all have. think about it.

  16. What do you do when life is REALLY getting you down and you have no one to talk to? My friends and family always tell me that I should talk about my problems. But whenever I do, it always leads to a fight which depresses me even more. That’s why I don’t mind dying, because no one understands me and are constantly always trying to tell me how to make my life better. If it was so simple, I would’ve obviously done it by now, but things just aren’t getting any better and no one seems to be understanding that. This frustrates me so badly that I’m literally praying to die.

  17. the only thing i can suggest is that you need to give yourself a break man. stay alone for some time and try to rediscover yourself. there might be a lot of problems in your life but if nothing is helping for some time, stop thinking about them.

    if talking to people doesnt help, spend some time alone, doing things that you like doing. they can be anything, playing video games , watching movies or reading books. give yourself some time to rediscover yourself. it seems as if your problems have lingered on for a very long time and now its hard for you to stop thinking about them, but try doing that. there are a few problems in every person’s life which cannot be solved. the best solution to such problems is to stop sulking over them and try and find an alternative.

    may God bless you.

    • The thing is that I have been doing my own thing for almost my entire life. I started withdrawing myself from things since a young age, because of the circumstances in my life. I do things that I enjoy to keep my mind occupied, but it doesn’t last. I’m not blaming anyone for my messed-up life, but it is because of things that happened in my life that I am who I am today. I’m totally against things that I shouldn’t be against. This complicates my life even more, because I’m always the odd one out.

      • Try cooling down your head my friend. I presume that since you are against the things that you shouldn’t be against, there are some problems in your life which your own mind has created.

        What I mean is that our mind is no doubt, our biggest asset but sometimes it gets used to thinking too much and then it is beyond our control. Try pulling down your thoughts.

        The good thing is that you seem to be an intelligent person. Because my experience tells me that over-thinking, although bad, is something which intellectuals get addicted to.

        take care…..

    • i m in a deep shit …i have lost my love my frnds, my fmly,,,,,i want evry1 of dem in my life but i canot choose one life is difficult for me…my love left me just bcos i need my frnds ,my fmly it so sick feeling ya,,,

  18. He'sNotTheMessiah said:

    There is always a time to quit and I wouldn’t let anyone tell me different. I get the feeling whatever I was ‘supposed’ to do has been done. My usefulness has run out, I feel pretty lost so I try to get some sense of duty by trying to hone a skill as much as possible. Suicide was never really an option for me because I keep hold of one thing: a simple promise. This is something you promise to someone who has a hold over you. I have had depression for as long as I can remember but I made a promise to someone that I wouldn’t kill myself and until they release me from that obligation I can do nothing to act upon this. This isn’t any faith bullshit, (that annoys me no end with it’s strictures and doctrines) it is just something that you can focus on when things get too much to bear. You think of this person and why you made that promise, resent them for it if you must because they can take it, shift focus then to them; start with picturing thier face and a situation you both have been in and work from there. I always end up with the same reaction in no time I am crying at memories I had forgotten because of my dark mood, happy memories that are so at odds with the way you feel now that you can taste the irony. Hope this helps I have probably lost track of what my point was but hope you get it anyway.

    • I do. I’m glad that you have a promise which is keeping you alive my friend. I genuinely hope that by the time the promise is revoked, you have a number of reasons to stay alive and kicking. May God be with you.

      p.s: i agree i’m not a messiah 🙂

    • sir will u give some suggestions for me

      • Dear, If you commit suicide what will you tell God?. When he would ask why u committed suicide?.You will be speechless there. These are just the temporary pains.Just show them your strong side and they will surely leave you.As after every dark night comes a bright morning u will get happiness too.Stay safe
        Guys i just visited this site and I am a Muslim and from now on all of u will be in my prayers.I will pray to Allah to give u hope.

  19. My wife has just left me after 10 years, i feel so rejected and lost, i tried cutting my wrists but it didnt work, i then tryed to gas myself in the car i nearly got it right but i was unfortunatly interupted after about 1 hour of gas. She abandond me after i lost my job, i have no money no food and soon no house. I would rather die than have my daughter have a hobo as a dad. There is no hope no future for me. I wish i was dead, if there is a hell i am already in it. Michael c. 1976-2011? May god have mercy on my soul

    • Man, seriously, of all the problems, i’ve heard through mails and comments, your problems seem to be among of the worst ones.

      But, I would still urge that dying would not solve a purpose, your daughter would still have a step-dad. There is a fight that you must fight and for that my friend you need 2 things:

      1. Try to get yourself together and find a job as soon as you can. Make sincere efforts, they shall not go in vain.
      2. remember, after you have your job, you have to fight for your girls custody. Even if she ends up spending half of her time with you and the other half with your ex-wife, it would be worth it.

      I will pray for you my friend and I also urge everybody who reads this to please pray for Mike.

      God will ultimately shower his blessings upon you. And you’ll always remain your daughter’s father, the other guy would just be a step-dad. Do not forget that.

      Take care buddy. I’ll be waiting for the good news.

    • clueless and I don’t mean Mike

  20. thank you for the encouragement, but i just cant carry on like this anymore. im going to see my daughter on sat for the last time an then thats it… no hell could be worse than life!!!

  21. By killing yourself you will send a message to your daughter that you will never be able to explain. She very well may believe for the rest of her life that you did not love her because you left this world. Never again will she feel your warm embrace or your words of ‘I love you’. Forever will that father of hers be gone. I grew up without a father and I’m telling you, it made things hard for me. I would have been very greatful to have a father in my life, even if I could only see him sometimes. I never saw mine. He knew where I lived too… but he just never tried to see me. If anything, live for you daughter. In time your wounds will heal, I promise. Just keeping holding on. The hell you are living in is only temporary. Try to see the big picture, even though I know it seems impossible.

  22. I won't tell you not to do that said:

    depression is a struggle, you can decide whether to fight or not. It’s a free choice and totally depends on you. Beware that one way has no way backs, that’s all I can say.

  23. I’ve tried over and over and over…I just can’t keep this up. My life is getting worse everyday. I don’t feel anything for anyone anymore and I’m literally praying that something will just happen to me so that I can die. It’s not just one or two or three things in my life that has been making me feel this way…it’s my entire life up until now. i have no one to talk to and money is also a problem, so professional help is also not possible for me at this stage. I’m so tired of crying most of the times and always pretending to be this happy person in front of people. I’m literally screaming for help in my mind, but I just can’t talk to anyone about my screwed up life since I was a child. It would put my entire family in a bad light and that’s not what I want to do. I don’t want people to feel offended because of my ridiculous life. I have been praying for these things to go away since I was 13 years old. I’m 19 now. It’s been 6 years and I have been praying EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! God isn’t answering me. I don’t know what to do anymore, I cannot go on. I’m tired and I’m longing to just be taken away from everything and everyone. I’m in every single person’s way! And despite that, I just can’t keep on living this fake life of pretending that I’m this happy person.

    • contrary mccrary said:

      i,m so sorry.i’m 46 and feel the same way.even at this point of my life i continue to seek “GOD” to no avail.i say screw your family,offend someone!fight back!tell SOMEONE!
      i was sexually abused as a child and became abusive as a young adult because i was unable to express myself

      • Sara Eleanor said:

        It’s nice to know others also feel this desperate pain, and need for peace… It’s so tiring alone. Stay strong. Hopefully, our childhoods, whatever may have happened, WILL NOT determine who we are on our deathbeds as old men or women.

    • everything cannot be problematic my friend….you need to try and identify the real problems and if possible list them out. for everything else, you have me to talk to. take care and stay blessed.

      • I dont want to wake up because my husband would rather be addicted to Porn or looking up other women, making comments oh and yes having porn on his cell, our TV, and on the PC. he says when confronted that he needs to do something because his HARD ON PILLS dont do anything and he worries about his heart…but yet what am I to him exactly, just some sperm disposal after he gets all turned on…I am sick of his constant lies upon lies upon more lies. His sneaking around and when he gets caught he gets angry and blames ME. The bad thing is that I love him so explain that one to me DOC!!! ALL MEN CHEAT IN ONE FORM OR ANOTHER AND WOMEN JUST HAVE TO SIT QUIETLY AND TAKE IT!!!!!!!

    • paintakenlightly said:

      I hope life got better for you. I’d like to be your friend.

  24. Im sick of this plane of existance and humans. The meaning of life has been striped away by collectivism and greed. Did you know that suicide wasnt considerd a sin until 360 AD after tons of faithful christians continued killing themselfs and the catholic church thought it would turn into a problem. I find it very brave to go against all living organisms inpulses of survival and decide when to end ones own life. It is the strongest act of free will one can impose.

    Technology and learning useless facts do nothing more than occupy us from real life. We have been brainwashed and domesticated to where life is a 4×4 cubical in a rat race where I get too old to work and I become a burden to loved ones and society and slowly die. Where is the fucking beauty in that? Im a spiritual person but I think all religions are full of shit and this idea of duality is a sham to me too. God is the good and bad.

    I want to be an astral body flying through the cosmos and not bothered by pointless human concerns. Human can develope a higher conscious and make the world a better place to live but the powerful ellite keep humanity down for their own personal greed. These same people are into occult acitvites and run Americas shadow government.

    I can only hope humanity comes into a golden age of conscious and make this miserable fucking existance become better.

    • contrary mccrary said:

      well said.don’t know about the astral shit though.i think dead is just dead.the end.

    • This is the wisest comment I have heard in all my life. Funny thing is, I share these same views. It’s like I’m reading my own thoughts. I am happy that I am not the only person who sees in this way. Perhaps the world isn’t as bad as it seems after all.

    • paintakenlightly said:

      Me too I’m.sick of these people…

  25. there is no reason can stop me from commiting suicide. I’m 26 years old, fat, balding, broke, depressed, single, virgin, not finding any reason to live, socially disliked

  26. Sorry your blog didnt work my boyfriend cheated on me i thought if i got him back it would be better but its worse so death is better in my eyes

  27. hey… i really enjoyed reading this article … before i read this i was in a very bad mood the whole day but after i read this i had a great laughter… But still i hate life and i have lots of problems … in my religion, islam, we believe that life’s precious, it’s a great gift from God and that we should take care of it …. i never thought of committing suicide but my life is horrible you just can’t imagine how hard it is… i am the only girl and i have three brothers, my dad and mum treat me in a good and we are so close to each other but i feel that i am not important and the whole time i get a lot of warning about being friends with boys and at school i have little friends which care about me and all the rest just ignore me…. my best friends are two of my cousins, now how sad is that? A LOT RIGHT…. and to do with how i look, well i can’t say that i look bad but at the same time i can’t same that i look good coz that would be a big lie… i have green eyes and brown hair and i know that i would look good if i was thin because i use to look very pretty when i was small but the problem is that i spent nearly my whole life trying to lose weight and do different diets but i don’t….when i went to my school trip 2 weeks ago all the girls were wearing bikinis and i didn’t even wear a swimming suit because two reasons 1) i am fat 2) my parents are strict they don’t make me wear these things in public , they don’t even let me go out with my friends….. i have lots of other problems but i can’t just typing them all because then i would never finish typing… to finish off i would like to just say that i know that i would go to hell if i committed suicide in my religion but hell is way better than living this life… the only thing that is stopping me from committing suicide is that i think my mum would get really sick if i die because i am her only daughter and because she loves me…. finally i would like to tell u thanks so much for making me laugh but i am going to commit suicide no one can stop me .. i hope u feel special when i say that this is the best article i read in my life and u are the last person that made me laugh before i die… good luck

  28. So according to you its pretty much impossible to kill yourself, lallala and why am I even commenting…. Couple hours ago I realized that I don’t have balls to properly cut my veins lol….

  29. contrary mccrary said:

    what about a sex offender? surely they should have a waiver on your moral bias.

  30. There’s immense beauty and immense tragedy in the gift and curse of life. Considering suicide is focusing on one perspective, one side of the picture. Suicide is very rational, in this way – for what is the point of life if you are just living to suffer? Perhaps this is weak, but who cares at the end of the day? The people who are judging you live with cuts that are saved by bandages. Walking with open wounds is a different story, with no one to understand or feel or see the craze and darkness and immense pain that you stride with. Hell & Heaven is on Earth. A starving burning soul is what the wounded have. Worse part, it’s hard to translate. This is why the wounded are alone. Alone because to their friend, they’re a psycho. To their sister, they’re depressed. To their therapist, they’re a sick patient. To strangers, they’re a crybaby. But for the people who have been there, as shit crazy and psycho as they may seem, they are perhaps the most normal, rational, sane and compassionate person, someone who feels and sees more than the regular person.

    It’s normal to bleed after being cut, its normal to cry after being abused, its normal to go crazy if you live in a crazy world like ours. It’s normal to consider suicide if you live in a perverse, inverted hell of reality with no one to fall back on. For fuck sake, we’re only human.

    Despite everything though, life is beautiful. It is so beautiful it is ugly. We were all born to struggle and suffer. For the people who are considering, I have considered many times. But to make this decision, is to only look at one side of the picture…if you can only gaze and turn your eye upon the reciprocal truth of it all, you will laugh and rejoice and perhaps even cry and gnash your teeth…but you will ultimately chose life. Life is but a few seconds anyway, once your dead you will sleep forever…perhaps the few seconds of hell is worth the few seconds of having the chance to exist. Realize that once you die you won’t exist. You will become nothingness, void, empty space. To be here is to be chosen, its a chance won from odds with numbers that are unimaginable. Your existence took trillions of years of many things to happen and not happen, whereby if only a leaf fell, one person decided to go in a different direction, you wouldn’t be here. You are the product of relentless war and peace, death and life, sunrise and sunset, tears and smiles. Many have suffered tremendously for the sake of your existence, so that you could walk in their fading footsteps.You are a silent victory, a living miracle, in every imaginable sense. Your hell will be finished soon, and you will never even remember it. So why not take the chance and duel with death..? You just might end up dying in the future years with half a smile on your face. Because to commit suicide is to make an uninformed decision.

    For the people who walk with death, keep walking strong. You may not know it, but there’s meaning in it all.

  31. There’s immense beauty and immense tragedy in the gift and curse of life. Considering suicide is focusing on one perspective, one side of the picture. Suicide is very rational, in this way – for what is the point of life if you are just living to suffer? Perhaps this is weak, but who cares at the end of the day? The people who are judging you live with cuts that are saved by bandages. Walking with open wounds is a different story, with no one to understand or feel or see the craze and darkness and immense pain that you stride with. Hell & Heaven is on Earth. A starving burning soul is what the wounded have. Worse part, it’s hard to translate. This is why the wounded are alone. Alone because to their friend, they’re a psycho. To their sister, they’re depressed. To their therapist, they’re a sick patient. To strangers, they’re a crybaby. But for the people who have been there, as shit crazy and psycho as they may seem, they are perhaps the most normal, rational, sane and compassionate person, someone who feels and sees more than the regular person.

    It’s normal to bleed after being cut, its normal to cry after being abused, its normal to go crazy if you live in a crazy world like ours. It’s normal to consider suicide if you live in a perverse, inverted hell of reality with no one to fall back on. For fuck sake, we’re only human.

    Despite everything though, life is still beautiful. It is so beautiful it’s ugly. We were all born to struggle and suffer. Nothing is for free. I have always believed that living in the concrete jungle is the epitome of hell. The development of civilization has yielded much selfishness and evil. Living in the matrix is like living in limbo. A lot of people are blind, living life with permanent blindfolds and string attached to their spines. People pollute the earth, murder, molest children. Every second does not pass with someone dying or suffering. If you can feel and understand only a fraction of a fraction of this, you will want to die. And yet…the natural world is no different. All living things living by the natural order is in a constant state of war. Animals die, shake in fear every night, wake up to be eaten and die brutal deaths, starve, die from exhaustion, burn in the blazing sun….concrete or grassland, nature is the root of all suffering, including man’s orderless and destructive consciousness that enables him to efficiently act out his extreme selfishness. Every creature was made to walk through hell. Of course, the artificial environment we live in has made so much other evil things possible, but the evil manufactured from nature is just as equivalent. This vision of a perfect balanced peaceful nature does not exist. Peace does not exist and never will. I think the fantasy of these notions has lead many astray. Just be happy and grateful that your alive, happy to breathe, happy to see, happy to think, happy to suffer for the three seconds you are endowed with.

    Likewise, I do not think there is any state of existence in the Universe that is not the victim of this strange, perverse law of life. And yet, is it not the moment when the flower invests all its energy after endless cycles of struggle into its beautiful petals the most magnificent? it blooms and wilts simultaneously…is this not the beauty and tradgey of every living thing..?

    To kill yourself is to only kill your consciousness. You are atoms. You will never escape this cruel cycle. Its a fact of life. Might as well figure it out before you return to the cycle in eternal ignorance.

  32. problem in family some idea of suicide without any difficulty

  33. On a comment you said suicide is weak
    I’m very offend with this!
    Suicide isn’t week, someones life is that bad that they have to end it,
    they’ve been holding on for too long
    what is weak is the fact someones makng another persons life that bad that it makes them kill themselves -,-

  34. I still wana comit suicide cuz my family iz d one making my. Life miserable so no 1 loves me

  35. im tired of life every time i think things are getting better it turns out for the worst i hate living in misery trying to find happiness ppl say pray but even prayers arent working at least in death i can rest in peace

    • TIRED AND EMPTY said:

      I am so tired too. They say what ever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. But I am not dead and each day that goes by the fight i have left gets weaker and weaker… I don’t want to hurt people, especially the people I love. But the older i get, and the longer i live I see that I hurt people I love without even trying…just by living. I have severe depression which I’m sure has a lot to do with causing others around me pain… and has a lot to do with my strong desire to give into the overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and despair. I know that life is a gift. A gift from a Father in Heaven who loves us! Is it so wrong to want to be with our Heavenly Father and not on this Evil earth that will someday have to be cleansed before Christ’s coming anyways?. I’ve always been a fighter for those who could not fight for themselves due to being crushed by life. But, now I’m the person who has been crushed, tormented and humiliated so many times that there is nothing left of me. Every day is a fight to just get up and will myself to live. I turn 50 in 2 weeks and each day that brings me closer to death and to be with my loved one’s in heaven, which is the only thing i have left to look forward to. People who take their lives are mentally ill….like me and probably you. We no longer can find reasons for staying on this earth. We don’t want to committ suicide, we just want to end our pain. We want to move on the the next life where will be with our Father in Heaven and people we love with no more sorrow and pain. Each day I pray to die, because i am not sure that suicide is an option or atleast a good one. I am in no way afraid of death, but if taking my life prematurely instead of waiting for my time to die to come naturally is going to sentence me to an even deeper, and eternal sorrow, then maybe enduring to the end, no matter how futile it may seem to me, is what we, who want to end our lives, should do! God never promised that this earth life would be free from sorrow and pain or in any way easy. But he did promise that if we endured to the end, that it would all be worth it! I’ve lived this long, I would hate to think that If had just endured 1 more day then my time to leave this dark and dreary world would finally have come for me, and that I forfieted my only chance of being free from this never ending pain because i gave up a day to soon!… now that would yet a worse hell than the one i already endure every day, We made it this far, what do we have to lose? We already know what hell on this earth is. Do we really want to risk yet another longer hell if suicide is not the answer? I want to to be free from my never ending pain as much as the next person. So I understand why people commit suicide. I want to commit suicide too! But I doubt and hope I ever will, because somewhere, hidden way down, in the inner most depths of my soul I know that God desperatly desires, for all his children, to hang on, hang in there, as unbearable as it may seem, so that he can give us that eternal peace and happiness that he has promised us if we but shall endure!.

  36. If its the people who don’t care about me that will laugh when I’m dead, how come my loved ones don’t appear to give a damn?

  37. I will finish my life in a few seconds time I already had a gun with me I will shoot myself now once i press the enter button to post this I would have left this dirty world where politicians, cricketers, film industry and other top high profile people hold 1000 to 1000000 crore rupees in swiss accounts I am trying for a job since december 2010 and never get one and I don’t want to see my kid suffering without money good bye dirty India.

  38. Burger Terblanche said:

    I have 3 very painful diseases!!!! Nothing helps!Can not work or do sport!No one wants to be my Friend.Sorry you did not help me.P.s I have very low IQ to

  39. diane gould said:

    life ended at 27 began again at 29 ended at 30, began again ended at 31 brgan again and has been loss after loss till 3 years have passed and i lost everyone i loved cared for they all just used me romised false hope walked away and after that everything all hope i started 2 drugs years ago and i even gave them up after struggling long time and im back and forth on one as it gets so bad without it i go back then life gets worse and to gove up seems stupid becaus eits so bad so if a few hours a day its not the mos hellish i keep taking it then i cry to deat and its like permanaet hell and knowing those who loved me most caused it allowed all to hurt me and keep doing it i wasted life on them gave up things to be there always with them and they turned on me there is no1 to look up to love hug suupport , its awful i am from the richest life to the most sad lonlely hopelesss never ever thought promises could broken by a few and i saw death over and over i agree LIFE IS ALREADY HELL SO IF THERE WERE A GOD WHO WAS CRYING WITH ME THEN HED HAVE USED HIS POWERS LONG AGO TO MAKE SURE ALL WAS KEPT INTACT AND GOOD IS REWARDED AND PEOPLE WOULDNT SUFFER TIS IS PERPETUAL LOSS I RECALL EACH DAY NOTHING NO ONE TO HOPE FOR OR WITH I AM WORSE TAN DEATH AND CANT GET OUT:(( TO LIVE SADLY ALONE PERPETUAL LOSS NO HOPE IS NOT LIFE ITS WORSE THAN HELL SO GET ME OUT

  40. kisha ponce said:

    U say life will get better I’m 21 years old and it has not got better I have been debating suicide for a while naw its coz my partner makes me feel as if him and my kids r better off if I’m dead and gone and I agree I want to die I found out I have cervicle cancer in October I’m scared to leave my kids I don’t want them to feel the way I feel it is a weakness to kill urself but I’m a weak person but its nice to see u try to save a life good luck with that take care (GOD’S. ANGEL

  41. I agree with Sue, the best way to solve the situation is to end it all. I don’t want a funeral and certainly don’t want anyone crying for me. If people who take their own lives are cowards then I don’t deserve anybody’s tears. Those who claim they love me are the ones who pushed me to where I am now. I just dont want to deal with them anymore.

  42. i just want to die………plz help me..i am tired of crying everyday….my husband alwaz shouts at me for silly reasons….i feel so alone in ds selfish world…..its just 1 year i have been married n this marriage is a hell for me…….there is no one to talk with about my problems….plz help me…..i want to die..i want to die………

    • u r right yaar even i want to die

    • Life never cms again i wnt 2 tel u 1 thng dat whn i ws vry sml my fadr also did sm thng 2 my mom bt my mom nvr lse hrslf she had a drm dat her son vl gv hr mr hpns dn hr hsbnd nd aftr hr son std on hs own leg her hsbnd also loving her mr dan me nw my family is vry hpy fmly my mom is 2oo hpy. A thought is der dat”evn d rainbow vl also aftr some drp,lk dat only hpns vl der aftr d drp frm eidr eye r sky dnt ls ur self.gud luck

  43. That calmed me down i liked reading that

  44. man am dieing evry single day cuz of pain ats the use of being alive

  45. its better to die than to live everyday with pain

    • i agree. pain is harder to live with, even when u know people love u. u just have to end it when people cant for you, when u see no end

    • sai krishna said:

      Hi deepthi its very much easy to think to die but come to the people and make friendly relations you will have a new scope of life, this is sai and my ID is csgk1977@gmail.com

  46. Ellen Paige said:

    My name is Ellen… And I’m 13 years old… I’m 14 in March 2012… I have been going through so much trouble lately, Which has left me with nothing but suicidal thoughts. I’ve suffered from self harming issues when I was 12… And I have recently started doing it again. I have tried suicide twice in the past by cutting my wrist…neck, legs, arms, stomach, ankles and fingers- hoping to bleed to death, but clearly failed. I didn’t find this site funny, I found it helpful and serious, thank you very much.

    • TIRED AND EMPTY said:

      Ellen, you are wise beyond your years! My heart goes out to you for not only having to suffer so severely, but for the childhood you have lost! At 13 or 14 you should definitely not be having to cut on yourself in hopes of replacing a physical pain to escape an even worse, very traumatic, overwhelmingly painful, emotional one. You are not alone Ellen! There are too many children, just like you, who suffer your overwhelming pain and look for ways to end it! But trust me when I say that God put you here for wise purpose, and that purpose is something that only you will someday discover if you but believe in God’s plan for you! You are a daughter of God, you are of divinity, you are important! Please don’t let satan let you think otherwise! People or should I say children, like you, who experience deep sorrow and pain gain a compassion for others that compares to no other. With this gift of emmense compassion and comes the gift of great understanding for others who experience similiar trials and pain during their time here on earth. You need to realize your great worth in the eyes of Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ, so that God can help you reach out to others who suffer like you! This is the only way I know of, that we who suffer find meaning in our own lives is by reaching out to help others who suffer as we do! That is your calling in life. So please don’t give into the emotional pain by lashing out on your external body or trying to take your life! That is what satan wants you to do, to suffer, even as he suffers! But God desires so much more for you! Trust in him. Believe in him. Know that he is will never forsake you. But you must make the first step by earnestly praying to him for comfort, for guidance, for all your needs! And I promise you, he will work miracles in your life as you continue to seek for his guidance, not doubting in his power to not only help you but heal you because you are his child and he will never stop loving you, even when you have no love for yourself! And I too will pray for you Ellen, to have the strength to rise above your sorrow and know you are important and you are loved!

  47. Jess Jonesington said:

    Okay I agree with you entirely, and the person who made life difficult for you won’t change because of you commiting suicide! They’ll laugh and probaly get worse! Trust me my best friend commited suicide because people were making his life miserable and they have not changed a bit. In fact they don’t even care that they’ve ruined his and his friends lives! Don’t commit suicide because of gay annoying people! If you act stronger they’ll ignore you and eventually leave you alone. Hope this helped 😉

  48. My parents are keeping me in another country even when they know that I’m unhappy here. I don’t have many friends here, the language is difficult and I’m not going to learn it. I just wanna go back to my homeland!! I fell homesick.. Do you have any suggestions? Seriously, I’m thinking about suicide but I’m too weak to do this, I’m not brave enough.

  49. im scared of dying but im tired of being put through so much stress at 13 years old. im scared to be left behind because my family is battling with money and we cannot offord much. i have to eat less just to help my mom. but no matter what i do it isnt good enough for her!!! she shows no effection and says she wants to get rid of me and cannot offord me wich i do understand is not her fault. but its alot for me to take in. and it is true that committing suicide is weak but what the point of living when everything and everyone is so screwed up?? i do feel so sorry for the children of today including myself because of the way people are. there have been times where i do try kill myself….and nearly have. i also tried jumping out the car once. i feel unloved and im lost in such a big world. 😦

  50. Friend you saved my life. We need to meet. If I wouldn’t have found this I’d be dead. Please respond if you can

  51. Everyone has their reason(s) and when you reach this point, it’s hard to see anything but what’s there.I could tack off a ton of different reasons. I think of the example of the “Tennis Court.” How many people are there that were mentors, and were superficial users, and then the other side of the net, rotten people, a series of employers who just take your knowledge and dumps you to save money, an employer who says, “If I knew who u were and what u were about, I’d never wld have hired you,” the nasty teachers who made it their business to knock you down, and then “friends?” I could only come up with a handful, and when you sift through them they are worse. The only anchor? Family and obligation. That’s the only safety, and that’s all. So good luck.

  52. I believe this world is a living hell because the people that live here, at least most of them, are demons. I have been the most generous, giving person that I could be my entire life. I never steal, lie or cheat. I have given people everything I have or they have taken it from me. When I have a relationship, I never lie or again never cheat, but most woman appear to be liars and cheaters. I think suicide may be a good thing. Were all so attached to this life, we think it is the be all, but I think suicide may be a way to escape this devil realm and be liberated into your real life, and no one can say any different. I have studied all the ancient text and my knowledge of cosmology is rare, not to pat myself on the back but I have read a studied my entire life. I devoted my whole life to helping others, and all people have done to me, is betray me. I think when some people die they are lucky because they have a better place to go. This world does not deserve them, the people in this realm are here because they have a debt to pay and I think those that can escape it are smart. I tried to be kind and loving to all people but they are all haters and cheaters.. I have been raped by everyone. I gave my lady everything, she told me it was for my own good that I turn all my money every month over to her, she said she would keep an accounting, but for over two years now she has been taking all my money promising me an accounting telling me how she loves me and in this way we can save money, but until this day I have received no accounting; but instead I find she has been emailing her xlover trying to get back with him, all while she has all this so-called men friends, she says are only friends. The worse part is she knew I was losing my home and had lost all in the 2008 crash, but she was all the time just using me to pay her bills and pay her way through school. I guess I am just a fool. You know all I ever wanted in this world was someone to love and cherish. You now I am so stupid to think romance is real.I gave her flowers every week and shower her with gifts. I spent my entire summer helping her parents find a home, I devoted all my love to her, but instead like every woman I have ever met, she’s cheating on me behind my back. I hate to say this but I think most all woman cheat and they think it is ok. I am done with this world and I know I will be going to a much better place, this world doesn’t deserve people that care and are honest, it is truly an evil realm.

  53. To all the people that are trying to or are planning on putting life to an end….
    Im sure you are going through a bitchload of shit. And whether you’re 10, 20 , 50 or even older, you can still change your life. If you end life, nothing would be solved. you cant do anything about it. its too late, you’re dead. wouldn’t it piss you off seeing your arch rival or someone that put you through so much shit being so successful and all you can do is look up to the world you once lived in and cry until theres no more tears left to cry? just think about it please. there are millions of people on our planet right now that our fighting for life, wondering everyday if they are still going to be alive the next morning? even kids. Think about the men that sacrificed their lives for generations to come. You only have one life. to all the fuckers that think that you’re going to have another life. We dont live in some magical world where whenever someone dies they reincarnate into a perfect human being, dont take life for granted. when you commit suicide, it doesnt hurt. its the pain after that hurts truely.

  54. I am having a Muslim friend nd i like him so much. I know him for past 6years. His parents wants to c his marriage but i am not able to share him with another girl. Really i am suffering a lot from mental torture.going to commit suicide. Is sleeping pills effective to die ?

  55. Consider yourself a hero.

    I just searched this page, and after reading it, I may be a little less Sui idle. Thanks. I will mail you the reasons for searching this page, and I have to thank you again for being a life savor……

    Your friend,
    Jen (12 years old)

  56. I have been bullied since grade 5. i`m in grade 8. but the worst part is, the bullies are my best friends, and they don`t even know what they`re doing. i doubt anyone can help. The thing that makes me want to die is this. I have to best boy friends and two best girl friends. my guys both r in sports, both are over achievers, and all the sports teams they`re on, i tried out for. basketball. FAIL. volleyball. FAIL. i was extremely shocked by volleyball. the coach needed 12 players, nd their was only 12 of us at tryouts. but when he made the list, i was not on it nd everyone else was. basketball, one year, i can`t because i brake a finger. both my frinds make it in. one of my guy friends is physically mean to me. he trys out for our glee club, he makes it, i dont, nd i was in our musical with him last year! my girl friends. one of them, they were a month late for school, so missed all the tryouts. volleyball, she just shows up nd she`s in! glee, she show`s up nd she`s in. i try out nd i dnt get in. the other girl, she tries out for glee, makes it in, but not me. she has the same birthday as me. we have a tradition at my school that the best friends decorate each others lockers on their birthdays. our lockers were right next to each other. the morning i arrive at school, nd find her locker fully decorated, nd mine with nothing. how bad do you think that feels. nd the people who decorated her locker said tht my guy friends would do it. tht just shows they didnt want to do my locker. nd they knew. THEY ALL DID!!!!!!!!! nd outside during lunch, i have to stand against the wall the whole time alone because no one sives a sh about me nd doesnt even want to talk. nd they say they`re friends. whats the worst part about standing alone, is the humiliation. they always have someone to walk and talk with. always. nd when they walk by, they dont even say hi, nd the humiliation of just standing their, its too much. i wish their is some way that i can end this suffering. i`m going into high school with all of them, nd i can`t take another four years, 3 was enough. so i`m looking to end this, without the physical pain. i will always have the emotional pain. i just want to stop the suffering. i cant tell any adults because they cant do anything. i cant make my “friends” not join clubs, or live a social life. i guess no one really cares about me.

    • Sharon said:

      This all sounds so sad! I want you to think about the fact that you are this extremely caring person already at your young age and the fact that the people you are referring to NEVER will be. After high school when they are still trying to “fit in”, you will already be on your way to a successful job as someone who understands the value of caring, compassion, and loyalty which will take you to the ends of the earth!

  57. I am 24 years old I have a son and have been threw a lot of sgit kids should never go threw I’ve been hurt and put down every single day of my life and I seariously think that ppl wished I were dead already my bf constantly puts me down and says stuff like no one wants me and I am a bad mom and a bad person and I don’t seurve to ecen brwathe. Now its gotten to the point were I am bow just brain dead I don’t eat speak or even go in the gouse any more I sleep in the basement I don’t even touch his son or ecen think that he is mine any more

  58. Nemo Ike aka Nemo Narcotix said:

    Thank you. All I can say, is thank you. This didn’t really “help” me, I’m still going through with this, but thank you. I don’t know why but once again, thank you.

  59. My name is faith….. no1 loves me….. my dad hates me and he’s a drunk…. Although im the smartest 5th grader in my school (im 11) i cant take this…. i haven’t seen my mother in 10 years….. I know that god is calling me home and im ready to go….. i know im young but…. im ”stressed”.. i just want to drop dead… i try so so hard but….. i cannot take this…. please email me some suggestions at fshaw128@gmail.com …. 1 good reason not to climb the willis tower and jump off

    -Faith Chereese Shaw


    • you shouldn’t do that once u learn the meaning of life you’ll understand y but for now deal with try to live ur life to the fullest k

    • arivazhagan said:

      Hey., whats this., this s not at all a good decision in this age., ……… u know one thing., i had an elder sister., ….. she had some problem with her boyfriend., …… she committed suicide and dead………But u know., after her death..,,,, till now my parents are crying daily…….. Dont try to do any foolish thing.,…… i ll msg u in ur id.

    • TIRED AND EMPTY said:

      Faith, you are as beautiful as your name! Did your mom name you that? Well, whoever named you that name it fits you perfectly! Did you know that the meaning of having faith is ” believing in something that is unseen but is true!” You being here on this earth is not an accident! My dad stopped loving me when I was 17. But then I learned this great truth! That you have a Heavenly Father that is called God, that is your true Father of your spirit, before you came here to earth, and he is always there for you and will always love you and will never leave you, just like he is there for me! He loves you Faith, and though praying you can talk to him about anything and everything and he will listen to you and help comfort you if you believe in him and trust in him. His answers to your prayers may not come instantly, you may have to wait. Sometimes he answers your prayers through other people, or by little thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere, but as continue to seek him in prayer you will start to recognize his answers to your prayers by a good feeling you get inside. I will pray for you Faith. God loves you and will never leave you, please remember that and have faith in this knowledge. And I love you too Faith, and wish you could have been my little girl, because I love kids so much!!! Because Children are the closest thing to heaven as you can get in this earth life. I will pray for you Faith, I will pray that you know that if your dad isn’t capable of loving you than he couldn’t possible love himself! So feel sorry for him, that he is so miserable that he has to make you feel unloved. But someday Faith you will be old enough to meet a young man who will love you and cherish you and will marry you. And together you will start your own family where you can give all that love you have inside to your children and never make them feel unloved the way you are feeling right now. Pray for comfort until that day comes Faith! Your life will change! And it will be better! But until then know that your Father in Heaven loves you, and so do I 🙂

    • Hold on god made drunks and god will help you ,I feel like you and I am a drunk

  60. I am gonna kill myself I go invthe house just to watch his son then he puts me down instanly and kcks me fuck this world and every one in it I hate my self n my life and some one trying to say not to do it they just bsing n don’t even know

  61. I am just frustrated about my love life.My beloved all time behave me like road side garbage.She always giving pain to me without any reason.I known myself perfectly that i am a very honest and soft minded man.My mentality and attitude is too perfect to any.I don’t know why this type of problem captured me and make me paralysis to do any type of my work.For my attitude,my parents(They also support our love)living their life with mess.They also try to console my tears but it’s a running problem.I just became a problem to everyone who related with me.I don’t want to live in this world……….

    I Jus Quit…………………………………………..!!!

    • Living on a prayer today that everything should gonna be alright and she back into-my life perfectly.

    • I have seen pple getting frustated with Life at Personal and Professional Levels…..Just Get divorced if u feel that it will free up ur life….Killing urself may cause pain to any1 to whom u are important in their life….Life knocks you down…Its upon u if you want to Stay Down or GET Up…

      Try making a list of 1000 things you havnt done in your life before U Die…. u will get to know that U havnt lived enugh Yet 🙂 Best of Luck Shounak

  62. Arra Cairn said:

    I don’t know why I’m even here. I thought I had given this up, but somehow it’s back. It’s never actually gone. Why do I even want to do this? I’m fourteen for God’s sake! It’s just… I’m lonely. I’m older than I am, I feel ancient. I just want to close my eyes forever and never wake up. It’s not that I hate life or my family, even though I have problems, I get in fights with my family, and I have no friends, I still kinda sorta like my life. I’m just tired of the monotony, the endless failures. Fourteen years, and I have never met my standards. Either I’m shockingly inadequate, or I set ridiculous standards. I guess that it doesn’t help that my father can never accept anything I do as good. I’ve had self-esteem problems for ages, I’ve always hated myself. Not enough to want to kill myself, just enough to make me cry myself to sleep at night. But… I’m so tired. Not physically, but mentally. I don’t want to have to get up in the morning and keep going. I’m just… so lost. It’s not that I want death, it’s just that I want a rest, peace, a world where I don’t have to wake up. I just want to sleep for eternity. An emptiness forever.

  63. Codys mom said:

    People that post how to give up on life are the demons walking the earth! People like u that just write ideas but don’t take ur own lives are working for the devil. Congratulations my son is dead. He found your painless way to die. May your life be just as full of pain as you placed in mine. You should die horrible painful deaths! You should be in jail for posting horrible thoughtless acts. I would love to cause you to suffer the rest of your life. I loved him. You have no right to be so harmful to others that are depressed. I would spit in ur face if I had the chance!

    • Sharon said:

      Now you sound like you would want some of these people that are trying to work through their own pain to take their own lives! Is that what Cody would want? I think you would be trying to understand and help the situation! You should be ashamed of the words you just wrote! Nothing is worse than the pain of losing a child and that is why you should be trying to understand and find a way to help instead of ridicule!!

    • Sara Eleanor said:

      Have you read this blog post before commenting?

  64. Diego Leoni said:

    I might be one of the only people who only wish to do this out of pure boredom… life isn’t exciting for me anymore. The negative events of my life surpass the positive by far, and therefore what little joy I experience is outweighed by the overpowering shame, melancholy, frustration, and disappointment. So, I’ve reasoned that the easiest way to end it all is to just kill myself. I already hate who I am entirely, so the guilt of being the focus of my friend’s and family’s completely misplaced grief will be little to add to that. When I die, everything will simply go black and I will cease to think, at any rate, so what will I care afterwards? What I really don’t want, though, is to experience pain during my final moments, so I’ve ruled out guns (don’t even know where I’d get one), jumping in front of trains (for I do not wish to traumatize the poor driver; I wish to keep the ripples of my suicide as small as possible, thank you very much), slitting my wrists (what kind of idiot..?), hanging (scary much?), and, oh dear mother of cheese puffs, putting myself on fire. No, it seems overdose is the way for me. Now to figure out what to ingest and how to get my hands on it :/ Can’t just ask my dad to bring me to CVS for a half-ton of Nyquil, can I?
    “Oh, pssh, suicide? naw, I need them for a science project, hehehehe…”
    Likely. Well, thanks for reading my whines, you just wasted thirty seconds. of your life right there… not that it’s a particularly valuable resource, hmm? Of course, if any of you readers are content with what you have and experience, go right on ahead. I’m not stopping you from enjoying life. But what I’d wish people would understand is that they shouldn’t stop me for enjoying death, should they? Oh look, there’s another five seconds gone.
    Hahaha! Forgive my spontaneous mirth, I’m laughing at what my parent’s reactions would be when they find me dead on my bed. I can just imagine the cliché response forming on their lips:
    “But my son would NEVER do something like this!”
    Goes to show how little they truly notice about me. Not that his whole thing is their fault. I blame no one but myself for being such a complete prick. Sometimes, I confess, I do wish my parents would refrain from voicing my opinion of myself daily, though. That might’ve even made me last till christmas. Shame. This is becoming quite the essay, hmm? Might even make this my suicide note. Does make a change from the usual teenager’s pseudo-deep note, blaming everyone from their loving parents to their next-door neighbor for their decision, I must say. Ah, yes, and there goes another 15 seconds. Hmm? Oh, yes, I actually am timing myself reading it. because I’ve got nothing better to do. As usual. I’m dying soon, anyways, so what’s the point of homework? Nope. Just spending my days playing Animal Crossing and reading, wishing my life would be either as laid-back as the former or as momentous and exciting as my loved fantasy novels. Cheese puffs be with you, Christopher Paolini, I literally cried when I finished your last book. Such a wonderful tale come to a close… oh, the agony. Add ten seconds there, by the way.

    If I timed this right, it took you a full minute for you to read this, minus philosophical pondering, laughs at my witty jokes (as if), bathroom breaks, sips of tea, random dancing, spontaneous visits from world leaders, etc.

    We now return to your regularly scheduled program.

    (Holy shit, that’s an epic way to end a suicide note. This better be on the papers tomorrow!)

    Yours truly,
    (but not eternally)
    Diego Leoni

    • Sharon said:

      With intelligence and wit that you have you would not share that with the world? You have no idea the awesome things that are out there awaiting you! HOW can you be bored when there is so much to experience? Get off your butt and go travel! See the beauty this world has to offer! Find a cause that makes you happy! What ever it may be I know there is SOMETHING that you would love to fight for! Something you would feel proud to defend, nurture and care for!! GO FOR IT!!

    • Sara Eleanor said:

      Still here? Hit me up on sara__ogilvy@hotmail.com
      You fascinate me.

  65. 8 monthes ago I was in a deep depression and tried committing suicide. I took over 150 pills, my mom walks in on me and I was gone. I was told I told her I took the pills and was crying saying its too late. I remember waking up in the hospital in a white room. You know the one person I thought I hate was the only person there. My mom looks at me and next thing I know I’m gagging I felt so sick! I just wanted to throw up but I was dehydrated from all the pills. I was wheeled into a bathroom and shit for almost hours atleast it felt that way. I was in there for a few days when my mom sign the papers to send my to a psychiatric hospital

    • 8 months later I came home I’m back depressed but I know life is worth living for I have trried so much shit before.! I think its pointless to kill yourself when your going to die when you get older and bet when you get older your going to be like now dang I don’t want to die I got 3 kids a beautiful wife / husband and I just don’t want to put my death on them. Times are hard but remember God only gives you what you can handle

      • sorry Sarah, I don’t mean to be glib but I take offence at your comment about God only giving people what they can handle. If that were true, then why DO so many people take their own lives??

  66. Sloan Richard McDonald said:

    Ok to the Clairvoyant …. i admire you speaking out about suicide and in the same mind dislike you even though i dont know who you are . The point is for the last 2 lousy years of my life I have bin bullied for being a united states marine that couldnt hack it, i lost my lil brother and a lil sister and 3 other close family members. My best friend aka my grandmother cant remember a damn thing about her life becasue ” GOD” decided she would be better sutted with alztimers, Now tell me where in the world that i live in would you say “no dont kill yourself its the WEAK way out “. You are probly some rich kid who has got everthing in life and has never a day felt the pain of others . If not then you are to ignorent to say what you truely feel …. everyone at some point in there lifes has thought about suicide i dont care who you are weather you are a lil rich kid who didnt get the right color lambo or a poor kid who well is just poor. I by no means am rich and by the goverments standings make 200 bucks a year to much to be poor. I didnt read your whole blog but i like how you say “I will not try to change your mind and unlike most other people, I definitely don’t have a good reason to do so.” and yet that is all you do is list the ways to kill yourself or the “most popular” and then how painful they are, and then list the anguish points of loved ones , religious veiws and so on. You dear sir are a Dumb individual and have helped me decide that i indeed am going to kill myself and in my lil letter i will be sure to let my loved ones know that YOU are now the soul reason ….

    Thank you for your time and dont bother commenting back ……. It will be usless unless they have internet in hell……..

  67. i want to end up my life,,,,,,,,,, im nt kidding,,,,,,, i suffered ,,,,,, in this short lifespan,,,,, ”plz help”

  68. Rami Aawar said:

    To tell you the truth, people, i will be dying tomorrow. My name is Rami Aawar and I am a Lebanese 14 year old boy, prepared to kill himself the very next day of posting this. I just had a message to the writer of this article that I have been reading to find a way to KILL MYSELF and not reasons to STAY ALIVE. I believe that suicide is a weak thing, but I am not strong. I have never loved and I was never loved, and I don’t even expect to be or to do, and although I am physically of immense power and as well mentally for my grades are admired by many, I find myself in a situation between life and death, hanging on the very ledge of a CLOUD above the fires of the underworld. Why should I care? I can tell you as well that I am a very religious person that thanks god everyday and prays as well, but now, I come to realize that I haven’t done that for days… I have alot of problems with my parents for they do not let me play with my PS3 and they think that they are diminishing my addiction to it. But guess what happens to such an addicted. Just give it a try. Bingo. Suicide. Congratulations male and female guardians of this soul and body, you have just misunderstood a great concept and caused the death of a human! If you have any comment, please post it so that others can see it, and so they do not make the same mistake I did. You do not want to make my same mistake, but I tell you that I am weak and I have over 6 reasons that I do not want to post here because they will make you cry and understand my feeling. And I would like every living person that read this help prevent suicide because of bullying, and I have tried this before. I used to be surrounded by all my classmates, about 20 boys, and get mocked on and demeaned. I just want to ask, as a final wish, to stop all fights between humans and unite together, for there is power in union, trust me. i have come to a lot of understandings at this age, and fighting wont solve any problems, since I’ve beaten up every single bully but still no difference. Just gets worse for me. I know my case is weird, but it is true. Goodbye fellow brothers and sisters. Goodbye mommy and daddy. Goodbye little sisters. Goodbye world. Goodbye. Goodbye .

    • I’m so sorry!!

    • Anonymous and Indignant Everywhere said:

      Yeah, definitely got bullied and tried to kill myself at age 14. I wish I would have done that because I’d never have gone to college. I realize that the reasons for the bullying is economic. If I would qualify as a teacher, and not being ruled out by debt for college (paradox of class, no?), I would work my hardest to save the lives of children who succumb to the failures of world politics. Was this person being bullied solely because they were Lebanese? Was this a ramification of internal politics? Seriously, fuck people. You live through high school, only to make it to college, where the paradigms of bullying just make it into the classifications of financial aid or financial discrimination. The game is hacked and take my advice, don’t go to change it. You can’t, the resources are beyond you. Don’t go if you can’t pay, you’re fucking people over in reverse bullying (figure out why percentages of the populace were forced to be money-lenders). Don’t go to see whether your parents are theoretically racist and introduce them to dates of other races (they are because they hate working with other races in a plant). Don’t go because you’re solely being neglected, going thousands of dollars in debt to return the favor of your parents will not make them love you, nor help you. Imagine you, with your 14 year-old problems, compounded into 24 year-old problems with interest (not the interest of your families).

      Stay alive. Don’t work in America in so-called low-class positions like waitressing, the service industry, or hope for the ability to appear in management or academia. All your life you will be subject to the gradients, judgments, neglect of advisory, and catastrophic pain of having to carry the burden of generations irrationally pinning their sexism, racism, and classism upon you. Beware a job that doesn’t give you health insurance; rebel against your employers who make the decisions to not give you that, they toy with your life.

      Avoid families. They gang up upon you if the perceive you as the weakest. All of those who perceive of family as giving you reason to stay alive; don’t pay them and see whether or not they return your favor. By don’t pay them, I mean, withhold contributions to family get-togethers, etc. If your family requires money for you to support them, then they are in turn a cultish sect. The problem being that if you need money, there are few resources upon which you can fall back upon. Unfortunately me for me, I have bargained to little result and only came upon the realization that those with whom you may perpetuate the continuation of your own existence upon fail to negotiate terms in “power tripping” and “imperial classist” terms…. fuck them. My death would please myself in that it would not give collections agencies the pleasure of collecting upon student loans that I should have never received in the first place. Those greedy bastards can take my life and have it.

      At 24, I have survived three banishments from the upper classes. The first with my mother’s death. The second with my bullying in school due to a lack of material goods in comparison to doctors, lawyers, the children of rich men, etc. The third with the awareness of student loans or credit-based income upon parents. All of which collided into a terrible cesspool, how many years of which have I been responsible for bearing a burden of my parents (and were their own agreements equitable?).

      I cannot truly say for what purpose anyone should exist, as I’ve lost the favor of lovers to the most trifling circumstances, reneged upon my own promises to the best of my ability, and revolted whole-heartedly against the entire class system. What love? What money? What ability to exist? What financial security? What dedication to progeny? I cannot see the fulfillment of any of these concerns, only brutal, capitalism competition and dissatisfying small talk for the next 50 years… provided they continue to disbar individuals in America with debt from taking welfare for their food. Don’t go to this country; it’s fucked, horrible, and every time I speak to Mumbai, I hope your country falls into nothing like this place.

      These are the reasons why I would prefer to discontinue life. I don’t actually think that anyone should engender them or embrace them. I’m saying that a Lebanese kid shouldn’t feel like he should die because of fucked up political shit between the generations of himself and his parents. If we all actually realized the extent of embroiled, generational conflict, then why on earth would anyone concede to die? The only role of parents is to ban from their children PS3 devices? Did they purchase these on their credit cards and do they now intend to punish their children by banning the use of these devices? Why am I monitoring the well-being of children on the internet?


      Someone Who Is Going Outside To Read A Book On A Saturday Night

  69. My name is john and my life has sucked since the minute i was born but im 15 now and ive been planing my death for quiet some time but after reading this i have desided not to do it im gonna tuffin up and work threw my problems in life and thank you this has really helped me see that suicide is not the way to go again thank you really thanl you

  70. AL-Hareth Mohammed said:

    I felt sad… why my life is like that… I mean I’m a teenager (15 years old) my life shouldn’t be like that… u know… I’m not allowed to talk for girls… I’m not allowed to have a cell… I’m not allowed to watch films (all type)… and when i look at my class mates life… I see the difference… If my dad know that I talked to a girl he will solidify me…

    • its ok buddy.just a matter of few years more. after that you can have the type of life you want to have for the rest of your life. do not miss out on whats in store for you. 🙂

  71. Helen Miller said:

    Dear Pritish, How wonderful it is to see that someone has so much compassion and care for fellow mankind as to take the time to write this article. You are a special person, god bless you.

  72. michaela said:

    Thank you! I just read through and thought it was very useful…

  73. Melissa Killgo said:

    What if its yourself that is making you’re life miserable

    • can somebody manage to do that even after knowing this fact? trust me its not that difficult. you have to identify the actions which make your life difficult and eradicate them gradually. nothing can happen over a week or two, over a matter of months, you will have the life that you want. everytime you feel low, read time message of mine and repeat the process. trust me, you will have the life that you want. its definitely worth a try.

  74. If I did end it all it would free up my wife to get with someone that can provide her with the things she needs as a very beautiful lady. I am a person that has a bad back and my legs are messed up also, so I can not participate in the bedroom. The way I see it I am 50 years old crippled she say self centered puny pines ed and worthless piece of well you know the rest. I would not have a relationship with another because if I did I would only ruin that persons life as well. I never should have gotten married. My mother tried talking my wife now, out of marring me I never understood why until now. My wife has to depend on others to satisfy her sexual needs. I feel she has thrown me away. I think the only reason she stays is because the other can not give her the life style that she has grown accustom to. My whole adult life I did what I did to make her happy. I suffer a lot of pain I have pain meds but they just stop the worst of the pain they do not give me any quality of life. People can laugh if they want but I just want to set my wife free so she does not have to feel guilty about leaving me. I don’t want to hurt her by leaving her even if it is for her own good. I never done drugs, drink, or smoke I was born with this problem I did nothing to cause this.
    I love my wife and only wish the very best for her and I know I can not give that to her. Since she threw me away like she did even though she is still around I do not even know how to touch her or how to ask to be close I do not know how to say what I want to say or how to explain what I am saying. I am not a smart man, I am not strong, I am not at all rich. I just done the best I could do. I have always wished I was never born ever since the second grade. I think GOD wants me to kill myself because that is the only answer I get no matter how much I pray for his strength.

    • Dear Friend,

      God certainly has some plans for you.

      Honestly, I do not know of the words that I use to make you feel better.

      Nonetheless, I will hope and pray that something good happens in your life and I am sure that there will be a lot of times in your life when you’ll be smiling.

      What I suggest is that you should do things which bring you happiness instead of trying to make anyone else happy. Your resources should be used in those directions.

    • hi Ken, maybe try writing down your feelings in a letter, and leaving it somewhere obvious for your wife to find? I find it really hard communicating with my boyfriend, too, so when I have something difficult to say I do this, and he always appreciates it because he knows how hard it is for me to open up to him. Best of luck

  75. whatever you said it has got nothing to do with the title you put.

  76. Appus George said:

    you are right…..but i cant take all my pains….im an indian….i wish to talk to you…can i get your phone number???

  77. dounya g said:

    Hii, I’m 14 years old. My life is filled with misery. Literally everyday is just so hard for me to get through without thinking about suicide and ending my life. Academically, my grades are beyond amazing, in school, my social life is pretty good, I have a bunch of friends. No bullies whatsoever, and my social life is pretty good I guess. So y am I thinking about suicide when my life sounds good already?! Well outside of my house, I smile from ear to ear so no one really knows how I really feel. But inside my house, that’s where the problems are. My parents are mentally crazy in my perspective. My mom yells like crazy about the smallest things. My dad does drugs and does has the stupidest actions known to man. He lacks tact and sometimes embaressing to be around in public. I’m not allowed out so I feel like I’m in prison everyday while my friends are out having fun. Because of this economy, we don’t have a lot. My mother is the main problem I guess, she curses me out and wishes me death everyday because I can’t clean and cook like she wants her dream daughter to be like. She yells like its the end of the world everyday because of the tiniest crap and u can never get her to shut the hell up. She starts to cry after her mini panic attack. And then she comes up to me and goes I will never be anything in life. She says that I don’t deserve to live and that I’m just plain ugly and that I was a mistake. This is not just a one time thing, its everyday. I have to come home to wishes of death and listening to yelling. She can’t accept the fact that I can never be that dream daughter. I will always want to go out and have fun w/ friends and stuff. There r other reasons too but my comment is long enough. Thanks for the blog thoo.

    • hey its really good that your grades are good. i hope i had good grades too. you seem to be an intelligent person. i would suggest you use your grades to your advantage, make a strong career and then grab the independence that you want. everyone who curses you today will will proud of you tomorrow. 🙂

    • I am sorry you live under those circumstances, your mother is clearly wrong. If you are doing so well in school, you can be whoever you want to be, and yes, you will probably not be the “perfect” daughter your mother wants – it sounds as though she wants a domestic slave. You are destined for bigger things……..

  78. i do want to commit suicide bt i cant coz f my dad… i love him a lottt… plz some1 help me.. i m frustated f dis fucking lyf….

    • then don’t. there are always ups and downs in your life and expecting that all the people you love will always have a good life can be asking a little too much sometimes. what is important is to stick close to people you love and support them. stick closer to people who you know love you. your dad is there for you. make him proud. 🙂

    • im in the same boat. i love my mum too much to leave her. iv sacrificed so much for her already but i just cant leave her.

  79. what if ur loved 1 is being tortured by some1 in front of u…. i love my girl and something happened with her… which i cant let any 1 know… plz if any1 can plz help me.. i m only of 16 yr guyzz wanna live more…

  80. arivazhagan said:

    Hey., guys………. i know that all of u came here to get a gud idea., that how to commit suicide without any pain……. infact i too came here for same…… i didn’t read the whole thing given here…….But i just read the problems of all the people., who had commented here……….. now i just came to know that my reason of suicide s nothing, in front of all of you……… But, attempting suicide for family problems or money problem or love problem s not a fair thing…….. do u know., our relatives, money and love .. all r temporary in this world., god gives it, and takes it……. no worry., ,,,,,, u know., if god has given us some problems, then he would had surely given some solutions for those problems……. Always be calm and never think of suicide n ur life, for any problem., just try to solve……..

  81. i’m 20 years old. I just feel like there is nothing else I want to do, so I decide to commit suicde probably after around two month when I spent all my money in the bank. Then I try to search for no pain suicide. Your blog has so immense pain way of suicide. I guess put myself in a room of gas will be the best idea which I found through the above comments.
    People go for life with purpose. People go to college for maybe better future job and nice life, but I’m no really looking for that. sometimes, i feel so hungy that my stomch start feeling pain, but I still don’t want to eat anything because I’m not interested in food. I just feel like I’m done with my life and there is nothing else I want to do. i believe that life is to enjoy and if you can’t enjoy it, then end it. why bother to be so painful? right?
    so maybe if im not lucky enough to succeed my suicide, i wil… not really sure when i need to do, but keep commiting suicide unitl i succeed. wish me good luck. 🙂 don’t know if i’m going to heaven or hell. probabaly hell. fuck this torturing life.

    • lonely angel said:

      Hi Peter yah thats what im feelin as well too, Why keep living life if you dont enjoy it anymore..

    • I was once inlove….
      And it hurt to watch my love, evaporate,
      Like nothing was ever there, and now, its me i hate. This girl shes pretty, but y do people use me? Cant they see that im broken? Why lie? Why cheat?… my father he worries bout me, wishing he culd help, when his presence only makes it worse.
      My brother he abuses me, my home is a house, only its my own hell for this eternity. Tis what it feels like, everlasting pain..inside my mind im woundering how, it got to be this way for me…im only fourteen..i see demonds waiting down there for me, hungry, i see god crying, wishing id quit denying, what i was born into, Christianity? Religion is false, it is only a comfort, but what els do i have to look up to? People like you? Mister

      • Mister iknow what to do, i’ll share my wisdom with u” gess what ignorant fools, you are All fucking tools. Everybody wants to die, so FUCK THE WORLD LETS ALL GET HIGH. Even when i cry….i am mocked…so when im gone…i hope im missed, because this life for me, carries NO BLISS.

      • Mister iknow what to do, i’ll share my wisdom with u” gess what ignorant fools, you are All fucking tools. Everybody wantsYou, to die, so FUCK THE WORLD LETS ALL GET HIGH. Even when i cry….i am mocked…so when im gone…i hope im missed, because this life for me, carries NO BLISS.

    • Marodin said:

      Bro! i understand you 100% But even if hell exists i dont think theres any worse then this life. if it exists then we are already burning on it’s charcoals… for people that have came to this blog

  82. avIk anand kumar said:

    what the hell is wrong wit you ppl Iwant 2 die and all I get is this

    • Arra Cairn said:

      So do many of us others on here. I would have said all, but I know better. people don’t really get it. Unfortunately, death and pain are the same thing. Just because you aren’t the one feeling the pain, doesn’t mean it’s not there in the people who care about you.

  83. hey u said u wouldnt make it too long but u did! good job though- u have some excellent points, probably saved a few lives too!

  84. To the clairvoyant : Thank you for your inspiring blog and for dedicating your time in helping people, in an unselfishly way,
    May God Bless You!

  85. Summer said:

    Thank you for the information, however, as this was a very helpful article my plans of suicide are not cancelling.. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, because I really do want to live and see myself grow up (I’m only 11 y.o. as of now), but I can’t go any further. I just can’t. I’ve completely lost the will to live. I can’t sleep at night thinking about it, I just lie there and cry, and wonder what’ll happen if I do go through with this. I’m afraid of backfiring the most. And if I do succeed, I’m afraid what’ll happen to my family, though as far as I know they don’t really care about me, they’re actually the ones putting me through all the pain but I really do love them. Now that I have the option to leave this world, I have to go through with this.

    Thanks for putting a brief smile on my face. You’re a good person for posting this. Goodbye, sir, and all others that might be reading this.

    • I have sent you a mail young friend. Hope you read it. TC.

      • You say you will hurt the one around you. But my loved ones r already dead. My dad died then so did my son. I have nothing left & I dream every day of joining them.
        I’m in so much pain but being dead & being with them would make me so happy so y is it selfish of me to commit suicide and b with them.
        My pain will never go away, the pain of losing a child never eases so my life certainly isn’t going to get any better! So all I can c is ending this pain and joining my son.

      • what’s your email?

      • U seem like a rapest.

    • Sharon said:

      Oh My gosh young lady! You are going through what all of us girls of your age went through! My parents dont love me or care for me. You have no idea how wrong you are. You are trying to find your wings, they are trying to keep you their little girl! My daughter that is now 29 thought the same thing! We fought all the time. She has turned out to be the most independent, beautiful person I know! I respect her as a woman, but she will always be my little girl. Now she is expecting her own baby, and I know if it is a girl, they will go through the same ups and downs, but the LOVE will always be there even if it may not seem like it at times. You are going to grow up and have a beautiful family of your own with a daughter who may think the same things at times. But since you went through it, you will smile and know how happy you are to share it with her and EXACTLY how to hndle it!

  86. helena said:

    Thanks, most properly the true. My husband commited suicide. Well, I tried but failed so many times maybe its just time to move on. Thanks again

  87. i really think i should die. there’s no point in living when everyone absolutely hates me. even i hate my self. i by myself my dad hates me my mom my brother and friends. I give up. yours truely, hated

  88. Ronnie said:

    Well nice blog but all the talk just confurms my choice pills tonight.

  89. jacie ogwe said:

    i’m aproach 25 now, no kids nor husband to wory abt,no genuine relatives,fuly orphaned at 12, selfish guardians since then..it wont hurt even a fly when i die..i truly got nothing 2live 4 esp.after losing a siter-mentor..i lost my religious beliefs..i live a terible life,i hate education it only favous th able..u know nobody cares when nobody bothers. I hate to live!!

  90. Annilisa said:

    To Sara Eleanor, It pained me reading your comment. Childhood is meant to be a happy and carefree time of our life. I haven’t had an easy life either, in childhood and adulthood. Everyday is a battle for me, I struggle getting out of bed of a morning as I feel I’ve nothing to live for. But I have! I have two beautiful children, and I know if I took my own life it would dedtroy theirs.. If any of you need someone to talk to I would love to help. I feel it would be easier talking to someone who is feeling the same as you are, we can help each other. My email is a111lem@yahoo.co.uk Please don’t hesitate. Also, Clairvoyant, thank you so much. You really helped me today. You’re a legend!!

  91. I see no point in trying anymore my husband is a drunk my twins are autistic I have 4 other children it never stops the the fighting is daily everyone thinks I should do everything for them even the grown children they can’t I am pulled in every directions Dailey and I’m tired I just don’t want to even try anymore the husband is is the worst of them all the bitching and belittling everyone all the time it’s just to much

  92. i wanna die cuz my dad is SOO MEAN HE MAKES ME CRY EVERYDAY 😥

  93. Anon Amos said:

    How about nitrogen?

  94. Me me me said:

    You know.. It was’nt humans that torture me but dreams that I yearn for. I always wanted to play piano by ear but I could never do it. I seems like a failure in everything..

  95. m a fickle minded person…. I wanted to be an astronaut, artist(disk jockey), journalist, film maker, pilot, newsreader,…. list goes on…. I had tough situations again and again… I really don’t know what I want to be in my life… I always think about something or the other… I can’t control my feelings…. getting disappointed…. I play cricket well n chess n many things….I am interested in finding out unknown things…and adventures….

    I don’t have any particular option to choose in my life…. I worked for many organizations as a sales associate, customer care, steward , marketing, many more….

    I am not a strong minded person to achieve my goal… I spent a lot of money n valuable time un necessarily…. I easily attract for all the things… I always be in my dreamz…

    I luv business, computers, media, manythings…. m a friendly person … I easily get nervousness If anyone makes me hurt and I too…. m a softperson… I really really don’t know what I want to be in my life…… I don’t know who I am In this world!!!!?

    That’s the reason I tried two times suicide myself but I couldn’t …. now I became a mad person… because of my tough and bad experience… no one can understand me in this selfish world….. M not a cheater but many cheat me… m not a lier but many lies me… It made me to be bad in this society… I started saying lies and became a very dirty Idiot… I am not giving respect to anyone now… m fighting with people always for a silly reason…

    but again I recognised myself m in a wrong way and thinking all things in a negative way….but

    I am getting the same suicidal thoughts again and again… I am out of control… now…

    how can I avoid this…and be a common human being?

  96. My name is keelin im 20. My life has been hard since the day I was born. I was abused but my mom was so strong and left the man who abused us everyday. When I was 6 I moved in with my grandparents. My grandma had psychological problems, and my grandpa took the role of dad to me and my lil brother. When he passed away from cancer when I was in 8th grade I became extremely depressed. I laid in bed for months couldn’t go to school, so I missed out alot. Freshman year we moved into a apartment my mom,me,and my brother. It was hard for me not to get into trouble, I felt free since living with my grandma I was like a dog couldn’t eat only at certain times of the day had to crawl on the floor to sneak food cuz grandma was mentally il so she made my life hell for sumtime. Mom worked 2 jobs so she was barly around while grandma took care or tried to in her own fucked up way. So I was free in 9th grade. Made bad decisions hung out with bad pple who got me into trouble. Then I met this boy who took me away, I though he would fill the empty space in my heart but as years passed things got worse. I got kicked out of high school and got arrested a couple times for weed. Me and him fight he’s psychic sometimes with me. He’ has a rilly bad anger problem but unfortuanlly I have trouble leaving him and when I get enough strength to do so, he makes threats like he will kill himself and he’s tried before so I feel obligated to stay with him even tho all we do is fight and he makes me feel worthless.!!! I’m currenytly getting my ged but it’s soo hard I’m not good in school makes me feel soo stupid. I don’t drive never was able to get my license. I have a job but only works twice a week so I make nothing. I can’t support myself I can’t support anyone. I have to relie on everybody to help me am it makes me feel soo low soo insecure. I hate my life I hate waking up everyday. I have no friends they all betrayed me or back stabbed me. If I write a fb status about how depressed I am or how sad I am, no one comments no one cares. They all got there own life there living. I wish I had that but I rilly don’t. I’m scared of everything,.. I’m afraid of failure so I barley try to do anything becuz of that. I have no money to support myself or a education cuz I suck so bad at it. Oh and my 21st birthday is tomorrow, I’m doing nothing can’t do anything with no money or car. I feel like I’ve waisted my life and now it’s soo scrued up that it’s like impossiable to fix. I’m soo stressed that my body hurts everyday. I get knots in my sholders and back I barley eat I’m prolly 85 pounds and I’m about to be 21, that’s not normal! I’m very short tho about 5ft exactly. But still I feel unhealthy, unhappy, just wanting to give up. When I was little I use to write suicide notes and leave them on my moms bed so when she got home from work she’d read them come see me to make sure didn’t go thru with it. So even as a young child I’ve been having suicidal thoughts. All my life this is what I’ve done run away cuz I’m too afraid. I feel lost in this world ive seen therapists and psychologists, nothing has helped! Im sad and I can’t eat. All I wanna do is sleep and never wake up. What makes me hate myself even more is when I think about how pple’s lives would be without me. I feel like the world would be better that my mom wouldn’t be soo stressed becuz of everything I’ve done I feel like her and my lil brothers lives would be more peaceful and less stresses without me. My boyfriend wouldn’t care and neither would my so called friends. I hurt my family so much it makes me sick. I pray to God that he will just take me to heaven to be with my grandpa again. I don’t wanna be here and I feel like I’m a sinner becuz I don’t value this life he gave me. I should feel blessed but I don’t, I feel like I’m being punished cuz in another life I must have been a horrible person. I don’t think I’m horrible now I’m very polite my mom taught me well but I’m insecure, I have too many problems to count. I’d be writting u a whole essay. I just wanna have sum peace! Thats all, I dont wanna be me anymore! I wanna be free and in peace in heaven! I can’t wait for ever and I don’t want to go on another year feeling this way. I smoke soo much weed to numb myself of all the pain. I’ll end up spending my only 20$ on a dub sak and it sucks I waist money on that cuz it’s truly the only thing that helps me. I swear if I didn’t smoke I’d prolly be dead cuz I would have done it a long time ago. Now I’m just scared, the only reason I havnt gone thru it is becuz I’m a coward I’m too farad to attempt suicide. I don’t want to feel pain that’s why I pray god takes me in my sleep tho it never happens cuz I always wake up in the same place. Sucks my life. I don’t want to turn 21 tomorrow. So maybe tonight I’ll have to grow a pair and take care of this just to stop my pain. This pain I have is unbarriable I can’t think strate can’t eat can’t do anything. I have no motivation anymore just pain and tears that r always running down my face. As I’m writing this the tears keep pouring out.! I just want to be happy and be able to live a normal life like my peers but I feel that I can’t, I can’t becuz I’m not normal I’m different idk how else to describe it. But I know I’m not like everyone else I think differently. I can’t think clear and I see no light at the end of the tunnel. I feel week soo week and I don’t k ow why. My mom is soo strong, she’s the strongest women I know and I wish I was like her but I’m nothing like her and that makes me sad. I love my mom for saving me and trying to get me to have a better life but I failed, I failed her and myself. Now I just don’t want to wake up. I’ve said my goodbyes and im ready for God to take me to heaven but it hasn’t happened! Maybe I’m the spawn of satin or satin wants my soul so he’s making my life misery, I just hope that if I do go thru with this like I plan to, I pray God forgives me for throwing my life away to be happy in heaven. I just hope he’l have pity on my soul and let’s me into Heaven to be with my grandpa and watch over my family from above. Why can’t we give back a life if we don’t want to live without being punished? Arn’t we punished enough when we have to watch our loved ones die and leave us alone to fight for ourselves? Why can’t we die and go to heaven if we want!? I would like to ask him!! I just want to see my grandpa again!! He made me a better person but when he left I left with him. Pieces of me left with him and since that day I havnt been myself. I don’t know who I am anymore I don’t know how to help myself. I don’t know what to do or how to do it. I’m soo lost and just want sumone to find me. I want my peace of mind without the struggle and the pain! All I want is to be free to watch over the ones I love. I don’t want to have another birthday. Sorry I feel bad u have to read my bullshit but I felt that if I write it all out, I’d feel better. If anyone feels this way like I do I’m sooo sorry!!! I’m sooo sooo sorry!!! This is the worst I’ve ever been and it hurts me that someone out there may be feeling the exact pressure of pain I feel. It’s unbariable it truly is,… I have nothing to look forward to nothing that will make me feel better about myself. Thanks for reading. Sincerely Kee

  97. You really helped me. Though I don’t know if u went to or not. I wanted to kill myself. Now I don’t. Thanks!

  98. Αγνωστο said:

    hi ειμαι 10 χρονων και η ζωη μου ειναι απλα απαισια.Ειχα τα παντα και τα εχασα σε πολυ μικρο χρονικο διαστιμα, ειχα τουσ φιλους μου ,το αγορι μου ,τους γονεις μου να ειναι μαζι,και χαρις αυτους τους παραγωωτες ειχα και πολυ καλους βαθμους.Ολα ηταν τελια μεχρι την στιγμη που χωρισαν οι γονεις μου και οχι και με τον καλητερο τροπο και κυριωσ δεν το εκαναν με τροπο ωστε να μην με πληγωσουν και ειδικα ο πατερασ μου.Αργοτερα τα χαλασα και με το αγορι μου για εναν ηλιθιο λογο και αργοτερα εχασα τις φιλες μου με παρατησαν τον λογο ακομα να τον καταλαβω.Εξετιασ αυτων των παραγωντων σταματησα να εχω καλες επιδοσεις στο σχολειο.Το χειροτερο απο ολα ειναι οτι ειμαι ασχημη επειδη ειμαι αρκετα χροντρη( κοντευω να παθω νευρικη ανορεξια ετσι μου λενε οι γιατροι )αλλα εγω ειμαι χροντρη. Κατι παιδια οχι και τοσο καλα μου ειπαν να αρχισω τα ναρκωτικα αλλα δεν ηθελα να πεθανω ετσι αλλα με εναν γρηγορο και ανωδινο τροπο σκευτικα να πυροβολησω το κεφαλη μου αλλα που να το βρω.Ηλπιζα να βρω την λυση εδω ματεα ελπιζω να βρω αλλου τροπο :((((((

  99. Robert NElson said:

    I suffer from a possible positive blood test of lupus and am in chronic pain all the time. The doctor put me on medicine to help with the pain, makes me drowsy, and i feel like I am a disappointment to the ones who care allot about me. I don’t get around to doing chores, cause I just do not have the strength. I am not religious by any means. I just want to take the pain emotionally and physically away. I am to the point of ending it all, and no one knows, should I advise them?

  100. ricco williams said:

    Iam. I. Doing it. Tonight.
    But all I have to say is.
    I love my babies. Tamiah and

  101. Nicely written.. This sure relaxed me a bit and diverted my thinking away from suicidal thoughts.. But that’s not the issue. True,to me religiously..suicide is a ticket to hell..but there r times where I can’t think of anything but how to die right now! since god had split the bad luck of this world into two halfs! Half for me.. And the other half to be distributed to the rest of the world!

  102. Cheekian said:

    I willing to die for someone.and nw i having love problem.i just can’t suffer the hurt and i want to suicide.

  103. Hey, i seriously thought this was about the efficient ways to die, nevertheless was a good read, nice initiative.
    I had already analyzed the shortcomings of the above methods and so was searching for new ways (I can’t and won’t endure pain, period!). I think I have one and it is called cyanide. I just need to find a reliable source and end it already before my 30th birthday. I’m done, so done that I can never live a normal life anymore even if someone handed it to me. I won’t say it is a cruel world, I would say I am incapable of living in it…
    So there you have it bye bye

    • Mr. Clairvoyant, why don’t I meet people like you outside the www??? Or is it the people online try to be extremely different from their real life, whatew, RANT END

  104. Real funny 🙂 but doesn’t really convince me not to kill myself

  105. i am jeba 19yrs old girl i dont have strength to face these world anymore feel so lonely from bottom of my heart feel i am unworthy and burden to everyone i must die i know well its a sin and so painful but no other go have to do it……

  106. i am jeba 19yrs old girl i dont have strength to face these world anymore feel so lonely from bottom of my heart feel i am unworthy and burden to everyone i must die i know well its a sin and so painful but no other go have to do it…… ………….

  107. Such a funny post but true.

  108. i wanted to achieve many things in my life but in every step i am falling
    i am having so much pain that i feel like ending my life is only the solution

  109. Hi my name is Eamon i have spent the last 2hours reading the blogs on your page, im 45yrs old an was married for17yrs, i thought i was happy till i met another woman an fell in love we spent the last 5yrs together an even got engaged i thought this was me forever. Two months ago she told me it was over im lost and dont no what way to turn the pain im in is hurting me so much day an night i cry i miss her so much and her 2 kids that i got very close to, i have try’d talking to her an she wont talk to me, i cant go on anymore feeling this why all i do is sit an think about killing myself and when i do the pain seems to ease which is making me think that its the best way to go how can a human body feel so much pain an try to carry on? I wish i did’nt feel this way but its all i think about morning and night no sleep an hardly eating maybe best i end it now and be pain free.

  110. I tried to kill myself before this time i want it to work my whole lifes been hell i was abused since age 5 i want to od you say it won’t work i know.it will this time

  111. How ignorant and arrogant to poke fun at such a serious topic and to assume that life will be better at some unspecified, future time. Myself, I have cancer. I am facing months of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, pain, disability, and absolutely zero quality of life. My wife has told me recently that she resents the expense of all the hospital visits and to be honest I know that suicide is the only realistic option.

    I’m not looking for sympathy (or humor), I just want to know the most foolproof and least painful way to do it. Unfortunately your site doesn’t provide it so… back to Google.

    • Hello, I’m 16 and i hate myself, my life, and everythibg linked to me because I’m just a huge failure. I have problems with my family ever since i was 4. My father has always been hated me. He is a very stupid and very irritable pearson, he very very often goes mad with me for no reason, and is always making me troubles, yelling at me, and treathening me to kill me because of that how stupid I am. My mum is a good pearson but we often have conflicts. I hate my brother, because he is just like my father – the same shitty character. They all always make fun of me, hit me and etc. I have no friends. Everyone tells me how stupid i am, and reminds me what am i – the biggest failure ever made. But last year i met one girl, she was very kind, she understood me, and we became very good friends. I fell in love with her the first time i saw her, but i was very unconfident in myself so we were just friends. Then, one day i made up my mind, and told her everything, i told her that i love her and asked if she would be my girlfriend. She told me that she loved me too and accepted. I was finally happy, i finally found someone to love me, even if i’m such a failure. We were both very happy and i thought that my life will finally be normal, we even made plans for our future in 2 years, that we will go to work and live in another country and we will have a nice house and little black pugs and will be happy. She stopped me from commiting suicide and gave me a reason to live – her…. But all that was ruined a few days ago. She told me that she wants we to split up, and from a moth ago, she has not been having such powerful feelings such as love. Since then, i have been very deep depression, i can’t eat or drink anything, i can’t sleep, i have only been sitting in my room and trying to find a way to kill myself as fast as possible. I lost my reason to live, and i dont want to be anymore in this fucked up world. If anyone knows any fast method to kill myself, please tell me…..please.

  112. I want to die!

  113. Jennifer said:

    Thank you for wasting my time and keeping me alive another ten minutes. It doesn’t change anything.

  114. lonely angel said:

    Its just easy for anyone to say to just live your life and go on but for me its not. I just feel like no one even cares about me and if i commit suicide right now no one wont even care so why continue living if no one cares about you damn=(

  115. Suiciders Note::
    hey guys if u have planned to do it remember that it doesnt matter to the world ……and neither u could be proud of it.
    but if u could live and do something for someone maybe that person someday will save u n die instead…..

    If you are upset dont panic just grab some weed and smoke some bud mahn…its instant try it…and see how life shows u happiness ……


  116. Thank you for this information. Me and my friend were thinking about commiting suicide the other night by stealing my moms car and getting into a crash to kill ourselves. But we ran away for about 40 miles and the person who was suppose to pick us up didn’t come. While we where there I heard someone being hurt in the woods. And I thought of all of the pain they had to go through. Thank you for this!

  117. I went to jail today my x girlfriend said I beat her up n aldo I did push her n she hit her self on d wall.. It was after 3.5 hours of her pushing me n not letting me leave her house. After we fought she slept w me n even feed me. 2 days later I find my self being arrested for battery on a household member. N the worst part I end up were I work at the detention center were I’m a detention officer n she’s a nurse there as well. I guess the worst part is being accused n making me seem like a monster. When I fact she hit me her self n lied all about it to come on top. I have never been betrayed like I was today… By the woman I love. I see no point in living when everyone I deal is fake… N now my true love turned to be like everyone else fake.

  118. my family member always tease me i dnt want to live any more plz suggest me d simple mtd.

  119. Joseph palazzolo said:

    Im about to blow my brains out. I have done enough research to know how. Thank god it’s so easy to buy a gun. First however I must enter Canada with a fire arm to end my boyfriends life as well. I’ll be dead in a matter of hours. Hopefully this works. If you read about a murder-suicide in London,Ontario than it has worked. I feel bad about ending his life but I have to. Hopefully I’ll be dead by the time you read this.

  120. no one would lose said:

    I just turn 50 and life has never gotten better. I was so tease or bully right from kindergarten all the way to high school. I was born in Europe,my language suck,so did my grammer. I had no teacher that would help me, in fact it was the teacher made it harder on me.

    My parents try to talk to the school , I’m sure they laugh at them on the way out. My crying start at the age of 5 now 45 years later still crying.

    My mother died when I was 13. at 12 my brother molested me for1 year. I could not do or say anything no would believe me. I was very shy and did not talk alot because if I said the words wrong people would laugh at me. I came from a huge High school.I know it1000 to 950.students in my senior year. Never would a guy look at me or ask me out for a date. No I was not ugly. Funny how guys would say I was so pretty and gorgeous but never ask me out. I did not go any proms. I had to study hard just to pass because I always failed the finals. Out 1000 students I was in the bottom 100. I knew I was not smart enough for college.

    Father married the true cinderella step mother,including bitch of daughter. I was constantly being put down, I so want to died. I though death in Elementary. As graduation present I got to go to Europe and see my relatives for 2 and half months. I beg my grand mother to keep me there. The very next day my dad wife told me move out and get a job. Move in with my grandparents across town. My grandfather want me marry any guy I dated so I move out. So my self esteem was so low by now.

    I met my husband a year later I was Pregnant. I remember standing near my mom’s grave. I could hear her saying don’t marry him you will be so sad. I hear over and over again. I cry so hard on my wedding day. I was young with child, no one in my family like him. I was brought old Euopean ways. I was scare not alot money and pregnant, No help from family. I think only time I was ever happy is when my kids were young, until their teens years.

    my husband has cheat on me . Now he calls me a drama queen. My children hate me. I had 4 girls I was hoping to do things with them that I didn’t get to do with my mom. My twins are always yelling at me,as is my husband, my father. I wake up every day and I go why am I still here.

    I have been sexually harass by my boss. Harrass because I was a different religion in the Utah. Fired because I report this women bitch boss, threaten mack me across the face. I had to take her damn apogly. I made error they fired me a week later. Lost a job beacuse of downsizing.

    I quit my last job because the girls were always speaking about me in spanish, as so I walk to their station, I saw my name. They change the screen. I felt like I was in school all over again. I finish the day out and did not return. I could not take the abuse anymore. My husband does not touch me for over 3 years now. I have no faith in anybody, seems like I always get the knife into my heart, I do not care about my family or extend relatives,or so call friends. I’m all by myself. Yes, I been seeing a doctor for 2 years now, Been on lots of different medicine, Nothing helps . I been diagnose with ADAH manic Depression. I look at my life wow mom was right, I know my family would be better off without me. I should take myself crime area have have someone kill me.

    Life has been a complete waste for me. I love rid my body. and pray god will forgive me. For more then half of my life has been in hell. I do not see it getting any better. God forgive for what I’m going to do but please let me be with my mom.

  121. Hellow. Just. .thinking. about. it. I. Really. Wonder. Life. Sucks. When. One. don’t. Own. A. Creaking. Car. And. Unemployed. for. 7. Months. Can’t. find. A. .God. Dam. Freaking. Job. Lusts. it. When. I. See. A. touted. Teen. Ager. Kid. Driveing. A. New. Car. That. I. Kind. Of. Know. That. Kid. Is. Spoiled. Rotten. by. There. Parents. Unfreakin. believable. I. just. recently. Lost. my 91. Year. old. mother. she. had. A. Stroke. She. pasted. Away. vOn. October. 31 2011. I. Can’t release. She’s. gone. I. Miss. Her. very. Much. She. Always. WorriedAbout. me. She. Must. be. wondering. Where. Iam. And. She. must. be. Waiting. for. me???????

  122. Akshayrahul said:

    hey thanks for guiding me bt i am a student in cps and i am fully strested with studies and family problem is the most pls help me how to control sucide as i have tried many times bt nt suceeded atall its all bcz of my parents an if i dies my main reason would be studies

  123. Committing suicide is really stupid especially if you are living in a developed country with no physical agony. One should be grateful that there is people to help you. But I do consider people who commit suicide to be brave, not weak because it takes courage to know you will experience physical pain at a great level. Although I don’t encourage this act at all.

  124. Olive (The cool one) said:

    this was not very useful ……. i really thought this blog would help me to commit suicide ……… it helped but in a wrong sense ……… now i want to live a happy life but even miracle cant change my destiny ………. so thank you

  125. Olive (The cool one) said:

    and thats not it i too cry all night long ……….. they see me as a cute charming girl but no one ever wanted to know how i feel …….. no one cares about me ……….. i hate this world ……. this blog did not helped me , no one ever did ………. so i will end it as soon as i can …………..

  126. Thakur singh said:

    The word”Suicide” means exactly the meaning same as Coward or selfish. So, I really look down upon those who commit Suicide

  127. can u kill me? i can’t suicide myself after reading your blogs, but iam suppose to die or or give me another method which was very easy to suicide. remember am waiting your word……. and don’t ask me why want to suicide if Iremembered again Iwill destroy my brain……

  128. Thanx. U really helped me

  129. Girl unlucky said:

    Hello, I’m a married women. We have been married for one and half years but now my husband wants to leave me. I feel so embarrassed to face my family because this marriage was happen according to my wish. I feel like subsiding my self because I have got no option. I’m so disapointed and frustrated. if any one could tell me what should I do…

  130. im sorry if I’m a little too late for this… but i’m 15 and want to just end my life to. I find no joy in anything. I wake up, afraid I’m going to live. my family hates me and has told me many times. I have told my mom and dad I need help and that I want to kill myself and they laughed. i am life long forced into a religion and lifestylei hate.I keep trying to look for hope but I can’t find any. my mother says I’ll never find someone to love me because I’m an awful person. I have no close friends, my best friend wants nothing to do with me. I am a horrible, horrible person who has no right to live. I just want to relax in death where no one can hurt me. suicide doesn’t kill people, sadness does.

  131. But you never replied about the least painful death, so?? what is it?

  132. Very helpful…

  133. U know, I came to the USA when I was 17, I run away from home because I could not bear the abuse I suffered every day at home, the poverty and misery that surrounded me (moral and material). I had a few hundred dollars and I did not really know where I was going, and what to do with my life. The truth, I just wanted to escape my reality, and knew that it was very probable that I would end up killing myself, or possibly be killed by someone else. I am an easy target, I am not tall, I am not strong, and I am not the smartest person. I ended up living on the streets, dirty, and in misery. However, I was never able to kill myself whenever I thought about it, and was never really a victim of anyone else, on the contrary, although I met really bad people, I also met some of the most extraordinarily good and marvelous people. People that helped me, and showed me the way, not only verbally, but by example. I examined their lives and what made them different to other people, and in doing that I discovered who I really was, and realized the extraordinary potential I had to change my life around, and change who I was at that moment, in other words, to change my reality. It was not easy, and it took many years, and sacrifice, but I did it. And it was worth every minute of it. I was able to help my family, friends and other people that I did not really know. Now, I am 44, I don’t drink, nor do drugs, nor make friends with bad people. I believe in justice and equality for all, but most of all I believe in god and myself. I am finishing an MBA, and have a job that I love. I am not saying that life is perfect, but we, ourselves can make life seem perfect. I do no think about committing suicide anymore, it does not even cross my mind, and if any of you are thinking about it, all I can say is, please hang in there, it will get better, I promise you, and do not let your current circumstances make you a bad person. One thing is to end your life, another much worse is to kill your soul. Please do not. I hope my story helps someone and thanks for this blog.

  134. Daniel Escamilla said:

    I feel no one cares for me what do I do idk anymore

  135. Himanshu Verma said:

    meri g/f mujhe chod k kisi aur se shadi kr rhi hai wo bhi apne ghar walo ki zabardasti se meri g/f aur mai hum do ek dusre se bahot pyar krte hai isliye maine ye faisla kra hai ki mai poision leke apne aap ko khatam kr dunga & thanks 2u all For suggestion

  136. Akshayrahul said:

    hey i told u that i was in a mood to sucide bt today its final that i am going to sucide life is an asshole no frndzz plus no gf nthg is there in life no money nthg only study sleep go to skool i am literally frusted i thnk studies is my main problem so today i will die then no studies nthg thnks for yr last adviced . AkshayRahul

  137. Rajarshi said:

    FUCK YOU!!!

  138. Help Me!

  139. I just want this pain, to go away.
    I smoke weed. But aparently its not always as magical and healing like bob marley said it was.
    My heart hurts. Imean, it Realy rely hurts. I only wish to free myself and everyone else, of my misery…:’/

  140. Hey dis s really horrible. . . . My whole lyf is a tragedy. . . I cant hang wit the fucking lyf, . . Thats y am here for searching to kill myself. . . But nthng in dis. . .

  141. my clinical depression is making me suicidal, not any person…how can I possibly fight that? I’ve been in therapy with various counsellors for years, and take drugs. Some people just can’t be helped

  142. Hey there! Clairvoyant! about why am here..
    The worst thing that can happen to you is the one that you love the most, is not able to forgive your mistake and is sarcastic about what you did as many as times as possible. It kills me..kills me every time he says it. Feel like a prick! I forgive his mistakes instantly but my mistakes (ready stupid ones) are held against me, like its a murder i committed. I have been loyal to him, never looked up on another man, always remembered him – that my friends felt we were already wedded. how would you feel always spoken rudely to and always reminded of what you did, even after you have apologized and regretted what you did….I am not able to take it, i made a wrong choice in my life three years back and its not possible to turn back now. and i am not left it with any choice but to give up. I was a positive person, have made people feel better and have shaped people’s lives, but i m unable to go on, for the first time and i don’t want to. My boyfriend loves me is what i believed, only to realize, he ran and hid when i told him that i will die if he continues to irritate me. he stopped picking up my calls..and ignored my msgs..and the whole things dawned to me then, that my life itself is a joke for him, then the relation must have been a bigger joke, right? right. I don’t know what is love and i have been foolish. No one to blame but myself. felt nice writing, have always liked it..hopefully will be something better in my next birth, if there is one.

  143. Helen joyce said:

    By readin ur blog i have changed my mind about killin myself!! Thank you

  144. Brandon J said:

    I read damn near every comment on here and every reply was positive i see you are a good person and means well, my first thought of the blog was “yes i found a way to kill myself painless great!” but the more i read i started to see this isnt it. Im 22 an tired of living i really truly am and i jus wish i was dead it would be better off for the world i cant do anything right and for 22 years my life has been in the toilet (sigh) im jus really tired of being alive and if i find a quick easy painless way to die im going to do it but until then i just have to wish and hope i dont wake up the next morning to a life thats never gonna get better grrrrr

  145. Krisna Nuon said:

    Nice blog, it made me rethink my plan but i still want to die.

  146. someone said:

    i am sad. people laughed on reading this. people found it funny, maybe you too.

  147. Waleed Graham said:

    Thank You!! But this person I’m talking about is my family I seriously feel like I can die and everyone will be happier… Please reply to me ASAP..

  148. Urmm can you get back to me pllzz and this changed my mind completely

  149. i tried my every little best to make up things but guess love and respect is not meant in our lives.my marriage was decided by someone i trusted the most but guess life has other plans with it……everyday every moment we console ourselves saying ki jane do sab thik ho jayega but ven u actually look thru u find u r nowhere wanted or required by anyone and it pains to see why is this happening to us and where r v at fault..life is very bad and the most horrible part of it is to fall in love which makes u lame completely

  150. Bye my friend’s, forgive oh my dear sister

  151. sarafine said:

    hey. thnx 4 this. really. thnx 4 wasting my efing time readng this stupid thing that taught me nothiing! my family hates me and i hav almost no friends and the few i do might miss me 4 a few days, but then theyll get over it. so m off to shoot myself. better then being here alive. my only consolation these past yrs is i diidnt hav to hurt myself cuz my mom did it 4 me. so wish me luck guys. you wont here from me again after today.

  152. First: sorry for my bad english

    Ill comit suicide cuz i hate my life…I have everithing..money etc…but I hate my family and they hate me
    nobody will miss me

  153. kritika said:

    i am 22yrs old, studying architecture and i am feeling very alone as my mom who was my best friend is not with us. she is dead a few months back n i am missing her so much .when i was 13 yr old i had an accident and till now i am suffering because of the accident…….. i am not physically fit as a normal person …….my best friend i.e my boyfriend has dumped me …..i am just fade up of my life i just want to kill my life which is full of pain……now i have only one person in my life….. my father. please i need a friend i don’t wanna do this because my father loves me and he takes care of me a lot..But i am feeling very alone

  154. Suicidal man said:

    Why should i care im athiest i dont have any family i have a shotgun and a bottle of jack daniels care to stop me as this blog did jackshit excuse my swearing but im ending in 3 minutes dead if she dont call me back i doubt she will as she is fucking my brother god day

  155. You don’t understand, I did something evil in my life i just don’t know what it is? That is why God is torturing me. If i had one request i would wish God would let me know what i did? Than i would feel better as i prepair to remove myself from this world, Do u know of a way that i could get God to tell me what i did wrong?

  156. im so depressed in life, i feel like theres just nothing to live for im 21 and i was with my girlfriend for 5 years i love her more than anything and i choose her over my family when i was with her so now i have no one and nothing to live for im so lonely and upset iv already tried once but my friend found me, i just dont see another option. i just hate my life so much

  157. Sara Eleanor said:

    It’s been three months since my last comment.

    Shortly after I last wrote, a man very dear to me ended his life using carbon monoxide – the method I was planning on using.

    I read my previous comment and smiled at the strength I expressed, as it seems so distant to me now.
    At the time of my previous comment I was in a relationship with a man I thought to be the warmest, gentlest man I had ever met. One month ago today, he threw me down a flight of stairs, leaving me half dead. He told everyone I had done it myself, and knowing I was pained, they believed him. I am suicidal, but I would never accuse someone I love of such a horrible act unless they had actually done it – I would never accuse anyone of such a thing, and I don’t think anyone with a heart would. I lost my job a week later because of severe angst that developed after the attack, and I’ve been without a home since it happened, as I was living with my boyfriend at the time.

    Me and my dog, Hendrix. He’s an angel and deserves better than living like this with me, but I don’t have the heart to give him away, because he’s all I have…

    These days I’m a burden on everyone I meet. I can’t pay for my own meals, and I always need a sofa to sleep on – in worst case scenarios, I can find a man who will take me home. This life is not optimal, and the strength I once had is gone. I just want to leave.

    I’ve given myself till my 23rd birthday as I don’t wish it to be an irrational or impulsive act.

    • Dear Sara, I know things have been a little difficult for you lately. Nonetheless, there is a bright side of the picture. You are about to be 23 that means that you are young enough to do everything that you want to do. I am not trying to undermine your problems, they do seem genuine but trust me, it is something which will get solved over the time. I would suggest try finding a job maybe, that will help you find a place to stay for yourself and your dog. Once you have a place to stay of your own, all your problems will gradually vanish. Just be patient and keep writing.

      • i have gain lots of courage after reading the ur comments happy now

      • aussie loser said:

        i will say this knowing that not being alone in trying to kill myself i will share my reason for it . I grew up in the country i remember every single day since i was 5 that my father repeatedly abused me my mother and my sister we have got alot of problems from one person. Anyway wen i was 5 i was told to help him and my mum get the cattle in i had no idea wat to do being a kid and all they ran past me made my dad really mad he went to chase me on the motorbike my mum stood in front of him and told me to run he ran her over and caught me after he finished with my mum and repeatedly hit me with a metre long plastic pipe this was a weekly occurence till i was 10 yrs old i was able to run faster then him and his bike finally parents divorced i thought it was the end but after movin to city from country at 12 i tried to hang myself i was not coping with freedom open spaces to boxed in yards etc rope snapped didn’t noe braking strains of rope held off on trying to kill myself but depression of being abused as a kid followed me but stayed in the shadows of my mind it showed up at age 19 when i went bankrupt i tried in my car but to no avail it went back to the shadows once again but now at age 26 my depression and my suicidal thoughts are back stronger then all the times before i have screwed my relationship up with this beautiful woman the abuse i had as a child made me verbally abuse her cause of my own problems i love her to deaf but she gave me a second chance at our relationship and i failed herself and myself, so my minds screwed my teeth are rotting from the crap i eat i’ve been told i could drop dead at any time because of a previous condition where if 1 single spec of dust go downs my hair folicle so yer i have no car no furniture nothin in her house but clothes i never paid for my life pathetic to wantin it over and done with

      • A close friend of mine became very depressed lately and she is thinking about suicide and I don’t know what to do. I will do anything to prevent her from taking her own live. How can I help her? She is busy seeing a docter but it isn’t helping

  158. So sad to read your stories……:(

    my opinion on suicide is if i wanted to get rid of all things. I will just go to another place, another country, prove my self and COME BACK.

  159. I’ve tried twice in the past 4 weeks, first i tried to hang myself and the drop wasnt enough to break my neck*my fault for using belts instead of rope just left me with a fucking sore neck, so if you want to end it painlessly, ill give you detailed ways on doing so, calculate 1250 divid *your weight in lbs so if you are 100 kilograms then you need to do 220lbs* and that will give you the height required to break the neck on the drop, in this case its 5,6 feet, caution USE ROPE AND DO THE PROPER NOOSE OR U WILL HAVE A FUCKING SORE NECK AND FEEL STUPID FOR NOT BEING ABLE TO KILL YOURSELF PROPERLY, second way if your local trains use electricity to run, go to your local hardware store and purchase 5-6 metres of steel cable, and make sure you wet the cable and make sure there is nothing but YOU, THE CABLE and THE TRAIN LINE, in queensland, australia there is 250,000 volts of electricity running through the train lines, YES I FAILED AT THIS TOO, I FED THE CABLE THROUGH THE STEEL FENCING ON THE BRIDGE ABOVE THE TRAIN LINES SO IT JUST MELTS THE CABLE IS YOU HAVE ANYTHING BETWEEN you, the cable and the trainline, the only reason i fed it through the fencing was because there was kids running around and they didnt need to see someone electrocute themself, both of these ways are painless, im only 19 i just wanted people to know how to ease their pain easily, also IF YOU FAIL IN AUSTRALIA AT KILLING YOURSELF YOU WILL END UP IN A METAL HOSPITAL FOR 1-6 WEEKS, TRUST ME IT IS FUCKING BORING, MAKES U MORE SUICIDAL, this time i wont fail, i have a 6 metre long 1cm thick steel rod and i wont be giving a fuck if there are kids around this time, also i heard that drowning is painless, dive into the water without breathing in air so exhail before you dive in, then take a huge inhail in the water and after about 4-5 seconds you will just black out ALSO A WARNING BEFORE YOU TRY TO KILL YOURSELF, YOU WILL HAVE A MASSIVE ADRENILINE RUSH SO TAKE SOME PILLS THAT WILL STOP IT OR YOU WILL PUSS OUT, GOOD LUCK AND I HOPE YOUR PAIN ENDS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

  160. hi… please dont mention my name in public
    i want kill my self i am in problem… i don’t solution and i cant solve my self… my problem is i loved one boy he very nice we meet in phone we love each other after 7 months we meet face to face first stating he is very nice day by day he changed…. i gave all things to him one day he said i am in problem i want money he ask like that this i asked what happen what problem you have he said money problem i said ok i will money to you from there to now i gave money to him… one day my parents know this money matter they scold me and ask i am tell anything after some days they leave this problem i relax hmmm.. again he asked money again i gave again my parents know this thing this time my parents very serious they are beat me scold me and then finally house arrist i told this all things to him he said i dont know who are you when you give money to me like this he said i am so afrid i cut the cal and after 2 days again i cal him he lift the cal i said my parents are beat me scold me then he said wait 20 days then your parents will calm…. i dont knw what i’ve to .. thats y i finally decided one thing i want kill my self then all problems will solve… please one suggtion…

  161. Victoria said:

    I would like to thank you for writing this blog. It was actually pretty funny the way you explained it.eI have thought of every possible way on that list to end my life& have thought of the consequences if they didnt happen the way I planned. I am spiritual and I know that God isn’t going to let us die until its our time to go….Instead of dying id probably be crippled or like you said days in the hosital ad having people take care of me for the reat of my life.

  162. @Clairvoyant Thanks for still listening to so many people.
    You have so patient for more than a year.. So good to see it.

    I wish to add some point over depression’s pain..

    It’s a feeling that one else can understand until they go through it.

    Life hasn’t been so easy going for them.
    Me in this way, has been under it’s rage for more than 3 years… even now..

    Day 1 of of the week, I start crying inside..(of-course none identifies it, as i still manage to stay hapy outside)

    Day 2 i motivate myself.. it’s your life.. don’t waste it.. blah blah..
    EOD, i know ‘m talking fantasies to myself.. This feeling is simply awkward..

    Day 3 i concentrate on my work.. i wonder how did i forget i had a depression..

    Day 4 even happier.. really no clue.. bcos my focus was different..

    Day 5 i try to following diet in my mind, not to over experiment how i forgot my pain…
    But tht night itself they start creeping back into me…

    Day 6 would be a tired day, as result of over-thinking…

    Day 7 i talk to myself for being a stupid….

    And this continues..

    Time Time.. Time.. the only medicine tht can cure it..
    Am an aethist actually..
    But no offense over ppl who trust in god..

    Time.. cure me one day.. But it comes back.. Just because i am weak..

    So guys, leave it to time.. try to discover new ppl and stuffs…

    Believe me u’ll be happy!!!!

    Best wishes to every one thank you.

  163. I am 39, have lost close family members to cancer, 2 bad messy marriage breake ups, awfull partners (if you can call them that) along the way, have MS, lived alone for 8 years with 2 kids, treat like sh*t by everyone I meet, no anti depressants are working for me and had enough I keep visualising myself grinding my medications up (of which there are many for my ms) and taking the lot.

  164. there are other things too which I don’t want to mention.

  165. I’m stuck in a middle of situation that i can’t solve by myself. no one can’t help me out of this one. I’m an Indonesian & I’m very desperate. it’s 03:19 PM, July 2nd 2012 now. if tomorrow the situation hasn’t change into good one, I think that all I want to do is dead by suicide.
    Reading your blog & the whole comments is making me confuse & sad, because I can’t find the reasons by not killing my self.
    Thank you so I can write something before my time will come.
    I love a woman but she hasn’t accept mine.
    I have a good job as manager but I don’t feel comfy right now with my job.
    I have a business but it becomes mess up by my partner.

  166. The author has never attempted to kill themselves yet they try to give advice? This is totally lame. Try it once author, a serious “attempt” & if you survive it, then come back here & write about it. If anything by never knowing what I am going through…, you’ve made me doubt life even more & I want to check out sooner..:(

  167. Anthony said:

    I’m gonna kill myself because I have no friends and no life

  168. No one really does love me, i am 24×7 lonely, the only thing I can do is dream, nd now i feel like the dreams are making me feel even more lonely and neglected then i already am, considering my mom missed my whole entire childhool, nd i had to teach my self to live, but now i feel like i have to put an end to it, becuz i cant take the pain of being so ugly nd stupid anymore, but i cant take even the slightest amount of physical pain, i really need help for finding the most pain free suicide method, help!

    Plz write bck to unkwon

  169. diazepam + alcohol and then sleep

  170. Shreyas Srivastava said:

    i am just a 16 year old boy i am now fed up off this world these studies these scoldings my both parents have always insulted me and discouraged me and now i am broken from inside that is why i am planning to suicide they think that i am the most useless fellow on this earth.one my father also told me that i am an orphan and that day my high school board results were declared. i was only able to bring 78.4% marks and i planned and worked hard to bring at least 90% but on the day of my examination of biology they quarelled between themselves due to which i was not able to concentrate and my exam was spoiled and on the day before my exam when they quarelled i begged them to stop & let me study but my mother said don’t study and get failed i was totally broken and on the day of result also they did not admitted their mistake and told it to be my mistake ,from always i wanted to be a big person but with such a bad beginning i don’t think that i have any options left.

  171. This “blog” didn’t help. I will attempt all of the possible ways of suicide until I eventually succeed.

  172. Very much enjoyed this article and I’m interested in your father’s book. Unfortunately, I literally have not a dollar to my name with which I could purchase it. If you are truly able to send a copy, I would greatly appreciate it. Might keep me around that much longer. Thank you for your time and feel free to respond if this thread is even still alive.

  173. wow i hav come on dis page wid lot of depression….. but by d end of dis page i hav a smile on my face n lots of courage thanxxxxx the clairvoyant…..

  174. friend i m as u r.i too feeling to commit suicide or leave my house.i m having a lot of pain only becoz of me can anyone help me

  175. Obliviate said:

    Dear Clairvoyant
    You truly are an amazing person and my heart aches at the fact that there aren’t more people like you in the world. I’m a 22 year old white male from South Africa and I wish I had the guts to end it all. My problem is that I am religious in my own way and I’m not bothered of going to heaven or hell. I’m just afraid that there is an afterlife. I’m so tired of living, I never asked for this life and I know for some it is a gift but not to me. When I was 7 years old I tried to commit suicide for the first time and then again at ages 16 & 18. Now after three failures I feel so pathetic. I cry most nights, for a young man to cry once or twice a day fucks you up emotionally. I work at a lumber mill and play rugby, so it’s not that I’m a drama queen or sensitive. The doctors tell me I have frontal lobe eppilepsy combined with AB depression. And that I’m not in control of my emotions. The only time that I’m truly happy is when I think about my funeral. I don’t know what to do. Talking to people or doctors doesn’t help and the last 5months I’m feeling the same before I tried to commit suicide the last three times. But I’m scared, what if I survive again. I’m hurting everybody around me but I can’t go on like this. I hate myself and wish at least 7 times a day I would die. Whenever there is a obstacle in my life, my first reaction is that I have to write my suicide note tonight and try again. I’ve been on so many different pills and nothing seems to work. I don’t even know why I’m posting here. Maybe a part inside me still wants to live. But then again that part of me could also be the part that hates me so much or wants to die. There are people out there with cancer who still wants to live and I just wish I coukd give my life to them. I never wanted or asked for this life, but thank you for helping so many people out there. You truly are an angel and sorry for my poor english (It’s my third language)

  176. Marodin said:

    I can’t take no more, life is like a very tight shirt for me… i wake up everyday do the things that i’ve done yesterday…. especially my parents i am 15 years old and i dont think theres
    been ever someone like me that has hated their parents so much.
    my brothers, they bother me so much. i cant eat any crap in this world if you know what i mean, i dont have the permission even to breathe! i hate this man! im tired of this bullshit,
    i have headache everyday just because of stuiped small things that my parents make
    Scotland sea monster’s out of them! fuck this shit! Just today for example, my friend that i see him once every year called me, told me to come over, i said i dont want to, and my parents started B$%^$%ing i hate this screw this life up! i dont care if i go to HELL!

  177. i really want to kill myself because of my family i never ever get any attention from my mum and my bros and sis bash me and i am only 12 i hate my life and when i look back when i was a baby i was the only one that was born wrong and they tease me all the time az i was the only one like that and my mum picks favirotes so today i am going to hang myself bye everyone ❤ 😦

  178. I’ll quit soon …

  179. unknown said:

    hi im 21 and i have a lot of problems, i think the OD method is the best but I wonder what to get and where from?

  180. Well there’s a few suggestions here, thanks I think I might try the first one

  181. Maiwase lungu said:

    I really did wnt 2 do it but now i have second thoughts,thanks…plese send me the book.

  182. Thank you u have made me feel much better thank you brother

  183. no one want someone else to commit suicide, now do they? A friend did and what a waste of a beautiful creature, to this day I wish I had been there for him, but never knew how he was feeling. This is where the problem lies, no one wants to be carted off to the local mental health establishment, they are horrid, sad and to be honest achieve nothing,for to get to the point of suicide the issues are what needs addressed.

    I have gone from working 95 hour weeks to being off work and trying to cope on a day to day basis. Pees me off that so much planning has to take place, e.g. ensuring I am found by the appropriate folk, don’t want to hold a train up, possibly hurt a lorry driver, have someone fetch me out of the mud and so forth.

    So, I went to the docs, who referred me for therapy, 8 weeks ago; they are so inundated they have no time for me. So the docs prescribes pills, which I store like a hamster.

    In the last 8 weeks I have lost a stone in weight, 1/6th of my body weight, have deliberately worked in a manner that I know will have done damage to my lungs, stopped seeing or answering friends calls, don’s answer my phone when work calls, just cant handle it, knowing full well they will sack me, and don’t care.

    So I plan for when the time is right e.g. no family around, so I reckon I have 8 days to go.

    Meanwhile I barely bathe, don’t bother with my hair, don’t change clothes, just sleep on the sofa, or not actually, when I wake my teeth are grinding so hard my son said it was so loud woke him up.

    I keep waiting for something, anything, to change my mind, but all I feel is resentment for having to consider others.

    I am now the invisible woman, so may as well go the whole hog……

    The change in me over the last two years is astonishing, and it would take one right thing to happen to pull me back from the brink but for some of us there is no miracle only pain.

    You younger people at least do something drastic, if the town makes you unhappy, pack your bags and go, there are enough backpackers and youth hostels all over the world.

    whatever use your youth to your advantage and MOVE, GET UP and MOVE.

  184. Puro sur trece

  185. My fiance left me after 8 years of being together. We been broken up for 3 months now but she’s going out doing drugs, drinking with radom guys, drinking a lot, and now has a boyfriend. She changed over the past 3 months. She still calls me and tells me everything. I don’t know what to do anymore, I just want to end myself it hurts so much.

  186. what a load of religeous belony,im 53 years old twice married first to my childhood sweetheart we had three children but maried too young,we split up after 13 years and we both remarried other people, he is happy and moved away years ago,me lol my marriage lasted just one year id married a sexual deviant,not allowed to see his kids took 2 years to get the divorce my son from my first marriage died at 17 while in the process of getting this divorce,i was put on tranquilizers because of all the trouble with my ex then put on even more when my son died.i was 37 years old with a son of 15 a daughter of 2 and three months pregnant,my ex went to prison his name was in the papers as a sexual predator.after my son died i was extremely depressed and afraid my eldest daughter who was about 22 at the time suggested i should try to meet a new man. and this was just weeks after losing my son,i did indeed meet a new man yet again a user i got pregnant he didnt want to know, so again im 40 with a new baby a 14 month old baby a son of 16 highly effected by his brothers death as i was too,no money hardley to live on no money from fathers i dont work so any money they may have paid at that time would have gone to the government so i didnt bother,just lived in seciond hand shops never went out had a rubbish life, i loved my babies always have always will but couldnt give them what kids today seem to get all around me.ii tried to never give up i joined dating sites when i was 42 in the hope of finding love and a father for my kids,only to be used and lied to over and over again .ive struggled all my life my dear parents helped where they could although not hands on they were too old i was 40 they were in their 70s.i lost my mum xmas 08 my dad xmas 09.so what now well im like i said 53,my kids are now 35 29 17 15 13 and life is harder now than ive ever known,my kids have no clothes no birthdays holidays we never can do anything, never have in any part of my life has it been any different ,just home with nothing to do nowhere to go no money, im still 15 years later on those tranquilzers no man in my life three teenagers and now im told i cant have m esa money anymore,SO WHERES MY GOOD BITS BEEN THEN WHERES MY GOD AM I THAT SMALL HE DOESNT SEE ME,MY WHOLE LIFE HAS BEEN A STRUGGLE AND THE WORST IS YET TO COME.IM SUICIDAL BUT HEY ILL JUST ADD TO THAT GUESS WHAT, IM A DEATH PHOBIC I ALSO HAVE OCD SO I CANT EVEN KILL MYSELF IVE HAD PANIC ATTACKS SINCE THE AGE OF FIVE YEARS OLD AND I HAVENT BEEN OUT THE HOUSE ALONE IN OVER 25 YEARS.DONT TELL ME GOD HAS A PLAN FOR EACH OF US IM A GOOD DECENT WOEMEN,WHY HAS HIS PLAN FOR ME ALWAYS BEEN SO BAD.YET HIS PLAN FOR EVIL PEOPLE SEEMS FAR BETTER THEY DONT STRUGGLE,YES WE ALL HAVE WORRIES RICH OR POOR WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE, GO OUT THIS WORLD NAKED WITH WHAT WE CAME INTO IT WITH.BUT I WANT TO KNOW WHY PEOPLE LIKE BUSH BLAIR OBAMA CAMERON GET REWARDS FOR THERE EVIL DOINGS HOW MANY HAVE WATCHED THE 9/11 RIPPLE EFFECT ON YOUTUBE AND THE 7/7 RIPPLE EFFECT.WATCH THEM FIND OUT HOW EVIL OUR GOVERNMENTS ARE ASK YOURSELF WHY GOD LETS PEOPLE LIKE THIS MURDER PEOPE AND HAVE NO HESITATIONS IN KILLING THOUSANDS IN AFGHANISTAN, IRAC, SOON IRAN SYRIA AND WHO NOWS WHERE ELSE THEY WANT TO GET RID OF THE POPULATION THEY ARE STEALING OIL, POPPIES FOR OPIUM,THEY TOLD US WE ARE UNDER THREAT FROM THEASE PEOPLE THEY WANT US TO BE AFRAID AND TURN AGAINST OTHER CULTURES BE RACIST,CALL THEM ALL TERRORISTS WELL WATCH THE SOLDIERS STORYS ON YOU TUBE THEY WERE THERE,THEY TELL IT AS IT IS NO THREATS,THEY FEEL ASHAMED BEING SENT TO KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE,ANS STATE THEY FEEL LLIKE THEY ARE THE TORRORIST,PEOPLE GROAN SAYING OH THEAE BAD MEN KILLING OUR SOLDIES,WOULD YOU NOT KILL A SOLDIER TO PROTECT YOUR WIVES CHILDREN,SOLDIERS AGREE,THERE WAS NO THREAT JUST SCARED PEOPLE TRYING TOPROTECT THEMSLEVES WE HAVE NEVER BEEN ATTACKED BY NO TERRORISTS IN THE LONDON BOMBINGS ON 9.11 ITS ALL FALSE FLAGS TO GET WHAT THEY WANT MEDIA LIES WHERES GOD IN ALL THIS, AND WHERES GOD FOR ME AND MY CHILDREN.YOUVE NOT LIVED BOY YOU KNOW NOTHING OF LIFE YET.PEOPLE DONT WANT TO DIE REALLY, THEY WANT TO LIVE HAPPY NO WORRY ALL THE TIME,BE LOVED NOT ALONE HAVE FOOD NOT STARVE,HAVE A GOOD LIFE. WE DONT LIVE IN WORLD WHERE YOU GROW YOUR OWN FOOD AND DO SWAPS FOR COTHES WITH NEIGBOURS ITS A MATERIALISTIC WORLD EVEN IF YOUR NOT MATERALISTIC AS SUCH YOU CANT LIVE WITHOUT MONET,YOUR UNHAPPY IF YOU DONT FEEL LOVED YOUR UN HAPPY IF YOUR AONE YOU FEEL UNHAPPY,WELL I GOT NEW FOR YOU,THERE A HLL OF A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO FEEL LIKE THIS AND YES IVE PRAYED TO GOD HE DOENT HER ME,SO WHEN WILL MY GOOD BITS OF LIFE EXACTY COME THEN,HEY WHEN IM 54 55 56 57 5859 AND SO ON AND SON I THINK NOT ILL BE DEAD,AND THIS LIFE WILL NOT CHANGE,YOU CANNOT MAKE A DIFFERENT LIFE FOR YOURSELF WITHOUT MONEY .IF YOUR YOUNG YOU HAVE MORE CHANCE TO IF YOU GET A DEGREE AND GET LUCKY GET A GOOD JOB APART FROM THAT YOU HAVE HAD IT.THERE ARE HARDLEY ANY JOBS FOR THE YOUNG THEASE DAYS.CLAIRVOYANT TELL ME WHEN COMPLETELY FREE OH WISE ONE

  187. nobody was here said:

    i was hoping this would be a helpful article, instead it is deceiving.

  188. I want to die I having nothing to live for

  189. problems do last forever sometimes. like the death of someone you love very much. or even hating yourself as much as i hate my self. suicide isnt always giving up you know. its having the courage and being smart enough to let go too you know. i hate ppl tht think they hav nothing left to live for yet they hav kids. they r the selfish ones. but once more for all those ppl tht say suicide is giving up, your the ones that gave up on the truth. the truth is life is poo. the hardest thing in this world . . . is to live in it. you cant say tht suicidal ppl rnt tough becuz u dont kno wat they hav been through. i am 17 and since i was 5 i have hated everything bout my stupid life. i had one friend and she died 3 months ago. i was disowned by my father 3 yrs ago after i spent my whole life on the run from him after he tried to kill me several times and hav never trusted a boy since the last one was a drugo tht tried to hurt me. i looked up this site becuz im so over everything tht this world has to offer. im not and never hav been scared of death. even a painful death cant bring anymore pain tht wat ive alredy been thru. but i guess you can congratulate yourself becuz for another day you hav given me strength to just go to bed and sleep of my depression so i can try my hardest to wake up tomorrow morning with a smile on my face and ope nothing bad will happen then. so thanks. . . whoever u r nd why ever you try to act like you care.

  190. I love a girl a lot, and we are in a relationship for past 4 years. She ruined out my life like hell. I just want to die by any cost. Bcz i love her like mad. I tried forgetting her but indeed i couldnt. I cant concentrate on anything nor studies nor work nothing bcz she is running in my mind for 24hrs, even when im sleeping i think about her. My family members to betray me a lot. I have no option left rather than dying. I tried a lot of times to kill myself. I had phenol, i had rat poisons, i had pills, but unfortunatly im still alive. Plzzz get me some source to kill my self. I just want to put an fullstop to my life… Plzzz i beg u…

  191. citlaly Rojas said:

    Hi am citlaly but they call mi Rosa been thinking about suicide for while kno I use drugs but I been trying to stay clean but I don’t kno what to I act like am doin good but in the inside am losing myself in a stayed of mind I just try so hard that am doin good cause Ikno a lot ppl don’t care.

  192. I have not been well for nearly severn months now. I used to be normal and clever this time last year. I was never a depressive person. I been having memory problems like not being able to remember my whole life, not being able to remember on day to the next or not being able to recognise my own family. This is not a life. I am amazed that I have lasted this long. But I can’t bare to be like this for one more day. I just want to die, but my family keep watching my every move. I’d rather my organs go to someone that wants to live. Please don’t give all that you have a lot to live for. I don’t when I have been like this for so long. Please give me advise on how to kill myself. Without getting caught.

  193. I have not been well for nearly severn months now. I used to be normal and clever person. I was never a depressive person. I have been having memory problems for sometime. I struggle to remember one day to the next or not being able to remember my whole life. I can’t even remember my whole family. I can’t bare to be like this for one more day. It’s not a life. I want to die. I’d rather my organs go to someone who wants to live. Please don’t have a go at me for this or say that you have a lot to live for. I have the right to die. My family keep watching mt every move, when all I want to do is to not be suffering this pain anymore. It’s not a life. I wanted to be dead by today and I am still alive. Can anyone give me any advise on how to kill my self without being caught.

  194. dontcommitsuicide said:

    Suisicide is the worst thing ever in the world….whatever might be the reason …..

  195. Andy Morrison said:

    Thanks, have read the whole blog and am now more confused and depressed….

  196. I want to thank you I’ve been thinking about suicide for awhile now. I didnt think my life would get better parents talk about how kids shouldn’t bully other kids yet parents put there kids down the most it seems like no matter what I do I’m not as good as my sister have been I’ll for awhile and have to always go to the hospital my father told me that I’m sick because I’m lazy and fat and since then he makes me cry everyday and now my fiancé is starting to be like him I didn’t know what to do. When you said that the people how made your life difficult don’t care about you it upset me because it’s my dad and the guy I love but I thought about it and your probably right I shouldn’t kill myself for them I should prove them wrong so thank you

  197. Tristen said:

    I am like another on this site her name is kerry and i am 14 thinking why should i continue but this has helped in a way , but i wish for more care and support but i will fight the urge to kill myself thank you , mr.clarvoiyant

  198. I am very depressed after my 5 years love is coming to end becoz girls parents are not willing me to marry her, but 1 year back they said they have no issues in marrying her and now they are saying that their relatives are against the marriage, so we do not want u to marry my daughter. I am feeling like what sin i had done, why god is doing like this to me and why I should live without her. Please suggest any method of suicide which is less painful, please i beg u guys…….

  199. u r absolutely rite… slitting ones wrist doesn’t mke ny difference to ur ill shitt going lyff…..same happened wid me…aftr surpassng so mch of stress..i finally gave up…i took sm amnt of alcohol n thn ganja…..well it gave me enf enrgy 2 commit a strng suicidal attmpt… i took one blade n strted slittng ma hnd…i literally made 2oo mch of cuts …. sittng on a pool of blood…i was waitng 4 my end…..bt nthng happened ….. aftr smtym i lst ma conciousness sayng alvida 2 d wrld….bt thn i woke up in a hsptl…. sorrounded by my room mates frnds n dctrs…..it took dem 2 hours 2 finalise 86 stiches on my hand….. aftr dat i became a stck of mocking in d college…. nw i hv 2 walk my whole lyf wid dese heavy cut marks on my hand….. so never evr try 4 dis 1…nly wastage of blood…

  200. I read this looking 4 an answer ive sat here on my bed with over 40 vicodine 20 tyenol 3 30paxils 50xanax and 10 visetol i get babd anxiety but never take meds thats why i have so many….im 28 have 2 daughters 9 &7 im pregnant now almost 4months! i sat here with pills in hand crying & thinking i dont want to kill my baby inside me & dont want 2 burn in hell forever being i know the word of god being brought up christian. im not feeling sorry for myself i know many people been through way worse than i! i was molested as a child then in my teen yrs a totally dif man rapped me & took my virginty. abused emotionally mentally & physically by my mother everyday as a child to top it off. so as an adult i said i wont let anyone else win & steal my happiness! but i open my eyes i stuggle each day! im not happy! im completely miserable & nothing and no1 makes me feel any different i tried everything to change this but it hasnt and now i feel hopeless like it will never happen! i know me killing myself is wrong i

  201. Stand how many id hurt chosing this & how selfesh im being but i just cant take it anymore! i pray for each day for god to jus take me and he wont 😦 i just dont want anything anymore!

  202. i perfectly understand that suicide is the most stupid thing i can possibly do. but somehow, it is quite inviting. I’m just a 17 year old kid with no idea what to do with his life. all the decissions i have been making lately, fail. i am unable to stay determined regarding my studies. somehow, i managed to be a fairly good student till 10th grade, probably one of the best in my school. the same made me think that i could accomplish anything. and lo, i made one of the worst decisions in my life- choosing

  203. -choosing science stream in high school. the syllabus is huge and requires long and gruelling hours of study. i am unable to do so, and series of badly written exams have lowered my self-esteem. teachers no longer like me, some of my friends have become distant, my parents are ashamed to talk about me in public. it’s just horrible. my parents have wasted a lot of money on my education. they love me and wud do anything for me, which is exactly why i feel that i dont deserve their love. i deserve only suffer

  204. Wow this really didn’t help i don’t have any so called love ones my mom told me life would be easier without me stop tring to be people’s hero somepeople cant be saved

  205. Realy you have done a great job. I was googling for a fun and now o realised even that is unfair.

  206. clark superman bohrer said:

    Best way to commit suicide is to, “go out screaming thug life, and empty the whole clip, got tired of running from the po-lice.”

  207. What if it has nothing to do with what someone has said….yet it is the want due to hardships and tests that make a person want to die. I wish I could fall asleep and never wake up
    some say that makes me a selfish person….by no means have I ever been selfish but I am tired and worn down I feel alone and ashamed of my life. I have looked to god to help me through this and you know it just gets worse everyday I wake up.

  208. I plan to kill myself so far I think that turning on your car then sitting in the garage with it on is the least painful I think I’ll do this one you fall asleep and never wake up

  209. Thanks for this blog. It’ll give me something to consider before I decide to do anything

  210. What do you do when you are pushing 60 and used to be fun, happy, joyous, and for the last 7 years of your life, so many things have gone wrong, that it is just so unbelievable and irreversible? What do you do when your life is more than half over and it isn’t even close to what you imagined, dreamed or planned for – and all because it was taken from you? What if you have no family, no siblings or children? What if your husband doesn’t love you? You have no income or the career you once had? What if your friends abandoned you and have no idea why? How many times do you keep getting up, starting over, trying again, praying, and wondering how to “fix” things? How many times do you keep getting hurt, rejected, and taken advantage of? How many times do you wonder how did I let myself get into this situation when I am not stupid? No one truly cares or lets me in. When I have opened myself up, I get rejected and hurt.

    I keep thinking how much better it will be when the pain and disappointments stop. How much better it will be to just be gone – to no longer be so aware that I truly have no one here that truly knows me or loves me for just me. I will be so happy when the day comes that I will no longer wake up. I came here hoping to find a way to make that day come sooner and I am not sure if my search will end.

    I don’t feel like a valuable human being any longer and feel worthless. People who barely know me see one person, but on the inside I am dying. And the ones who I loved the most have abandoned me and mistreated me horribly. I have given my love and trust to so many only to be rejected over and over again.

    I am hating this world and I want to leave it so badly.

    You say “don’t give up” but that has been my life for over 7 years….actually closer to ten. I get knocked down and I get up, and start over. I get knocked down, get up and start again. I get beat down, broken, stomped on, and I get up and do something different, try something new, forgive and love and move on only to get more rejection, abuse, or mistreatment from other family members, a new friend, a dishonest work situation, a cheating husband, and many, many much more horrible things I won’t go into. But lately, my getting up is getting too hard. I am not getting up anymore. I am staying down, believing what is being said, and not fighting back anymore.

    I don’t feel good about anything and I can only go on for so long.

  211. It’s hard for me to actually think about it i mean I want to do it but i dont have the guts to do it

  212. im troy fuck it all no hope. later

  213. Now, I dont believe in a God, I believe in a creator. He created us however he did, the big bang or whatever, and then left us. There is no big plan for you, there is life, however good or bad it may be, then death, then whatever comes after. Dont kid yourselves that youre special and theres an invisible man in the sky with a plan cause theres not. So, if people like myself want to commit suicide, let them. Dont say God has a plan for you or you’ll be sent to hell, because its bull.

  214. Ill tell you my reasoning behind it. Up until the age of 8 I was beaten by my dad. He forced me to do drugs and drink alcohol, I had to watch my mum threaten suicide over and over. Anyway, I was placed in foster care and eventually adopted. Happy ending, right?
    Well, no. My “new” dad is no better. He verbally abuses me, treats me like Im pathetic and useless and worthless. He still beats me sometimes.
    Im 18 now, Ive lived with this my whole life, being treated like crap everyday. Now, ask yourself, whats Gods plan here then, hmm? What kind of plan includes that? Thats the reason I want it over with, Ive had enough.

  215. I want to die im so unhappy in my life i fail at everything suicide i wont

  216. I am a bad person and I hate myself for that. I have been married for 21 years and when I meet my husband I knew he had a daughter from a previous marraige. I knew that I would not be able to cope with it but he did no have any contact with her. Now after 20 years he starting a relationship with her and his new granddaughter. I,m adopted and just want a normal family. He says he is happy but it seems we are not enough for him. He wants to visit her but I can’t stand the thought of him having this relationship with her. I would rather be dead. Our own children don’t respect me. My husband says he loves me but doesnt think he has to make me feel special. I,ve been thinking about ending it for a while. Then he will have what he wants a life with his daughter and granddaughter. And he doesn’t have to worry about me. He can do what he wants. He is a good man. I am a bad person and everyone would be happier without me. I need to do this for everyone else and end the pain..

  217. Hey you, yes you Blogger. You're a TWAT. said:

    Just to say, you’re a complete twat.

  218. L love my husband more than I love my own life. If I can live with him I don’t want to live. I want him to be happy and I can’t do that for him. I don’t want to live anymore

  219. i hav tried my best to not gve up but nw its the end…

  220. Tina Hawkins said:

    I am 24 Yrs old now… As you believe, Life is to live.. But the people who writes here are fed up in one way or the other… People may not think to end up their life if they find one ‘moment or way’ which keeps them happy… They didnt find a purpose to live a life.. so is my case.. not one soul neither to care nor love me…All the doors are closed and i am left in dark with broken wings… I browsed to find a way to end my life and no chances of being me saved… I read all the comments on the above.. Every humans born in this world are heading lots of problems and they have courage to fight and solve them.. In my case i dont have a courage neither to fight nor to die.. Its horrible to surive… This is my problem.. Is that anything i can do to change this/ any solution for this?

    TO clairvoyant: I appreciate you inspired many and saved their lives from theirselves…May god bless you…

  221. Am a 45 year old married muslim woman with three lovely, intelligent girls and my husband loves me very much, but since 1 year ago I met a bad guy who ruined my life by robbing me of all things I have in life , my compound, my jelleweris, my 2 cars and left with so much debt that I cannot even support my family, all my thinking now is to commit suicide as am useless. Please help me as to how to overcome this sitaution, as i keep thinking of things all the time and I have changed physical that people do not recognise me anymore. I don’t sleep nor eat for over a year ago.

  222. Charlotte said:

    I am grateful for your blog… I too came here after googling ‘how to die quickly without pain’. It’s a subject I have googled a hundred times over 12 years. I fantasise and carry on, over and over. I’m now 27, with a great job and a beautiful 2 year old daughter who brightens my world. I still feel pain every day, I struggle every day with feelings of inadequacy and loneliness, I am a single mother and fight constantly to overcome the thought that somehow my daughter would be better off without me. I love God and I want to love the life He has given me. I don’t know why I can’t, but I keep trying. Today I googled again and I found your site, and it has given me such hope. I love your assurances that God has a plan for us. Probably we are not of the same faith, but I do believe that He does… Thank you so much. I wish I could reach out like you do to those in darkness. There is a lot of love in the world, even to those who feel they have no one close at all.

  223. im sad, lonley, depressed, cant mak family members like me. they keep telling m how to run my life, how to take care of my children as if i am doing the worstr job ever. i feel like they got it all. they live in a split home and i feel guily for that too. they dont want to live in a split home, they hae expressed that thorouly. I can even make my husband happy anymore. feels like i have no way out. i just really want to do it. already in the mist of trying. i think i am gong to keep trying i have a few mor things to try here just hope it works , w/ a small amount that it doesnt because of my babies but then they would ony have one home to go to not two. looking for a way to end it. in progress now. PLEASE HELP I HOPE WHAT IM DOING IS GOING TO BE OK IN THE LONG RUN. I JUST DONT WANT TO BE THAT BURDEN TO ANYONE ANYMORE!!!!! TRIED OF BEING THE BLACK SHEEP OF THE FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please help!!!!!!!!

  224. tamanna bose said:

    hi, i’m too much depressed for my life!
    can u help me?
    seriously i d’t want to suicide! bt i have no chose !

    i’m a student of 1st year. i’m 18 year old!
    i hav a boy friend! and that is my biggest problem!
    i’m from kolkata.
    my parents are too old minded and my boy friend is abnormal and he wants to control me for his own ways!
    but still i love my parents and my boy frnd
    but now they are just push me to suicide.

  225. i m a looser whos unable to acheive anything in my life .now i hav lost all my hopes .n think suicide is d only way to get rid to see my sorrows of life

  226. xxxxxxxx said:

    What a kind of jerk? If person would died then how we know he is paining or not…….just suck all arround

  227. bilal khalid said:

    hey im serious about my suicide i have only 6 more hours n ill be on cnn news ive only got one option of drug overdose or stop eating and drinking u helped me a bit

  228. bilal khalid said:

    im tired of my life i dont get good grades in school even if i try my best my parents are changing my institution to which i hate the most nobody listens to me i dont want to walk this earth anymore

  229. Jessica Jones said:

    Well Ive Been Through Alot And Sometimes I Have The Feeling That i Want To Kill Me 😦 I Been thinking of it for about 3 years now im 14 -_- yeah ik young reason what because shit has happen i was the good girl everybody wanted when i was a lil girl but i smile anyway to hide my pain and laugh so i want cry and sleep alot so i want try this but im done -_- cant bare it anymore i just hope they be happy without me cuz i wish everyday that something will happen to meh So Thank you if you’re reading this and care ❤

  230. Hiya Well As You Know Im Done With My Life 😦 Yeah Idk If I Can Handle Anymore I Had A gun to my head my bf came in and stop me 😦 i got mad and told him never to do it again told him ove been hurt enough when i was 6 my mom died i was raped 7 times -_- but my granda said im lucky because i have not aids r std’s -_- what a bitch right and beat this im only 19 yeah i know when im not loved my bf is with me right now while im righting this 😦 he said if i die he die ture love right i was beatin by my father for no reason i was shot 2 time i got shot in the ribbs and in the arm because i would not elt him touch me i got ALLT HE MONEY IN THE WORLD but that do not matter to me LOVE SEXY MONEY WEED aint shit to me </3 but ya know what atleast i want have to deal with everybody shit and most people might knwo me on here and most might not well im go now -_- Bye One Love

  231. Hey i read your blog but still i dont feel good .honestly i dont wanna commit suicide but i dont have anything else to do.i am really unlucky since the day i was born i lost lotta things.i dont have anyone to talk about my problems i tried to talk with councellars though they are stupid.i just dont wanna die i wanna delete everything from my mind.my friends they ignore me they think im crazy.some call me pathetic though im not a sidekick i am good for everyone though others attitudes are bad.its the society that made me sad and Im the main fault too.i dont know im too small and in me i have such small experience about the world just sadness is there is no one for me in the world everyone keeps hating me 😦

  232. Dear pritish
    I read your entire blog and it looks to me like you had also tried commiting suicide but failed to it in some ways.
    I agree to your point where to make life difficult for the people who hurt you.
    About religious beliefs i dont think it has something to do with anyones death as death is death be it suicide or natural death if someone has to go to hell or heaven its written in his or her destiny.

  233. Im young, my sister attacks me and hits me in the face and hits me with the broom and stuff. She gets everything she wants. She makes fun of my acne and sk does everybody else they call me names and say I have a mental disorder. I made a mistake with somebody I love(guy) and my friends call me fat but my mom calls me skinny. People call me a f**ing b*** and I am tierd of living in this life. I really want to die. But then I see how happy people are and when I come by they say get the F**** out of here. I want to die but I don’t want to do any of those cause there painful. I want to just die wih no pain.

    • Oh and my parents smoke cigeretts and no lie, i hink I am slowly getting asmah cause it is hard for me to take a deep breat without tears coming out. And on may 6th my 8 year old cat ran away and never came back and cry for him still. What do I do do I die? Or do I keep Living this crapy life where nobody likes me

  234. Thanks for the blog! The fact that it was the first thing to pop up when I googles painless suicide I felt that I should at Least click on it. I’m not looking for a way to end my life. Not really. But sometimes I think it to be so easy to just do it. But then I think of the same things you said in your post. Except for the part of the people that hurt me would be happy. That I do not believe. But either way the ones that care like my kids is a different story. So thank you for letting me read what I keep telling myself over and over again. Bless you

  235. I’m only 17 and have wanted to die since I was 7, fucked up? Being molested for 11 years is a hard thing to get over, especially when you have a father who has given you multiple concussions on accounts of abuse and happens daily, even more so when your mother is clinically insane and tells you of her regrets to having you and how you are pathetic and should die, I’m not lookin for anyone to convice me otherwise I just want a painless way to leave, and I assure you I have brilliant friends and an amazing girlfriend that I will regret leavin but in the end it’s all not worth the day to day anguish

  236. May pearl said:

    Clairvoyant..i assume that you have a beautiful life throughout.. If you put your self in my shoes then I am sure you won’t last a day but sucide as quickly as u can.

  237. Cody Barnes said:

    Hi my name is Cody,and I am suicidal…I really wanna read this book,but my parents hate me so bad that I can’t get no money,and I’m only 14 and don’t have a job….Can you mail me a book…It might change my mind about committing suicide… Thank you!!

  238. hey i am 24/f and i am tired of my life…, i have lots n lots of problems and life is being a complete mess .., i am sorry but my english is lil poor…, i dun wana live but on the other hand i think about my dad .., i dun want to give him any pain,, dun wana hurt him….,i am also afraaid of dying coz i think of life after death tht scares the hell out of me … as i think my soul will not be in peace if i’ll commit suicide .., this is the second reason tht is stopin me from commitin suicide…,i dun understand wht to do…, i just compare my life wid my ex-bf and wht i notice is there is a great difference between his and my life .., he betrayed me badly …i mean he was like when he was with me .., he always cheated on me and lied to me .., i realized it later after my breakup.., but at that time when we were togethr .., he showed me that he loved me alot and i used to trust him.., i had a blind faith in him … coz he manipulated my mind completely ..he never let me knw the reality.., he was just using me ..makin fun of me behind my back wid his frnds .., i din realized this before .. and its bin 4 yrs since my break up and how i lived these years was super difficult to explain.., i mean for the first 2 years i was swwking revenge .. but he is nt his home country,,. its nt possible for mr to reach him.., he is v rich now .. his life is changed.. but i never stop plotting revenge .. but later on when i saw my fathr is sufferin coz of my pain.. i quit everythin .., i tried to forget everything..,i started doin things tht makes my father happy but deep down somewhr that pain din stop .., but i was tryin .., nt for myself but for my dad and then again my luck let me down ..,i met wid an accident and my arm was broken .. and now its been six years i am tryin to do my graduation but i am nt able to do so… my education was the last hope for me to do somethin for my dad ,,but nw …i dun understand ,wht to do ..,,i cant even express myself properly ,, i am dyin each day and the thing tht is stopin me from commitin suicide is ;…the thought .., tht wht wud be the life after death??

  239. I wish there was just a button : “Suicide”
    Fuck my life !

  240. Voice from the future:

    It. does. not. get. any. better.

    I’d just like to say that I was suicidal at 25 and really tried this spiritual positive-thinking crap and “you’ll miss what is good”. Well it’s 20 years later and it’s ALL BULLSHIT. There is NOTHING BETTER down the line. Nothing. Anything good ends in dross and it is unremitting freaking torture every day. It just gets worse. And worse. Everything you did like a little bit dies or dissolves or so changes in context that it is unrecognizable.

    To put this in context, I’m from Kurt Cobain’s generation. Everyone was sad that he killed himself. They missed him. what a waste they said. That’s selfish. Well bullshit. He was brave and (except for poor Frances) he did. the. right. thing. But what good would he have been to her even if he were always in pain and suffering? I’m so so jealous. I wish I had had the strength to finish the task back then.

  241. Paibless sucide


  242. really people

  243. you really have alot to live for jut because u have hurt in your life doesnt mean death is an option just stop please its not worth it

  244. I don’t care I’m still going to commit suicide. I hate life. I just hate it. Had enough of everything, bye.

  245. Jared kirui said:

    Am getting sense,slowly and slowly

  246. i’ve read ur entire blog. . i’ve messed up in my academics. lately, i’m off d track. i m not bold enough to do anything. i just dunno 🙂 i feel lonely these days, i know if i can sit up now n prepare for next 2.5 months, i can be something. but i’m not finding any real urge for continuing my academics and i’m not even bold enough to quit it n do something for life. . looking out for ur help. .

  247. Yes all 🙂 Fuck my life babes
    Suicide is the best way for my life xD

    • This is just my stupid life ❤
      Parents da most 😦 whoever want oh gawd
      i just cant speak anymore ❤
      its da end of the world! 2012

  248. Jae Min Shin said:

    Well hello, My name is Jae Min Shin From BKK and I’ve been thinking suiciding about 3 and a half years ago. I’m 15 years old and I’m in High School. I’ll give you reasons WHY I really want to suicide and end my life right now.
    First of all, I’m Korean. As you all know, Koreans are smart(?) thats shit. even though im korean, i just hate being korean and hate cheering for korean teams, people or country. I just hate myself being Korean 😉 Second, I really want to live by myself. My FAMILTY especially, ALWAYS wanting me to do something and do something. I always have to follow what they have told meh. That’s just KOrean shit in my life. Why wont korean parents just let me go and let me do everything by myself? Look at others… Others have quite free time life and they have interesting life. Meh? well i suck -.- I just suck 😛 Third, well friends(?) I’ve got quite lots of friends at school right now and from my old school. They are all kind but I don’t really think so.. I’ve been calling “GAY” (in sexual meaning) for over 3 years now. And I have been ignoring and just smiling what they said. I was just stupid. I’m pretty shy. I suck at talking in English (well coz im korean) 🙂 this is just shit bro. I’ve been reading your ways of committing suicide 😛 and they were pretty nice ways for meh. But i think most of them suicide WITH pain. I want committing suicide WITHOUT any pain -.- Well, I chose 3 ways, which are jump infront of train (like BTS I got in Bangkok), DRUG, and hanging myself. I’m always thinking about my past and my present life. It’s very irritating. About 3 years ago(?) I’ve been always beaten by my parents like every single days. You know how much I really wanted to suicide 😛 And I had quite lots of accidents in my life but i never died.. (Heart operation when i was 2 years old, Breaking my arms, Bleeding from my head while riding BumperCars) and lots of other pains inside my heart) Is this called LUCKY? NO SHIT its just im having a bad life. Jesus (whoever shit that is) or GODS (whoever shit made us) are just giving me such an idiot life. I think i have the worst life ever 🙂 And its quite a nice time to suicide for Koreans right now.
    Well I finished explaining reasons. and now ill tell you my past.
    I’ve been trying lots of ways to commit suicide. For example, I turned on very hot water with closing all the doors in toilet. While showering, with hot water + high temperature, I was holding my neck very tightly to die, but i just cant, because I HAVE TO use my power to die and that wasnt very easy thing to do. Second, I went top of the building, and there is a path (like a bridge) and its quite nice to fall down from a building. I tried this way for about 4 times in my life, but i just cant jump it off. Also, when i was beaten up by my parents, i asked them to hit me more and harder so that i can die in pain? well thats just stupid thing i have ever said 🙂 I just want someone to kill me, kidnap me, shoot me in my brain or my eyes, heart, WHEREEVERRR IN MY BODY im fucking serious.
    The end of 2012 will be the end life for Jae Min Shin From Korea who are born on 1997, December 08th. I promise, I will die MAYBE before the end of 2012 or before i go to university. I’m just sharing every shit in my life. I dont care if this goes on internet or newspaper (well it wont be happened) but knowing shit about me is just knowing a shit 😀
    I’ll finish off here. Please give me better ways to commit suicide.. Thanks guyzzzzz I’m off 🙂
    Sorry for writing long.. I have more to say but i just summarized it as short as possible 🙂
    Thanks guyz I dont care

  249. loL.. superb article dude…:D:p

  250. Well hello, My name is Jae Min Shin From BKK and I’ve been thinking suiciding about 3 and a half years ago. I’m 15 years old and I’m in High School. I’ll give you reasons WHY I really want to suicide and end my life right now.
    First of all, I’m Korean. As you all know, Koreans are smart(?) thats shit. even though im korean, i just hate being korean and hate cheering for korean teams, people or country. I just hate myself being Korean Second, I really want to live by myself. My FAMILTY especially, ALWAYS wanting me to do something and do something. I always have to follow what they have told meh. That’s just KOrean shit in my life. Why wont korean parents just let me go and let me do everything by myself? Look at others… Others have quite free time life and they have interesting life. Meh? well i suck -.- I just suck Third, well friends(?) I’ve got quite lots of friends at school right now and from my old school. They are all kind but I don’t really think so.. I’ve been calling “GAY” (in sexual meaning) for over 3 years now. And I have been ignoring and just smiling what they said. I was just stupid. I’m pretty shy. I suck at talking in English (well coz im korean) this is just shit bro. I’ve been reading your ways of committing suicide and they were pretty nice ways for meh. But i think most of them suicide WITH pain. I want committing suicide WITHOUT any pain -.- Well, I chose 3 ways, which are jump infront of train (like BTS I got in Bangkok), DRUG, and hanging myself. I’m always thinking about my past and my present life. It’s very irritating. About 3 years ago(?) I’ve been always beaten by my parents like every single days. You know how much I really wanted to suicide And I had quite lots of accidents in my life but i never died.. (Heart operation when i was 2 years old, Breaking my arms, Bleeding from my head while riding BumperCars) and lots of other pains inside my heart) Is this called LUCKY? NO SHIT its just im having a bad life. Jesus (whoever shit that is) or GODS (whoever shit made us) are just giving me such an idiot life. I think i have the worst life ever And its quite a nice time to suicide for Koreans right now.
    Well I finished explaining reasons. and now ill tell you my past.
    I’ve been trying lots of ways to commit suicide. For example, I turned on very hot water with closing all the doors in toilet. While showering, with hot water + high temperature, I was holding my neck very tightly to die, but i just cant, because I HAVE TO use my power to die and that wasnt very easy thing to do. Second, I went top of the building, and there is a path (like a bridge) and its quite nice to fall down from a building. I tried this way for about 4 times in my life, but i just cant jump it off. Also, when i was beaten up by my parents, i asked them to hit me more and harder so that i can die in pain? well thats just stupid thing i have ever said I just want someone to kill me, kidnap me, shoot me in my brain or my eyes, heart, WHEREEVERRR IN MY BODY im fucking serious.
    The end of 2012 will be the end life for Jae Min Shin From Korea who are born on 1997, December 08th. I promise, I will die MAYBE before the end of 2012 or before i go to university. I’m just sharing every shit in my life. I dont care if this goes on internet or newspaper (well it wont be happened) but knowing shit about me is just knowing a shit
    I’ll finish off here. Please give me better ways to commit suicide.. Thanks guyzzzzz I’m off
    Sorry for writing long.. I have more to say but i just summarized it as short as possible
    Thanks guyz I dont care

  251. John Milton said:

    Fuck u

  252. Im going to commit suicide by eatin carabao poof, that will do. G0od bye miserable life. Fuck

  253. I don’t have a gun.. the only thing that I could use is a knife.. going to slit my wrist.. is that really painful? I don’t have much time left. I don’t want to do this but I have to… sigh…

  254. thank u
    but u cant change me

  255. Brock Noriega said:

    Having tried to commit suicide once before I say this is very accurate. I thought my method was foolproof and I would be dead within the hour. I woke up in the hospital and I ended up throwing up the pills that had been intended to kill me. I was going to try again until I read this. You put an interesting spin on suicide and have changed my view on it.

  256. Hi, im a succesful and a charismatic person. i succeed many things in life. bt i just wanna prove to the world that this is done by a genius. open the minds of everyone that anything can be done in this pretty world. in addition, there’s no life after death i believe. its just molecules of our little self. this city just lack of one thing. -a surprise.!!- im gonna storm into a hospital, shooting as many as i can before i shoot myself. im a doctor. i know a 50 calibre bullet will not just blown part of my brain, but the shock with such power would definitely tear every single pieces apart. im gonna do this. its gonna be cool. watch me people…!!! love ya all.. thanks and…tata..

  257. Hai i want die, but i dont want to get hurt i need a peacefull death,so i try to buy a sleeping pills but the pharmacy is not giving unless i have to show the doctor priscription so pls help me any other source to make a poison in my home

  258. Hi… my name is Katie. I am only 17 years old however I am considered to be older for the way I see and read things. Your blog and what you have written speaks truth but you haven’t mentioned how every single person in the entire world is important, how they are so special and have a purpose in life. Your all meant to be on this earth otherwise you wouldn’t of been here in the first place. I’m not religious, but I also have had a terrible past, were things have made me think about ending it once and for all, but when considering it, why? why would you put yourself and the people who love you through it? that’s selfish. I understand that some of you feel as if no one loves you, that no one cares. Im a stranger, but im writing this because I care. Don’t end your life for others, don’t end it because your feeling sorry for it… eventually your time will come, but thats not now. It’s definitely not now. Im an ordinary, plain 17 year old girl, and you will tell me I dont know anything about suicide or about feeling low, but I have…. but things do get better, they have to because surely it cant get any worse?

    Don’t let go of hope, have faith and be happy – what have you got to lose?

    • re-reading a few posts on here and it has actually made me quite angry, not at you but at how people are thinking. Your not alone, none of you are ever alone. There are thousands of people who feel the same way you do and there are thousands of people like myself who care about what you have to say and there are people out there who want to help… you guys just need to accept that help and allow them. Life isn’t a death wish, its a gift. Please treat it like a gift… 🙂

  259. I m fedup of my li3 just want a unbreakable sleep just a death

  260. I m suffering the tremendus pain in myself nd just want to get ride of ths suffering nd want a sleepy death

  261. I read the whole blog and I’m not feeling suicidal anymore. Though I still feel so stressed, misunderstood and so sad. I hate my family, my best friend stabbed me in the back my boyfriend is abusive. This life has seriously taken its tall on me.

  262. Thanks 🙂

  263. Hi my name is Aleisha I’m 15 years old and have suffered Depression for 12 years! I don’t really remember how it all started but I think it started from losing someone I loved very much! I get bullied 24/7 and have been punched in the face,head,back,arms from number of people! I thought suicide was my only option and I have tried killing myself 27 times been put in hospital for about a month. I can’t stand this feeling anymore I really want to end my life I am ready to let go and enter the next life. I have cut my wrists my legs my neck and have lost a lot of blood, but still haven’t gotten anymore but pain! Please tell me the best way to go without feeling the pain as I am going it…

    Thank you!

  264. Sadegh Hedayat, the Persian writer says: “No one simply makes up his mind to commit suicide. Suicide is only for certain people. It is in their nature and constitution and they cannot shirk it off.”
    I am a 20-year-old boy. I do agree with Sadegh’s idea, and one day will kill myself. I do not need any treatment, because there is nothing wrong with me. I want to tell you no one can convince me not to commit suicide.

  265. I really can not take it my debit problem everyday become worst and worst can not take it anymore…

  266. this sucks. I wanted a good way to die and this crap comes up saying how each method is bad.

  267. I wish I were dead. You are stupid for making light of this situation. The only reason your blog is being read is because of the title. You offer no solutions and are a blight on the world. Shooting yourself in the head is pretty damn effective and I’d like to hear about your personal experience that makes you advocate against this method. The world is over populated. If people want to die they should be able to absurd not be thwarted and antagonized by you.

  268. suffer pain said:

    Hey im a 16 year old guy and my life is not the best my fam dont love some times i think of going to a mentle hospitle and lock my self in there and never see them again i try sucide since i was 8 i been in the streets i did drugs i fight people to get my anger out idk what to do i just want to end life and live happy

  269. suffer pain said:

    Oh and i been raped i seen people die in front of my face today i tried to kill my brother but i couldnt so i tried to kill myself

  270. I had a bad day, really need to end my life to help my family. Felt this way on and off to years, tried my best to take care of my loved ones . I have lost all my $ and at 60 years old have not much Luck finding work. So deep I need to save my family with my life insurance. I do believe I would only be missed for a short time.

  271. I dont want 2 die. but i was flnp vry dfclt 2 lv i ws flng dt i ws chtng my prnts bcz dey wr prvdng evrthng 2 me bt i ws nt gng clg bcz i ws nt flng any intrst in my clg f i tel my prnt dy fl vry bad than what can i do? Plz gv any sgtn

  272. No 1 is der in d wrld who ht der chldrn, f u fl dat dey ht u dts a vry bd flng u r hvng wth ur prnt f dey ht u dy dnt grw u in der ams dy wr sclng u bcz dy wnt 2 c ur ftr wth ful f hvn, only d man scl u who lvs u nd who thnk abt u,

  273. I wsh 2 b ur frnd f u r intrstd txt me 2 my no.8880030193

  274. morgan hicks said:

    I really can’t take the pain. But I have to fight through it. For my dad if he lost me it would be over. I pray for it to end but I don’t want a new beginning…..please call or text me!! I need help!! (317)540-6994. :/

  275. ok..if not the aove ways then please let me know hte alternative ways ot commit sucide

  276. Hey…im sure you heard this all the time but…im a 15 year old boy whos life just goes in constant circles.I have been this way for years…can some please tell me how to end it.
    I dont have a gun,and I dont want to hang myself….if I were to choose it would be by the hands of another person…pleaae tell me how yo end it at rayrivera.rivera371 @gmail.com

  277. ok, i don’t know if you still pay attention to posts here or not. (last one was June 2012) it is the end of august 2012. anyway, my story. i fell in love with a beautiful girl when i was only 15. i ask her to dance and when she stood up and i looked into her beautiful brown eyes, i knew, at 15 years old, that i wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. it took her a little longer! but here we are 25 years later, against all odds, with every family member telling us we would never make it, still married. the problem is, she doesn’t have the passion for “us” like she used too? i have talked to her about it many times. she does’t really ever have an answer but states she will try harder. first off, either it is there or it isn’t, shouldn’t be any trying? i still find myself catching my breath when she walks in or feeling lonely at the fact of knowing she has to leave before she even goes? i just know i will miss her even before she leaves. things are not any better after all of our talks. i know this is a very small problem compared to some i have read here, and i have read them all, but i don’t think she loves me like she used to anymore. i know she still loves me but somehow it isn’t the same. our children are grown, except one 10 yr old. my oldest has given me two grandkids. all of whom i love with all my heart. but i live and breath for my brown eyed girl, and i have felt that way since i first met her. i am not interested in living without her. i have talked to therapists taken depression meds out the wazzoo, but nothing will change the fact that she has been my life and life has no meaning to me without her in it. so here i am at a suicide forum. i am hoping by recording videos for all my kids, and grandkids, that it may help them in some way. also one for my wife. i have set up a funeral plan and when it is payed off, 2 more months, i will be ready. i have arranged the sale of several things so she will have extra money. signed all the titles over to her, so she doesn’t that to worry about. i wish i could do more…….

  278. I fucked up. I totally just fucked up the last few months of my life. Ive delt with depression before I had a classic bullshit life growing up. Parents both drug addicts dad went away to prison mom commited suicide by over dose of insulin. Anyways i just fucked up lately my fiance left me when my dad passed away. Im 20 years old Ive known her for years. I dont remeber what it was like before her. Ive always had her. I use to be addicted to xanax and pain pills for a couple years and out with some bad ppl. She saved me and I saved her. I wake up in the middle of the night with panic attacks it gets so bad i yell and pull at myself fall to my knees. Shes all I ever had all I cared about and when my dad died she just started talking about how I been diffrent and left a few weeks later.She just came out and like a switch she didt love me anymore. I learned shes been talkin with this guy at her work she says she had this overwhelming feelin aound that timeI just lost my job i might not have a place to stay 2morow

  279. even took my cat. She took all the money out of our accounts.. I got a rifle and no place to go. I got nothing and absolutly no one close to me. I kinda stopped making any friends a long time ago i always get pulled into a bad crowd. Me and her only had each other. She was always distant from her family. I love her more then anything in the world. It just all ended she hit a switch one moment it was perfect and then she just runs off the next wit some guy. Didnt even give me any reasons no excuses just said its done and over. She fucked me over hard its just way over. She went to stay with her family 4,000 miles away. Im slipping back into using again. I caught myself playing with my rifle. Figure a 7.62×39 hp could do it clean thru. I dont really think id ever do it sober but when Im fucked up and crushed juust taking it out throwing one in the chamber and thinking it over its too easy.

  280. What if one believes in reincarnation and taking a chance that coming back living a better life and there just speeding up the process U

  281. someone no one special said:

    ive had to live with my mother beating the heck out of me as a child, i was bashed up every day i was at school for looking like a boy and wearing second hand clothes, and that i do not have a very good memory . my boy freind of 10 years of beating me warning to kill me,
    ive had to put up with a child that has a very bad attitude in life he is such a handful.
    ive had to live with the fact that my sons father killed him self from jumping off of a building.
    and i use to want my mothers love so bad but my father told me to my face that she hates me and she was sitting right next to me and that was when my nanna died so you tell me who would feel good about life and them selfs when all my life has been real crapy even my doctors do not care all they want is for me to see srinks that do not work or care not really and all they want is for me to pump drugs into me all day every day im so over life i dont really want to die but i want people to care about me and others around them and now a day no one cares and no one loves not really all people care is the all mighty dollar signes and u can not tell me other wise, im hanging on just but if things get much worse i will need to end it even tho i do love god but mu body does not love me i live with pain every day my stomack kills me and my bowels play up every day i have irratable bowel and my life is hell right now if there was some one that care and would help me like i neede help it would be different but no one nothing cares about me not even my 4 kids they have even told me to kill my self

  282. Life Matter said:

    For Those Who want 2 Suicide Just think about the hell and gods anger. because god made us so we can live work and obey what he says and pray for him not 2 end or lives.

    • Yes your right. thank you for that. i think about that alot actually. we are on this earth for a reason so lets make the most of it. i know it may be hard, and im not going through as much as i have read from others but i can tell you that i am not going through nothing. i have thought of suicide myself, alot infact. So thanks. that really brightened my day. well my night to be exact.

  283. Would jumping off of the itchen bridge work?

  284. Hi, it dont make any diff to me…. my heart still pain after reading your blog. I hv an unrsolve prob in life which i could swing it off… i feel life is difficult. The only thing make me uneasy to commit suiside is my daughther… i love her….

  285. rock prabu said:

    i want to death

  286. Hi,
    Im 24 years old mother of a 5 year old boy and too say the least life has been very painful.my father passed away when i was four and my mom always had a problem with showing how she felt i havent gottena single hug or a i love you in over ten years unless i forced it upon her. So i guess i reached out for love somewhere else found my sons father whom i have been with almost 7 years who pretty much at the beginning showed me he cared but then started the mental abuse always calling me names and has a real bad anger problem.then come too find out the last two years he has been cheating on me with my best friend, infact the only friend i have had in a long time where i opened up my feelings to her,my home and my life where she played a long as if she truley pcared out me.. Suicide has been on my mind lately i feel like no matter what i do in life nothing is the same anymore, its all staying up all night wondering if life is going to get any better,is this it for me, will i ever trust anything or anyone again.i have tried once before and i thought about it tonight then i realize if i wold leave this earth to finally get and ifpeace,i could nevera deal with the fact i left my son behind to face this world alone. I wanna thank you for this blog because honestly i might be afraid to do it but you could of saved my life one day.. Please i know life is hard this isnt even half of my problems !!! But sometimes you have to have hope and realizs some people in this world are not worth your time!!!!

  287. Touching but it’s not gonna stopped or 50% of the political like me

    • Tablet is pain in associated not gonna stop ppl like me about 50% is the amount you will actually save

  288. hi clairvoyant, i’m an eighteen boy from italy and i would be very interested to read that book because i’m feeling a completely failure in life, but i can not buy it because i don’t have a paypal or similars… if you want to waste some time sending me the book i will be happy of it!
    here’s my mail: savosaliola@hotmail.it (if there is an italian version of it, it might be easier to understanding for me)


  289. unlucky person, said:


    plz any one can solve my problem. i got married in love. the girl for whome i loved is not like how she was before marriage. she is totally changed i mean she not like that how is going behind after boy or mens. she is like totally like i dont know what to say. she dont like me talking to my brother,sister now even my mother.and in all ways she is having problems plz i cant even understand in which ways she is harassing me, & i just want to commit suicide. day by day im going mad by thinking of this matter and i dnt want to share my problems. so im unknow….

  290. I can tell you that after I started praying sincerely to God, things in life would be much easier. The more you do, the more reassurance you get. It is as if you get guided through all the difficulties.

    It also seems that all these things you holded on to. The things you thought life would be wortheless without it. My life would have simply ended when I lose your most beloved person on the earth.. It all seems so relative when you know God. You still love the person to a great extent, but you understand yourself and the world better. You know your life does not end, even when you have the greatest hardships your entire life. I wish everyone else the same patience and strength

  291. I can tell you that after I started praying sincerely to God, things in life would be much easier. The more you do, the more reassurance you get. It is as if you get guided through all the difficulties.
    It also seems that all these things you holded on to. The things you thought life would be wortheless without it. Your life would have simply ended when I lose your most beloved person on the earth.. It all seems so relative when you know God. You still love the person to a great extent, but you understand yourself and the world better. You know your life does not end, even when you have the greatest hardships your entire life. I wish everyone else the same patience and strength

  292. i have a best friend who killed herself with drug overdose and she was 17 about to be 18. and my life is no better. and now it’s 4 years since she died and i miss her so much. all the people in my life suck and things are only gonna get worse. i know you tried to create humor in your blog but i don’t find it funny and i’m considering some methods that will work. please don’t mock people who are struggling with this.


  293. Hi, I am 33, married and have 2 beautiful children.. we had a combined family. dad is a cancer patient, but on his own.. went through a surgery 10 months ago and he has comeback strong and very strong… so strong that he doesnt want me and my family to stay with him and my mom. my parents made me leave their house and are selling it apparently to fund my sisters’ life… and entire parting, despite me and my doctor wife being instrumental in getting my dad back his life, has been excruciatingly painful.. although its 6 months already, it still hurts that they had me out of their life. as a young adult whenever anyone asked me where do you live, i would say, in my dad’s house, and he can throw me out-jokingly. Alas it has come true… its not about the property or money.. no matter what and how i counselled them, even asking them to give away the entire property to my sister and stay with me in a leased accomodation or anything moved them… they kept blaming me for petty things which i did and which i did not….i am extremely depressed so is my wife.. both of us loved them very much, all through the last 9.5 years of my marriage, tried my best to keep them asa happy as i could and they were. but alas…….. we plan to kill us.. all four of us.. but dont know how???

  294. I am glad someone has taken the initiative to post a blog about this topic. I have taken the time to read the entire blog. I must admit I too have tried on many occasions to commit suicide and failed. I am not suicidal now, just merely stumbled across this site in my surfing. I sincerely wish most of you who are contemplating suicide, find a way, a friend, a family member or your inner voice to not go through with it.

    To take a look from outward-in, like a 3rd person perspective eliminating the emotional content attached to the circumstances of your life. You might discover that it may not be all that bad. And that sometimes things “just do happen for a reason”. I mean I’m living proof of that. Year after year, I try to meditate and reflect on my life, realizing that my life has been far from picture-perfect. Some others who look upon my life may even comment that I’ve lead a cursed life. If you believe in karma or buddhism, you might even say that I am atoning for my past life.

    That being said, there is no easy way to commit suicide and definitely no way to reverse it. I also felt sometimes that by my death it may affect hurt others or change the way others feel or percieve me. The truth of the matter is, after your death and funeral, life just goes on. It is the inevitable thing. If you ever watch a colon of ants for any length of time, you will understand what I mean. One ant may get lost, or die, and what happens to the rest of that colony? They continue on.

    In closing I want to extent to anyone that feels they need someone to talk to or just needs an ear or a friend, please hit me up on my email add: Daehahn2010@gmail.com

  295. Nobody wants to kil oneself,but situations r such,my mother committed suicide when I was1yr old n my life is messed up since then,I can’t do that coz my daughter is 4,bit for a women there is no home of her own,int case it’s my husband’s n my stepmom’s

  296. Lucky Mazibuko said:

    Pliz kindly send me the book to my email (in Office or PDF format). Thank you in advance.

  297. I wish I could live for ever worry free. But trust me. This world is evil with dangerous people. It will make you think weird and will perish your happiness in a matter of minutes or even seconds. But guess what! When such filthy people who irritate me are happy, why the hell should I commit suicide and make them more happier? I want to live my life to the fullest extent. I am learning to enjoy my sadness. In a way, being sad is good for it teaches me a lot of lessons. And last but not least. No one has the god damn right to kill themselves. So to all those filthy cowards who think of committing suicide, F U. Sorry to be harsh. But that is the only way to make you all realize how valuable your life is. So “Don’t worry! Be happy!”.

  298. i didnt even need to commit suicide you bored me to death

  299. You deal with years of chronic pain. Then see if dying doesn’t sound good.

  300. I think it’s a man’s right to end life. I was born with abnormally low IQ. Through my whole life i have been bullied continuously. I have to make excessive effort to make things what other people do with ease. A normal guy will never understand the pains of a mentally challenged man . There is no other way except suicide to escape those sufferings. I just lack courage, and that’s why I am still alive. Anyway, Mr. Clairvoyant, I wish your site will help those who still have hope.

  301. lauryn wells said:


  302. After reading made me realize the only way to be sure to do it ty goodbye

  303. hey evryone i just read each and every comment here, guess have lotsa time. obviously everyone came here finding a way to end th life. ok so heres the thing, i think of ending my life as well. U see evrything i do is wrong, th way i do things, the way i eat, my friendx, my choices ppl keep on telling me they are all wrong. i am 24, did great in school and college, i am a distinction holder and belong to a middle class family. i did alot for everyone u know, my love (thts wt he said and i belivd) needed money, i despite the fact tht dint hav alot managed for him and when i cudnt i even sold my blood twice for him. He is angry wd me becx we dint have sex th way he wanted me to have. lolx! my best friend saw a stupid movie and believd that what he and i share is not friendship but love, so i thought we knew echothr for like 7 years so hell gv it a try, turnd out he wants to keep physcl relation but also tells me to fucking move on!
    lolz and here the worst, i ended up in an office, after 2 months of fighting i surrendr. My so called boss said that he wants me to his CSP and once i agree all my financial probs will be solvd, my brothr and sister will go to a good school, my parntx wont be tensd and all this u knw, i had no choice… i am the eldest … i will nevr want my sister atleast to just hav the life and feelings that i went through. i dont my sis to end up in a room crying herself to sleep evrynyt… and yea GOD i tried to reach him, i tried to talk him into it but he just is i guess busy wd better stuff ….. i am just so tired now, acting normal, putting on a smile… u knw th hardest thing is to fight back th tears and th pain and pretnd u r happy.
    is pretending good? no i think its near hypocrcy. telling someone to fight and hope is easy u knw…. i bet if u were me for a sec or so, u will the same thought of ending ur life… and guess what i dont even wana do it painlessly, so i hv decided to just let it flow, now what worse cud possible ill be doomed, but then ill defntly ask GOD his plans. why evn bothr creating when HE cudnt take care and enuf time to ansr. I love GOD thts why i am angry wd him, i nevr wantd a reason to be angry wd HIM, but He provided me one.
    so here i am breathing but not living, moving but not smiling, waiting wd no hope ………
    this may sound stupid to ya all…. but trust me when u live evry word tht i wrote u might feel a bit of my pain ……
    ps i dint mention my childhood …. it was no good either…..trust me!

  304. Its been 13 months since i got in a relationship with a great guy. I fell in love with him because he said he loved me. It was so unexpected but i took a big chance and said yes to him. Then as time went on our relationship was the sweetest. He was the cutest guy ever to me and he truly made me feel loved. We had our fights but we would always come back to each other no matter what. No matter how far our fights went we would end up crawling back to each other. He left to university recently. Before he left he told me that i shouldn’t worry about us because him leaving will make him love me more. He made me believe in something thats unreal. It’s been 2 weeks since he left and we haven’t talked normally. We keep fighting and he hurts me badly. Im so scared right now. At home, my mother is giving me a hard time, all she ever does is scream at me. Sometimes i sit and think that it will get better as time goes on. I think we broke up, i mean he doesn’t even act as if he is interested in us being together. I keep crying, nothing changes. I call him, doesn’t pick up. I write to him, doesn’t reply. I am sad all day long. He is my happiness. Only he can make me happy but he doesn’t even care about me. I feel so useless. I have no idea what to do. All i know is that i can’t live knowing that we can’t be together. Our love is straight forward but all our surroundings make it hard for us to be together. I love him so much that i am going crazy. I don’t want to live like this, I can’t sit and wait for something to happen. I don’t want any other guy, i just don’t. He is all i need and he is what i can’t have. I just want to leave forever.

    • i can understand ur pain ,,,, happening to me ryt nw! whn i think of life wd any othr person ,,, i feel like m not gona betray him but myslf also … i can not love any1 else th way i love him!

    • Ms. Zarina, I am dating the guy you are talking about. So please commit suicide.

  305. i realy want to end my life.

  306. i still wanna die

  307. I have read this article and all the comments on it but it stil doesn’t do a difference to me. My life is a misery, like god punished my soul and put it in the wrong body. For some reason, i have started to write a journal about my life and how i’m going to end it. My anger is the main contribrution towards me thinking about suicide and it has reached it’s peak. My wish this year is to be my final year ( I’m 15 ). But i still feel i souldn’t do it. What should i do?

  308. But I very upset ?

  309. Hi i read ur article.itz pretty gud but sit i am sick n tired of dealing with things and i find ending my life to be the ultimate answere. I would really appreciate if you would most likely write few ways other than suggesting not to try the above ways.
    Thank you.

  310. If you want to put your life to an end, then, by all means, end your life. But you don’t have to kill yourself to do so!

  311. tikus_kecil said:

    Sir Clairvoyant…. May I call you Sir ? :)…Thank you for your blog, No, I don’t have any intention to kill myself :), I just blog-walking when I meet this amazing blog. Thank you for your dedication to help others, you are great 🙂 For others, when you have 1000 reasons to suicide, the world will offer you 10000 reason to live and smile :), c’mon don’t kill your self, you just too beautiful to leave this world 🙂

  312. What if i drink a lot of pills, when coverd with gasoline, near the railway, waiting for a train to pass and fire up my self, please notice that i’ll have some bullets in my pockets ??

    LOL … obviously just kidding, nice job bro, i hope u WILL help someone with this blog …

  313. im 15 years old, today its my birthday and i just dont wanna live anymore, i used to have friends, good student, soccer player, i used to be happy.
    but this year it has been the worst in my life, i been thinking in killmyself for 4 months its really dpressing what happened to me i dont know how but i feel like im alone and my ex makes fun of me.
    what can i do?? i been trying to fix all my problems but there’s always somethig that makes me end with this shit

  314. I want to die. I’m 15 and I fell inlove with a guy named Adam that convinced me that I could trust him 100%. I started sneaking out at night to see him more. Than one night we were smoking what I had thought was weed, it ended up being laced synthetic shit and made me pass out. I woke up with no clothes on and my entire body hurt. I started seeing flash backs almost, of Adam and some of his friends raping me from behind. I was upstairs and walked downstairs to find Adam and his friends sleeping peacefully in another bedroom. When they woke up they pretended nothing had happened. It was around noon and I was supposed to have been at school, so I asked if someone would walk me to school because I didn’t know how to get there. I’m from an entirely different state. When we left the house I had 40 dollars that I was saving to pay my phone bill because no one else is going to, my mother is an alcoholic and a crack whore that is currently trying to put me in jail for “trying to stab her” (Which I did not do) so right now I am on probation. And my dad is a broke pothead that lives with his mother and beats the shit out of me. Anyway, we got about 3 streets over and than they guys took my money and ditched me. I walked to the closest place I could find, it ended up being ‘Friendly’s. When I got there I sat at a booth and text my dad. He told me my grandma had kicked us both out and that we were both homeless because of me. I began to cry for the first time since my brother was murdered 4 years ago. Than I looked up and my sister was sitting in a booth infront of me. I walked over to her and just spilled my guts to her, told her everything that had happened. She said “Oh, that’s not very good. I’m sad for you.” I hadnt eatin since the day before but I just sat there and watched her eat. She than brought me to Laura’s, my dad’s ex girl friends house, and she told her everything. Laura called the police and I told them everything I knew, which wasn’t much. They said I was lieing but they brought me to the hospital anyway. After this I got dropped off at my sisters house and she told me about how this is all my fault. I knew she was right but her saying that just made me upset. Those guys began to text me, telling me how nasty I am. How much they hate me. How ugly I am. That I look like a dieing bird. They told me they were going to call the cops because they thought I gave them something… Now I am sitting at my sisters house, my dad, mom, and Laura have told me that they want nothing to do with me anymore. I’m homeless, I can’t even go to school, I’m in trouble with my probation officer, and I was raped and all of this is my fault. I hate myself, and I hate everyone else. I can’t stand living anymore and the second I find a way to kill myself without the risk of someone bringing me back to life, I will. I do not want to hurt anyone else anymore and I know that me living after trying to kill myself would only make the people in my life hate me more. I’ve ruined everything and this is the only way I can think of to make things better.

  315. I read your website. Its not because of people I’m contemplating suicide.

  316. people kill themselves because they fear life, but people who live fear death

  317. Fuck you man !! i thought this shit would help ! fuck you again and again u just wasted my fucking time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  318. i get so depressed i feel like i want to die its hard my family my they think its fake they say shake it off dad& husband dont belive in depression but i do know its selfish to kill myself& id probably be like you said the one that would live and end up with brain damage i dont know what to do anymore

  319. Hello im marcela. I am 13. Yes i know i am young, but i have too lost the reason to live. Half of me wants to live, the other wants to die. I dont feel like its getting better, infact my suicidal thoughts have been getting worse. But there is one thing i would like to know, how do you know if you have depression? I am seriously considering suicide, havent made plans yet, so hopefully someone will help me with this. thanks.

    • Oh and also i really liked your blog. It helps. So thanks.

      • One more thing. Whoever knows the answers to this, may reply. Please i feel worse. All i want to do is be alone, suicidal thoughts, always bored, cant concentrate in school, feel sad and scared all the time, and i sleep alot. i dont want to get up from bed in the morning because i know i will be wasting another day of my life. thats what i do every single day. i waste the hours closed up.in my room being scared and afraid of being a failure. i do not accept failure because i am the worst perfectionist you would ever talk to. HELP ME!!!!

      • you might have depression, which is comon in “perfectionist.” id would see a doctor.
        I, myself suffer from depression, bipolar, and mpd
        (multiple personality disorder)

      • yes i am pretty sure i do. And i am sorry to hear you suffer from these things. I am beginning to get help now. But suicide hasn’t been crossed off my list yet, but i am not having as many thoughts anymore……which is good. So thanks for your help. Hope you feel better soon.

  320. Im The One With Real Pain.. My Family Didnt Even Wish Me A Birth-Day.. And I Kept Reminding Them And They Just Kept Shooting Me Away.. The Person I Hate The Most About This Is My Mom.. She Knew It Was My Birth Day And She Just Looked At Me And Went To Work, I Wished Her Happy Birth Day Alot Of Times, But Does It Hurt You To Say Happy Birth Day To Your Only Son..? Is That So Hard..?

    • Well i guess you are. I havent had those things happen in life, well i havent yet experienced much of life, so i cant say i know what that much pain feels like, but im sure your mum loves you. She might be busy, although no one is busy enough to not say happy birthday….im guessing your not so close to your mum. Well anyway, i am not an expert, just a failure. its sure to get better soon, and thats all i can say being a 13 year old and all.

    • Im so sorry to hear that they treat yoi that way..

    • Sweetheart, after awhile, birthdays will matter less and less to you. You are young, and there is alot to live for. Dont do something stupid over something stupid.

  321. Once upon a time I wanted to kill myself too. And then I realized that I’m not a jackass. Everyones life sucks. That’s fucking life. Do yourself a favor and grow the fuck up. You really want to kill yourself? I suggest you ignore the author of this posts suggestions. Fuck the people who will care. Fuck the people who make you want to kill yourself. Fuck the molesters, fuck the abusive psychopaths, fuck the bad childhoods, the missed birthdays. Fuck the fucking F’s in school, so you are asian suck at math, who cares. Fuck people who care if you are too fat. Fuck people who care if you are too thin. Fuck people who call you gay, unless you are gay, in which case you can fuck them anyway if that’s what floats your boat. Fuck the maniacs. Fuck your fucked up self image. Fuck self esteem. Fuck the word fuck. And fuck all of you people who say that other people couldn’t possibly understand YOUR situation and YOUR reasons for wanting to die, and those that think they had it worst of everyone. Fuck you! Fuck my life too, I had a bad childhood. My parents were drunks, never there for the family. I raised myself, and my brother through years of fighting and despair. I watched my family fall apart, watched my parents try to kill themselves. I tried to kill myself numerous times growing up. I’ve spent the long nights with the gun at my temple trying to have the courage to JUST FUCKING DO IT. I’ve tried to let myself die, I’ve wanted so badly to swallow that entire bottle of pills. You know why it’s hard? Because every mother fucking fiber of your being is trying to tell you to stop being an asshole and get some motivation to better yourself, instead of more self destructive behaviour that feeds the cycle of self loathing. I’ve been through the shits just as deep or deeper than most of you have. I wont disparage the fact that there are a lot of people who have it waaaaaaaay worse than I did or will, too. But for the love of Pete step back and really really fucking think before you give up. You want to cry about how suicide isn’t weak, it’s strong? Fuck you it’s strong. Strong is dragging your sorry ass out of that mud. Strong is turning around and pulling your friend or family out with you. Strong is being the best mother-fucking person you can be, all the time. That’s why there isn’t many fucking good people out there – it’s not the easy way. Your parents are disappointed because you are failing in school? They must not love you? Fuck that. They wouldn’t fucking care if they didn’t love you in some way. And if they don’t? Fuck them anyway, you really don’t need them. Long story short people….Fuck off. If life gives you lemons, throw that shit away and go get yourself a bottle of Coke. Don’t like coke? Fuck you. Throw that shit away too and go do what’s right for you. Drop your baggage, nobody cares if you carry that shit or not. Run away. Make your own life. Be homeless for a while. Be hungry. Help a homeless person who is hungry. I get it, I’m sure a hundred people will come along and argue and tell me I don’t understand, I must be stupid, I’m a twat, and that they are going to kill themselves anyway, or as a result of my post. And of those hundred there might even be one person who does it, and I truly lament your loss. But fuck you too, dead person. Maybe you should waste less time googling “How to Pull The Trigger” and more time googling “How to be a better person” or “How to find help.” If you are in an abusive situation I URGE you to ask for help. Many times people feel that they can’t ask, it’s too embarassing, or they’ll be made fun of, or other such nonesense. For many people asking for help is something akin to pulling the trigger, jumping off the building, whatever your would-be death of choice would-be if you weren’t smart enough to google how to do it right. I hope someone finds a different perspective in my different perspective, and takes this opportunity to turn around and make themselves better instead of just using it as a stepping stone for their mope.

    • You seem to have alot of anger in you. Are you telling people to give up or to ask for help, i cant really tell.

    • So… do you still feel positive or angry enough to stay alive? I am not sure that I do. I want to make an end to everything, but without causing too much shit for my loved ones. They will understand why I do it, because this has been going on since May 2010, I just don’t want them to have to deal with a messy suicide. A good friend committed suicide in April 2010 by hanging himself. I am not sure I am brave enough to do that.

  322. I Screwed my life up cause of drugs being put down all the time even tho i tried my hardest to fill everyones satifications but nothing works im practically a slave to everyone i get beaten i get no love from those who call me family my friends all abandon me im all alone now in this world i agree with few of the comments i read humans who r at the top think little of us just slaves to do there will so they can sit at home n do nothing and watch us fall apart you all can think so little of me u can believe i done nothing to bring my self up i couldnt care i been abused for 21 years thats my entire life my dad is a strict person expects that i can be god literally he thinks by not teaching me i learn from my mistakes easier by not teaching me things of life how am i suppose to learn for whats out there basically when i was a kid he gave me games n said here play i thought at the time this is what it means to live but that is not the case in our house we had 5 people my dad my step mom my two sisters n me my sisters r more favored than i am they put me in a basement to live for my entire life it seems my sisters well ones gettin married shortly believe me im happy n the other is straight A college student then theres me the guy who cant hold a job cant cook his own meals cant do his own laundry cant do anything when i was in school i failed a lot cause my teachers wouldnt teach me thought of me as a nusiance to other students they wouldnt let me do anything join a team play sports think i ruined it the people who called me there friend used me everyday now i lose more n more to life see only thing i enjoy is sleeping why shouldnt anyone love to sleep its when ur away from the world just like games u focus in a game its like your there no one to bother you you are trying to get away from the world it doesnt help you go right back to it believe me i tried to commit suicide 7 times 3 times i almost succeeded but people wouldnt have it so sayin there job to keep u alive you get one they say i say let me go im one person you wont have to worry bout anymore i ordered a gun online should arrive tomorrow so i wanted everyone to hear what i have to say before i go and see whats on the other side of life that was my dream since i was 7 years old what is on the other side of death i mean everyone knows whats on this side horrifying pains and discomfort and people who think they are god over others when it comes to truth they are like you and me just another human who got better benefits then we did take our president for example hes got it all power money a family that loves em but only cares for himself help the people he says send us to a better world he says no hes killin us how do u lead a planet i think everyone should work together i think world is filled with greed you see youself with your job makin that money that piece of paper cmon now piece of paper is worth more than a couch a stick in your back yard thats what drives us to move on that piece of paper that we bring home and claim is ours pathetic has our race drivin so low for this paper you cant eat it maybe wipe your ass with it but thats all it truly good for and i know people argued with this before me that paper is hard to get ahold of like a diamond or ruby but is it really worth killin people over has anyone look to see what our world has come to what people have done before us they killed us they turned the world that is today they made this paper worth more then the value of life so basically people dieing all over the world and others saying is life meaningful i say no to minds of our gov they say paper is worth more then us we are broke broke of what paper jewls food no theres plenty of it they just dont want to say clouding our minds takin it for themselves to cherish your president your gov does not care for you they would rather have you die off n say ha thats another gone dnt got to feed that person i do not belive in god that is a human made object to get people to belive in something your pastor only says those things to make “money” get overself they aint there to see u happy they r there to see themselves happy so whats on the other side of death? no one knows cept the ones who have passed before us thats the one and only question before us no one will no til they experience themselves you ask well people die n come back to life i say they were just momentary knocked out the wind was knocked out of em for a while i talked to my grandma last year before she passed we was talkin bout this guy who had died for n hour n was brought back to life and he hated it i dont blame em he didnt get to experience death to the fullest and us who wanna live forever ha good luck death is our only option to freedom death solves all your problems death is way of life i dont know the easiest way of killin yourself but i do know that anyway you think of is a way good bye thank you for takin your time in reading this i wont care for your comments cause i wont be here to read them but take in what i said

    • Please dont give up wthot fighting for a little longer. You may not want to hear that, but if you do read this, please give it a few more days. Although we do not know you, we care for all human beings and dont want you taking your life. Things always get better, please dont give up…

  323. thanks for some good things on how to suicide myself. i just wanted to end my life because i always feel pain, sadness, and loneliness. and to the person i loved, i want to prove to you that i really love u and i can risk my life just for you. to my parents i hope you’ll understand what i feel because i cant take it anymore. and last to my friends, i hope you wont get angry at me, and just remember our happy moments. so this is the end of my life and i don’t care if i am too young to die. 🙂

    • Sam Mendoza, please wait! Prove to the person you love that you love them, by doing anything else apart from giving up your life. if you love her tell her, but dont pass on the pain them. if you kill yourself you will hurt them. im not trying to give you relationship advice, but please dont give up. Oh and also if you do see.this, are you from argentina or is that your last name.?

    • Hi Sam,

      I think Mishy is correct prove your seff why are thinking even to kill yourself for the person who really does not deserve you .

      If you will kill yourself nothing will change so better live your life & face the challanges of your life.

  324. damn ..now i have to forget about cutting wrist method >_< it is the only thing available for me ..my life is super suck & now I even can't suicide..I'm just stuck aint I?!!

  325. If you don’t want to live, nothing can make you. I just don’t see any reason to keep living. I don’t enjoy life any more. It probably would make me feel better to kill the person that brought about all the shit in my life, but I don’t know where to find her. I am depressed and anxious all the time. I drink too much, I smoke too much, I can’t believe in a god – tried for the last 24 years, doesn’t work. All I need, is a fool-proof way to make an end to everything. That is what I need, not some attempt at being witty about the subject.

  326. hi,THE EASIEST WAY TO FINISH UR SELF S TO INJECT A EMPTY SYRING MEAN INJUCT AIR INTO U VAIN U;LL GO LIKE AN HEART ATTAK guys guess even i wanna end my life and ill will but the thing s dat the person s telling hw much u’ll get while commetting suscide no hard feelings ..bcoz u trying to convence dem and im telling them the facts…..the thing s not how much u’ll feel pain while commetting suscide it s the pain u r going through bcoz even my entire life mean 28 years nevar even thought of it but once in u life time u got to decide is it worth living…don’t do it somy body else bcoz no body’s gonnaa give a damm abt u death,its al about u wheather u’ll be happy after u death dem go ahead don’t try to do it to prove it to some body who never gave a damm about when u were alive,u think they’ll give a damm once ur gone..!!!
    im not trying to fool around u its our life so we should take own decision..)
    der are so many reason n my life but im doin bcoz i want it not to prove somebody ya i knw ill hurt my family the most and my girl who still loves me and she’ll cry for me for a 2 days after dat she’l be happy wit her hubby.i don knw der s an second life after dis but i certany want to be better den dis life style…!
    me a very bad person i hurted many persons n my life and wat im going through s wat i deserve,only thing s dat while closing ur eye jus go smiling..!
    thats ur ultimate achievement..>>!!

  327. and 1 more thing i don y ppl are sharing these thots who wanna change der minds from committing suscide,guess dis s for the ppl who wants to end der life guess u ppl are just confused so try some thing like type in google “”wat i should do afetr i cancel my recent decision abt committing suscide “”…….!!
    me nt telling u are assholes im telling u ppl bcoz u want live u are just confused so don even bother to look at dis blog blog bcoz this s not for u ppl go achieve some thing else this s strictly for ppl who are loosers i mean who got nothing to loose only a waste worthless life which shud be be ended soon before it screw others..;)

  328. your no different then everyone else now because of your bull crap blog i am most definatly going to kill myself… you see the easiest way to do it is to give your self no choice in the matter that way you cant back out therefore i have programmed my robot the kill switch 9000 to secretly cut my throat from ear to ear and sever my head , deecapitation style in the next week at the random time of its choosing and need i remind you that this robot is indestructable it cant be stopped but just incase i get God like powers and do stop it i have higherd an alpha male hitman leaving him 5,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars in my will to see that i am destroyed… lets see obama-care fix this perdicament!!!!!!!!!!!! (this comment is for troll purposes only and in no chance am i goig to kill myself so please dont send men in white coats to my front door cuz its just a joke…. or is it o.O

  329. i dont have purpose in life any more , ppl hated me , i have no friends , no family,no relationship with anyone , i am alone , i’ve nothing left to lose but my self now , no one will remember me after im dead , there’s nothing left me in this world , there’s only 1 thing left for me to do

  330. Hi, my name is China, I am 15 years old. Ive been thinking about suicide for 4-5 years now, and have attempted to kill myself twice. I started haveing these suicidal thoughts when i moved in with my grandmother, just a little kid at the time. My mother and father had just split up, and both (on drugs with little to no money) left me and my little brother in her care. My grandmother owns a bar, and is an extremely heavy drinker. She would be gone drinking at her bar from early morning, when it opend, to late nights when it closed. My grandma is a violent drunk. When she came home, she would insist on fixing us dinner, even when i had already cooked. most times shed burn the food, or ferget and pass out in the living room. In the morning i got my brother up, and got him in the shower, and began to get ready for school. School was hell. I was new to the town, and knew no one, and in such a small town like this, no one wanted to know me. i was an outsider. My grandma introduced me to an older girl, in the 7th grade, and we became friends, but her friends did not approve of the overweight, short girl that i had been. So we only ever talked on the weekends. She had a friend who had developed a crush on me, and we started dateing. Durring the 6 months we were together, he beat me when he was angry, even if he wasnt angry with me. 12 at the time, i began to cut my wrists. And when he found my scars, he felt terrible. and he cut his wrist with my name, and cut my own with his. We stayed together for awhile, and he still beat me, till i moved back with my mother. The reason for this move was because my grandmother and i, had gotten into a fight. You see, everynight my grandma came home drunk, we would argue. usualy about my brother, or her drinking habit, and everynight, i would text my mom about it to vent. one night, she came home particularly angry, and we again, fought. She had heard that i had been telling my mom about our fights, and tried to take my phone from me, which i refused to let her do. So she hit me. we got into a boxing match, and i ended up laying ontop of my phone on my bed, clinging to the rails for life. She pulled me, and the rails of my bed, off. when she had finaly gotten my phone, she beat me, and my brother watched, and called my mom with the house phone. My mom picked me up, and we stayed in a hotel for a year, before my mom, again, ran out of money, and had to send me to my grandmas once more. when i came back, my ex boyfriend was gone, my councelor had drown, and my friend was in highschool. I was alone again, watching my baby brother, and defending us from the horrors of my grandmother. We still fought every night, and i still came out with a bruised arm, or a black eye. No one at school asked any questions. No one cared. that year, i met my girlfriend, Shea. we stayed togetehr for the entire school year, she treated my wounds, and kept me company. she kept me sane. We were the outcasts at our school, and polar opposites, all at once. she was tall, thin, with glasses, and short cute hair, i was large, and short, with long, dark hair. we were an odd couple and we werent the only ones who noticed. We got made fun of, beat up, and constantly were alone. One day, while i was home sick, some one beat her up afterschool, half to death. When i found out, i got in a brawl with them, and was suspended for a week. When i came back, i decided, I wasnt good for shea anymore, and left her. when i left her, people didnt hurt her any more, and began to have friends. while i sat alone at lunch. At the end of that school year, my grandma and i had gotten into many fights, and my mom had finaly gotten us a placer to stay,and i moved back with her. but, as a punishment for “always acting like a parent” she sent me to my grandmothers every other weekend. on one weekend, she came home extremely drunk, my grandma.\, and we got into a fight, she sent me outside, and treated me like a dog. and again, tried to take my phone. We got into another fist fight, and my grandma ended up smashing my phone, and tearing my left eye out of my head. in the foolish hope, that she would stay and examine my wounds, i stayed on the ground, screaming in pain, at the eye laying half in hand and half in my skull. She didnt stay. she instend, whent to fetch my brother, who was crying and screaming into a phone, trying to get ahold of my mom. i refused to let her hurt him, after spending my life protecting him everynight from her. i pushed my eye back in, and got up, and attacked, when my mom got there, i was knocked out, and my grandma was screaming at me, while she held my hair. I didnt go back, for almost a year. the week after my grandmas fight with me, my dad came to my house, and beat my mom with a car door, weho at the time, worked as a whore at the bunny ranch. He left giant welts, ad bruised, and permentantly damaged her leg. this made her out of work for months. the next week was my birhtday, which was spent with my mom and brother in our home alone. things started getting good. now 14, and just moved in with my mothers boyfriend, (who i love to death<3) we are happy, in a loft. i live in my room upstairs, wich lacks a wall into the living room. I still, wake up my borhter, and get him ready for school, and still find time to get ready myself. I failed the 8th grade, and am in a special program, that allows me to move on next semester to highschool, even tho im currently back in 8th grade. I go to sleep at 11-12 at night, because everyone stays up watching tv at the highest volume till them, and i cant sleep with the loud noises, and wake up 5:30 am, everyday, and am up for about sn hour before everyone else. my brother gets up at 6:30, and at 7:00 we walk to the bus stop. things seem good, but theyre not. i dont see my dad, because he abandoned me, and my family, my grandma, i still see every other weekend, but shes never home. My brother hates me, for reasons i dont undertsand, my mom ingores me, and i am, again, left with no friends. thought things are better, i still cant handle what i have. and im growing so tired, and so weak from haveing to fend for myself my whole life. I'll be driving soon, and then moving out. and if being on your own is as bad im told it is, i wont make it then.

    Thought i do beleive suicide is such a "permanent solution to a temorary problem" my problems… have not been so "temporary. and im finding it hard to keep going. I dont know what to do anymore, and it isnt fair. I still cut my wrists, and my legs, and i struggle with my weight. being only 5'3 and weighing more the 165lbs, im constantly trying to starve myself, and loose weight. nothing works, and i get made fun of alot. I just dont know what to do any more. and thought i have read your blog, and agree with everything said, please, dont feel like you've failed me, if i do off myself….

  331. Hey Guys i am fed up with my relation and hence have decided to commit suicide. The best way i think is to jump in front of the Train. Which will take hardly few seconds to finish my life.

    Rakesh D

    • sourabhi86@gmail.com said:

      I wud like to help him on ths.. Send hm my mail id

    • Hi rakesh,
      Why the hell you want to destroy your life for the person who does not deserve you .
      Your family who is important part of your life & your friends why are you punishing them for one person.I do not think that is fair.

      Do not run away from problems thinks once for your parents dude.

  332. I’m 17 years old.
    thought about commiting suicide because I feel really stupid, even though people keep on convincing me that I’m not.
    My IQ level is 100 and the problem is that many of my classmates (high school) are gifted children with IQ levels of 130+ while they thier social skills are better than mine is alot, for they have more friends and they’re alot more confident than I am.
    Another problem I have experienced is that my grades are not as high as the grades of the gifted children of my class, I never gave up on studying real hard, although I am depressed for about 4 months now, searching for hope at my free time only to fail finding hope and my will to commit suicide increases rapidy.
    I would like to mention that I do not smoke (never had) and I do face problems witch make you think that I’m bored and that I have nothing better to do in my life than writing this comment. Please try to understand- I have no hobbies, no tallent and no nothing. I lost hope because I wasted my time at childhood playing videogames and watching television, while the gifted children started playing musical instruments and were busy impoving themselves at childhood. So basicly to make the story short- I can tell you that I have wasted a critical time of my life, and I will no longer be a child, so I feel doomed and this is another reason my I have many suicidical thoughts right now.
    Can someone please respond to this comment, I will appreciate it very much,for reading this long and boring comment is no fun at all.

    • hello. I am not quite 17 yet, but i do know how you feel. I have the same thoughts. Also to be completely honest, my 1Q may not even be 70. Although i do believe that if you study hard then thats your best. Why dont you try focusing on yoruself, not on other peoples brains or scores. I have done that and as you can see it got me nowhere. I too wasted my childhood and am now left struggling to just pass the early years of highschool. Also school means almost everything to me (being as smart as everyone else and being successful), and i know you feel the same way. We all have our own talents, and thats what make us original. I know that you may think you have no talent, but even though i dont know you properly, i know that you do. You may not be good at everything, and that is somehting that we all have to face, but you do have a few areas in which you may be better than everyone else.
      Seeing i am younger than you, i hope you dont mind me doing my best to help you. This information has been repeated to me over and over again, and i am doing my best to get it though my head. I hope you feel better soon.

      • I would like to thank you for your comment, I truly admire you for helping me feel better.
        I would like to discuss a few more things with you as I forgot to mention a few things in my first comment.
        I have also experienced fears of health problems- I sat way too much time in frount of the computer and in frount of the television, and now I need glasses and I have develouped ADHD as a result of watching too much television at an early age. I fear of body growth problems, even though I’m not quite sure I’ve caused my body any damage watching television.
        I would like to mention this: a person who smokes for about a year and then stops smoking after the year, we can say that his body would probably go back to normal and he probably didn’t cause himself and damage within that year. But a person like me who used the computer and televition too much, has somewhat damaged his sight and now needs glasses for the rest of his life- this is a permanent damage unless you decide on risking your sight with an eye surgery.
        I clearly know that it’s not too late, and I’m trying to find useful ways to fix my problems and to improve myself, as I know that being 17 years old is still young, and I must hurry and fix things now before you can realy call it too late. Do you have any suggestions of how can I improve myself at my free time, and reduce the usage of the computer? I have to admite that I still tend to use the computer alot, so I’m telling you that I would like to get rid of this addiction once and for all and be the best I can be.

        Thank you,

      • I completely understand. I am addicted as much to the computer as you are. I am so glad that you have noticed this addiction and are serious on getting rid of it. That is fantastic. Well as i have heard everywhere, acknowledging and identifying your addiction is the first step in order to change it. So you are already making progress!!! Which is great! This is not something that will go away overnight but something you can do in order to start managing the addiction is to find a hobby. Keep yourself occupied for a certain amount of time. If you dont mind me asking, how long are you usually on the computer for? You can probably distract yourself for 10-30min at first with somehting else then go on the computer or watch tv. But slowly start increasing that time you spend away from the computer. It will never work if you suddenly go “cold turkey”, trust me i have tried it. It makes you feel worse. and makes you long for this addiction even more. You will get there. I know you can do it.
        I cannot really help you with the ADHD seeing i dont go through that, so sorry. However with the glasses, is it really that bad? If you have damaged your eyesight and need glasses for life, what the worst of it? It may not be as bad as you think. I mean there are so many people everywhere who have done the same, and need to wear glasses all the time. I only need glasses for reading, which may of been thanks to the tv and computer, but i dont think you should worry too much about it. It is normal. Why are you afraid of wearing full time glasses?

        Also thank you for sharing this, because you are not just helping yourself, but you are helping me as well.

      • Also its never too late. I mean as you said if a smoker has smoked not for a year but for a few, he may be an adult, and as they say on the smoking add, “Its never too late to quit”. But in your case it is definately “The earlier the better” right?

      • I would also like to mention another thing witch came in mind. There is this girl in my classroom who I like very much. Last year there was some guy answering a question that the teacher asked. I turned to see who it was and then I saw that girl smiling at me. That same lessoned had caused me so much joy. The problem is that she looks at me less over time, while she talks to two guys from my class from time to time. I feel even worse because not only she talks to other guys lately, but she is also a gifted girl and she get higher grades than I do while she prepares for exams less than I do.
        This makes me feel bad because that girl is beautiful, kind and very smart. She is highly organized and from what I understand, her parents think of her as an angel. But she is completely different from me: I’m not so smart, I don’t really help other while I sometimes think I don’t look good. I’m not as orginized as I wanted to be while my parents are fed up with me and they sometimes try to kick me out of the house. I hate my two sisters and I can stand my parents, as they always ask me to do chores while they don’t even care how much time do I spend in front of the computer and they don’t care about my grades, or anything!!! While that girl is probably quite pleased with her parents because they care about- they sent her to piano lessons, they were tough with her health by demanding her to eat healthy food. And me? My parents didn’t even think about the need to start learning a musical instrument, and they didn’t care about my health at all- they make cake which are loaded with sugar all the time.
        Get this: I love that girl very much and I can’t stand it when other guys talk to her, but on the other hand I’m jealos of her and I want to be gifted just like her, to know to play a musical instrument and to eat as healthy as she does.

        Could you please comment on what I wrote? I believe this benefits the both of us.

  333. Im Ansley and im seventeen.Ive been taking care of my disabled mother since I was ten with the help of my step mom and recently my dad.If I don’t make straight A’s my mom verbally beats the shit out of me,an my bio disabled mother has told me to get the fuck out of her house at least three times.My dad doesent seem to really care.From the time I was ten till I was thirteen I was brutally raped on a regular basis and have been diagnosed with PTSD.I have scars lining my back from were the man who raped me cut me.He also shot a girl infront of me and then raped me infront of the corpse in order to keep me silent.I have had seven unsuccessful suicide attempts since I was eleven.I am also gay,and live in Gallatin TN.If you hadent heard of it,then it means your not from here.I have been attacked twice for being gay.Im just about ready to cash in my chips and leave the casino.My life has been a living hell and how I made it this far I don’t know.But if im going to die at least want to help one person out.

    Listen dude,that girl who you think has the perfect life?she most likely thinks the same of yours.No kid WANTS to take piano lessons or eat healthy,it becomes a habit and they grow to love it.And its never to late to change your life.Start exercising,work towards a better life that you want.If you think something is wrong,change it if you can and if you cant move on.Your parents do love you,even if it is in a sick twisted kinda way.Just try not to be the same way with your kids.If you love her,and I mean LOVE her then talk to her.Become her friend.Get to know what her life is really like and im sure you will not be so jealous when you listen to what she has to complain about.I have a 200 IQ score on the old tests where 160 and above is genius,so let me tell you being smart SUCKS.More pressure is put on you then you can cope with because people think you can do everything.Listen,it WILL get better,trust me.You have to opportunity to live a normal,healthy life.Speaking from the group that cannot Don’t you dare freakin waste it or I will haunt your ass,it could be a hell of a lot worse.

    I know i sound slightly hypocritical,but with my diagnosis if I am even touched I have panic attacks to the point of heart problems,as well as flash backs.Im scarred horribly on my back.I CANT live any normal life or secure a job that has me going anywhere near people.I belong in an asylum but my parents cant pay for it.Dude,your going to be fine.

  334. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Life does get better. You just have to hang in there long enough to find out.

    • Hi Susan,
      who said that “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem Life does get better.”
      when you wont be there how life will be better dear, think what are you saying .

      Do not run away from problems .You are not the looser you are winner dear . Stay in this world & fight with your problems .

      take care.

  335. To me, a desire to find a pain free method of suicide shows a lack of commitment to the very idea of what you are trying to do. I’ve tried to commit “pain free” suicide three times in the past eighteen months and consequently failed each time. Unless you massively stroke out in your sleep or somehow come up with the perfect drug cocktail there is no such thing as a “pain free” death, at least none that anyone can prove. The larger idea here is that, considering the circumstances which have brought me to the point of suicide again and again, perhaps I deserve the pain, three-fold or more. A guaranteed, fool-proof, peaceful death by suicide is basically a myth, even with a massive drug over-dose. Three failed suicide attempts have certainly taught me that. My suicide attempts were, in so many ways, an attempt to punish myself for my very real or perceived sins and to punish myself as well for the pain and disappointment I have brought to my family and friends. So the only guarantee of success is to accept the pain as punishment for the circumstances that have brought me to the threshold of suicide in the first place. If I, or you, can accept, or at least disconnect yourself, from fear of the pain or possible failure in the attempt, you are 99% of the way there. This acceptance is a long road but much more easily and conclusively traveled than one might think.

    Unless you die trying to save the lives of others, or perhaps heroically on a battlefield, the idea of dying with dignity (especially through pain free death) is an elusive and absurd goal. Dying is rarely dignified but it certainly can be tragic, painful, unnecessary, accidental, criminal and, sadly, many times self-inflicted, necessary and unavoidable. I fall firmly in the final category. The necessity of self-inflicted death is, for me, a means of atonement, not escape. There is a ridiculous old adage that goes something like…”suicide is not about hurting the dead, it’s about punishing the living.” There is probably some element of truth to that, but it is hardly an empirical truth. If people can be hard wired from birth for varying types and degrees of mental illness, then they can certainly be born with the same propensity for suicide, especially as a consequence of that same mental illness. If suicide is, in some people (like myself), genetically pre-ordained, why then is attempting it criminalized in every state in the country? And if you have ever been involuntarily hospitalized for a suicide attempt, then you know how distasteful an experience that is and will make goddamn sure that you try to get it right the next time. And if you have tried once, you (and I) will almost certainly try again. That is a statistical and empirical truth.

    Society’s views towards suicide are never going to change. Decriminalizing suicide attempts and eliminating enforced compulsary hospitalization for trying or even considering it is never going to happen, either. Ever, ever. If you are not willing to accept the life-long societal prejudices and stigmas that accompany a suicide attempt, or even thinking or writing about it, then you shouldn’t go there. Find a different outlet for expressing or relieving your pain, a non-psychiatric one. Because if you say anything at all to a doctor, psychiatrist or mental health worker about suicide, then prepare yourself to be indefinitely hospitalized, institutionalized and/or incarcerated. And trust me, that really and truly sucks and rarely, if ever, solves the problems that brought you to the point of suicide in the first place.

  336. I agree with you bro but sometime life put u in such a position where it is very difficult to decide what u want to do… N body thinks of suicide, just like that…I was always against suicide but today I am in such a position where its very difficult for me to live anymore. I am just sharing my situation////do u have any remedy.. I am 29 years of age married last January after a relation of 10 years. we were very good friends, lovers. We had a quite good understanding but now she is loving another guy in her office. I had asked her, that if she feels comfortable with him and want to remarry I am ready to give divorce but she is going to stay with me and love that person as well and I have to accept her. I cant leave her because I love her more than myself and I cant stay with her because I want her soul not her body without soul. We are from a middle class Bengali family, its tough for my parents too to accept it. I cant die nor can I live………
    Do u have any solution my friend, please help me if u can.

    • Hi Surayu,
      Being into relationship for 10 years its very difficult to see that person with some one else .
      I think you are great person i have ever seen who says that she will stay with you after knowing that she does not love you any more. we cant control anyonce feeling but yes we can control ours at the same time.

      You said that you cant live without her.This is not possible you are making fool of yourself because i lost my dad still i am living my life . parents are best gift ever we got from god if we can stay without them so we can staty without any one .

      Tell her not to stay with you get separated totally .Destroy all her things which is making you disturb it is not easy but you have to move on . I know you can do it but before that try to talk to her if she wants to start life again a fresh start with you & tell her how much you love her but still if she wants to get separate so get separate totally without any contact with het start your life but do not give up at any cost.

      Let her enjoy her life & you enjoy your life any help let me know take care .Do not take any decision which will hurt her or you .

      Best of luck.

  337. its damn true am agree wid u my sweet bro ……………..

  338. you are a terrible person and a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!! why would you give someone advice on how to kill yourself. if you are going to give someone advice then give them some advice that will help then get over their problems.

  339. Hi everyone. My name is Renee and I am 12 yrs old. I am one of 5 children with 3 younger brothers and 1 older sister. My parents got divorced when I was 2 and they both got remarried to different people. I love my mum and dad but my step- dads a bastard and my step-mums a bitch. I don’t really get to see my dad much but my step dad is home more than mum because she works full time. Anyway, my life is shit. My parents always ignore me cuz they are too busy taking care of my brothers and my sister hates me. I have a maximum of 2 friends at school and my phone is my grandmas old brick. I get teased at school for being ‘poor’ and pushed around for being so skinny. They only say I’m poor cuz I don’t have an iPhone of any kind and I live in a rented house. And I am berry skinny but everyone now refers to me as ‘tiny anorexic bitch’. Just cuz I’m skinny, short and not the richest person on earth. My step-dad puts me at the bottom of his favorite family members list and he pushes me and throws me across the room. Once, I invited a friend over for the first time and the very first thing she saw my step-dad doing is pushing me and sending me flying down the hallway giving me a huge painful bruise on my hip. She went home straight away cuz her mum thought my step- dad wasn’t safe to be around. And the worst thing is my mum watches all this but she doesn’t ever give a shit!! My favourite person in the entire world is my dad but I never get to see him cuz he lives so far away. So this is my story and now you all know why I am looking up ways to kill myself and destroy all my pain and suffering.

  340. Ive been contemplating killing myself for a while now. My life has nothing to live for and never seems to get any better. All the things like love and that stuff seem like a big hoax. Life is pointless, we are all just living to die, and in my case my life sucks and there isnt anything enjoyable to keep my going. I dont no how im going to kill myself but im going to do so.

    • Hi Mark,

      For love you thinking to commit suicide hmmm good.
      Dear friend i know what you are going through i am going through with same issue but suicide is not the option . You are showing that you are weak & cant fight with anyone so i do not think you need to do anything like sucide.

      You are thinking to suicide for the person who does not care for you or you really deserve a good & nice person with lots of love..

      Do not destroy your life for any person .

      just make your self busy with work or what ever you want . you wont get time to think for any one.so think before taking any decision.

      Best of luck.

  341. I am agree with all of u .but i am unable to find any way to come out of this.even i don’t want to do die.but i left with no options

  342. Excuse the stupid twitter account by i need this for privacy. I am in my 50’s. In my mid 40’s I did a very small but stupid thing that resulted in a misdemeanor. After the event I sought help from a doctor who said I was bipolar and depressed, which had caused me to do a very uncharacteristic stupid thing. I was prescribed meds. Even due to disclosing this to my employer, they fired me. (never mind I had worked there and always had stellar reviews and excellent raises) I have spent all these years trying to get a job. Because of the “record” and also bad credit (i lost my house eventually due to no income), companies won’t hire me after their background check. I never married and have no kids. I had a long term relationship which broke up and I’m sure triggered my “event” (it was at the same time). In any case, I’m tired of existing. It’s not like I haven’t tried. I’ve even prayed for years for strength and help. Nothing’s worked. Just a few days ago my closest friend broke off our friendship. It was over a trivial matter but this person has “issues” too and we were kindred souls. It helped me to help them. They won’t reconcile with me believe me. I’m down to my last $20. I gave much of my money to my friend who is disabled and can’t work. Yes they get disability but it’s not enough to live on. I am the type of person to give food out of my mouth to help another, so I didn’t mind. But now, I’m alone. I have no money, no prospects of work due to background checks and my age and really no reason to go on. I feel like I’ve lived long enough. I had a good life at one time and was blessed. Now I’m already in hell. I see no way out and just want to kill myself. The feeling get stronger every day

  343. Well, I figure since the time is limited anyway, I might as well respond to these inquiries. I have attempted suicide many times, all at no avail, go figure, cant even do that right. But tonight, it will be done correctly. I started all the gas burners on my stove about 20 minutes ago, now I will write here until it is complete, that way no one can try to talk me out of it. In addition to this, I took 45 tylenol PM’s. Dont think I am serious? I have been married several times, have 3 kids that I never get to see, live in a city where I have no family or friends, and an ex wife that would probably be ecstatic to hear about it. This is my second go around with the ex’s and my children. Since I am Bipolar and physically ill, my ex’s have started procedures to remove my rights to my children which were the only reason I have to live. I am a very educated man, and I have seen most of the responses here are for people that can barely spell. I have a 145 IQ, 3 degrees in college, one more next August, and no feelings for a reason to live. I am married now to my best friends sister and she goes to bed every night without me because I am usually working on a paper for school. My sister committed suicide a year ago, and now I can see why she did. At first, I did not understand why she did what she did, and I hope that I will see her again. There is no way out, there never will be. If it is not life stomping me down with the health issues, the government fucking us no matter which way we turn, or just overall life in general, it seems as if there is no way to win. I am 34 years old and have no reason to go past this part. I recently started seeing a psychologist to help me deal with the bi-polar again and get back on my meds ,but it may have been too late. For those of you worried about my wife, she is asleep, I made sure to barricade the door to the bedroom so none of it will get to her, and she will see this in the morning unfortunately. It is just too bad things could not have gone another way. I loathe the idea of getting locked up in any type of mental institution, therefore, it was easier to delete my contact information so that I could not be traced. I know that on the internet it is possible regardless, but at least it will be tomorrow before it can be found. I didnt have the horrible upbringing that I have seen in some of the posts I have read, and I long to have my childhood back. I moved out of my parents house when I was 16 years old, started paying my own bills, living my life. Now I wish I had waited. I feel like I am at the end of my rope and have nothing else to hold on to. Personally, I do not believe in the almighty like many constituents, and when this is all over I imagine I will be cremated like I asked and spread over a golf course since I can no longer play. It amazes me that with all the precautions that are taken today to keep kids from committing suicide, it does not roll over into adulthood. 2 years ago I would have called anyone crazy if they wanted to end it because I was living the life I always wanted to. My health has failed me in the time since then, my wife has to work a job I hate to make things work and I get to feel like shit for her not being able to be the housewife I know she would rather be. Why is it that I cannot take it anymore? I am so tired anymore. I told the Psych that the book they read to learn about mental illness is a required learning in college and I can recite it forward and backward, it has no effect on my decisions because I cannot take anymore things. I have lost everything, my house, my brand new truck, my children, etc in the last year and I do not care to lose anything else. If the sun comes up tomorrow, I will find a different way. Those of you that are in your early and late teens talking about life problems, just give it a bit, it does get worse. I went from making 70K dollars a year last year to making 0 dollars a year this year. Dr’s do not care about your treatment unless you can pay them, and family is only as strong as you left it. There is no compassion today, only who can make you the most money in the least amount of time. I am done working for “the man” and when i go, my wife will be taken care of with my life insurance, guess thats what matters to most women today anyway. Good luck to you all. If it works out for you, great, if not, do not let someone else talk you out of your decisions. We are not required to live, only to pay for living. Not me.

  344. I have been suffering from the time i was born. i am 27 now. i had thought with time the pain would eventually numb away.

    but today’s pain = pain of every day times 9855. ( 9855= 27*365)

    my life is like a slave in bdsm play being tied with no scope of escape and the many masters using me as they want. i have to obey because i have lost self esteem as a result of the constant bombardment.

    it is a situation of learned helplessness and people say one can come out of this. but, the moment i try, there is already another shot at me taking away my focus from recovery.

    >95% of my soul is bruised and i am in soul-sepsis with the optimism-ventilator trying to keep my breath. but alas! another multi drug resistant bug has infected me now. the optimism-ventilator is not enough anymore. The life-saving-doctors-optimists still hope. yes, the soul will be alive for god-knows-how-soon but hope should be maintained.

    then, there is justice. the body of the already-dead-soul-on-hope-ventilator is no more alive.hope pills failed.

    Dear Clairvoyant, Mr Pritish Sirkar, or whoever you are, just answer this question for me. Do you know what a labor pain is like? No. Because, you are a man and you won’t give birth ever to feel the pain. How, then, can you understand the pain of the soul-in-the-verge-of-decay ? you can’t, unless you go through it.

    Its time for my departure. i am happy that i will be making the one who will be happier from my loss. thus, there is joy in dying.

    – ‘the-doc-who-wanted-to-train-in-uk-or-us-to-be-a-better-doc-but-who-could-not-because-of-thanks-to-the-family’

  345. oops! before, i die, i want to make a small correction in my signature in my post right above. please read it as – “the-doc-who-wanted-to-train-in-uk-or-us-to-be-a-better-doc-but-who-could-not-because-of-thanks-to-the-parents”

    • I am only 11 but i feel there is no meaning to my life. I want to save someone elses life but mine. My family are blaming me for everything, yelling at me, making MY desions and i am sick of it they wont let me say anything without yelling at me. Just an example ” Morning of school just about to vomit your fine or got a broken foot, u always have a reason to get out of school!” They always think i am faking and say i will ve right without even knowing my pain. My sister has cronic vertege and she is only 15 and my brother has a disability and my mum is going through depresion and and i have no friends what have i done to upset any one? i might dis obey and not do what i am told but most nights i am cooking dinner or i am cleaning the house and if it is not perfect i will get yelled at because i did not do a good job because my sister did not help me. I have thought about killing myself but i thought i was not thinking straight. Please help me anyone!

  346. Hi, I am 12, 13 next year and I absolutely HATE my life. Ever since my parents split, my mum has been the biggest bitch. She’s nice to my younger sibling, but when it comes to me she cracks it and heaps more. I cry everyday and hope that school will last longer, so I won’t have to go home. I’m just sick of everything, I want to run away and die in a hole!

  347. I really really want to kill myself! I hate living in this world!! I am 13 years old. My school kept giving me problems and stress. I really want to die and go to heaven! When I told my mum that, she said that I must not die as I need to repay her when I grow up. I HATE MY LIFE. HELP ME

    • Tell me, what problems do you experience at school? I would like to help you, so please give me some more information about your problems and why do you want to end your life so badly.

  348. i think im just gonna go do it anyway

  349. I dont know what to say to help. Ive been there and its shit i know. Im 28 and have suffered from depression my whole life. I tried to commit suicide when i was younger and sometimes i wish it had worked other times im so glad it didnt. I have my ups and my downs but life is deffinately better now i am in charge. There is a lot of help out there for you. I call my depression frustation because i am frustated that i feel the way i do when i can see how amazing the world is. I use it as a time to reflect and to motivate me to make positive changes to a happier life. To the younger readers i will say, bare with it, your hormones are wild and it wont always be as bad. Also when you’re older you can have more say in what you want to do and how you choose to live. To the older and possibly the younger…. if you take drugs STOP. I had convinced myself they were ok and if anything ‘helped’ me. What a crock of shit. Ive probably had the 2 hardest years of mylife circumstance wise but ive achieved so much because i look after myself by stoppping drinking and taking drugs. I fight the fear and the feeling of worthlessness everyday, it causes me anxiety like you wouldnt believe but im moving forward and achieving things i never thought possible. Its hard but you can make the changes you want, you can work towards the life you want. Its hard and i think if you’re the type to be depressed you always will be but it becomes different and bareable and sometimes even laughable once you become open and find your friends feel the same.

    I reccommend a book for you all to read, its called ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne.

  350. my names Austin, i’m 14. when i was 7 my mom died in my arms. recently my dad has started beating me. already started cutting myself, just cant find a gun to use.

  351. Austin you might want to just talk to someone about your dad. That is relatively easy to stop. As for cutting yourself I can’t really say much as I have done it myself. Just don’t cut to deep and take care it doesn’t get infected. As for finding a gun – give stopping your dad from beating you a chance and I know this is going to sound stupid especially coming from me. Being 14 sucks between 13 and 18 is a time when your emotions are not really your own and you tend to swing from being happy to being depressed. If it continues past 18 go to a doctor, try what meds you can for it. If all of that doesn’t work. Then it might be time to consider finding a gun. I am not saying that you should not find one just wait a bit before you do.

  352. Before I suicide I’ll kill every person that I hate to make my death even more interesting or I’ll try to be a famous robber or a criminal and after I feel that the police will catch me I’ll suicide 😀

  353. i don’t care.
    tonight i’m gonna eat a lot of pills and cut my veins

  354. I have read some of the answers and comments to this… I have to say that some people are not taking other people’s comments seriously, saying die fucking bitch to someone who MAY be suicidal is not helpful. I am often suicidal, I have bipolar disorder and there is not many days go by that I do not think of it. Remember when you are ill enough to want to commit suicide, it really just may take one person to say either the wrong thing or the right thing… so be careful what you say please…. (not talking tothe original poster as he seems to have the knowldge and some humour)

  355. Hello again people.
    I have experienced a new problem, and it’s been harder than ever, so please help me if possible.
    As I said before, my IQ level is 100, average. I am deeply concerned about it, as I always thought of myself as a smart person who studies very hard at school and who gets good grades in return. The problem it that those gifted children of my class are a lot happier than I am and optimistic than I am, they only study about one or two days before exams and they always manage to get higher grades than I do. The thing is that I can’t change the level of my IQ, and it will never change by it self. As a result of those concerns of mine, many suicidal thought come and very few go. I weep on regular basis as a result of my average IQ level, and as I cry my suicidal thoughts increase and it seems those days that jumping out of the window seems to be a good idea. I read an article in Wikipedia and believe it or not: Wikipedia has actually mad a correlation of IQ level to success in life. The higher IQ level you have the more chance you will be very successful in life, and thinking about it that I only have an IQ level of 100, that’s extremely depressing, don’t you think?
    Once I have noticed that jumping out of the window is a clever solution to my problem, I started writing in this forum, as I am searching for suggestions and for hope from other depressed users, and I’ll be more than happy to help them as well.
    Alongside, I have damaged my eyes during those years (I am 17 now and 18 in May). The damage was quite bad and effective, and now I have to go to the eye doctor for regular checkups, as if I’m an elder person who’s quality of senses is decreasing rapidly.

    Can anybody suggest me what do to in order to get back my motivation I have lost? I would appreciate it very much; and I would like you to emphasize the problem of the IQ level in your comments, I feel like it;s more important than my eye problem.

    Thank you very much,

    • bayoumihisham@gmail.com said:

      I experienced the same thing regarding my IQ. I am really dumb but the thing is first of all success is something perceptional, you may regard someone as successful but he himself thinks he’s a loser ! . 2nd of all the more important, is knowing yourself, I mean are we our thoughts ?, that is really interesting aspect to know about. I would recommend watching ‘Krishnamurti’ on youtube
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    • Ok to start out with Wikipedia is user generated content. Meaning pretty much anyone can write anything that they like. There is a correlation between high IQ but it is not really with success it is with insanity. Most people with very high IQs suffer from depression and other mental illnesses. As far as how high your IQ tests I would not be too worried about it because the tests are usually wrong or geared to a specific type of intelligence. There are many different ways one can be intelligent and only testing one or two of them does not give an accurate picture of who you are and how smart you are. You can also be educated and not intelligent but it does not sound like that is the case.

      As far as your eye problem. I taught visually impaired students who have had to make the decision to go to college. One of my students graduated with her masters degree two years ago. There are plenty of adaptive devices and a whole lot of adaptive technology. I myself use a screen reader out of laziness but most of my visually impaired students do that as well. A visually impaired person can be just as successful and productive as anyone else. I would start getting in touch with services for the blind now though so they can get things in place.

      I am depressive my IQ does test very high and I am still miserable. Mental illness does not have very much to do with IQ and as I said those tests do not accurately measure all forms of intelligence. Motivation is something that is hard to get back but you are doing the right thing by talking about it.

  356. Sorry I forgot to mention that yes you can change your IQ and your IQ will change on its own throughout your life. It is not a static number and should not be a label. A great place to start is Luminosity it uses games to help with processing, memory, and visual recognition.


  358. well that was a waist of time if im dead why would i care what people think of me

  359. I don’t care what anyone says. Obviously no one does care I don’t feel anything. I am a very loved person I just don’t see me being loved anymore. And I don’t really care about religious views I go to hell I go to hell at least I’m at peace. People have to realize this generation guaranteed most teenagers or like younger kids. then 17 have at least thought of suicide once. Its not like the 1960s where everyone just went about there day. It just doesn’t work like that anymore. People just don’t understand. Why should I try to make things better when I know they’re never going to change? Sure life is what you make it but that’s just bullshit. I’ve attempted suicide 32 times. And Lemme tell you I’ve tried a lot of ways bro. I have big time heart issues from the overdoses. But hey rather die now then later because we all have to face death at a point. And I’m not scared of it. Just leaving behind the people who love me would probably ruin there lives. There was a couple times I came so close you don’t even know. I went into a coma for a week. Dude my perspective overdosing is the right way to go you just got to find the right drug that would do it. I remember faintly the things in my coma. I’ve had one near death experience. You think that would stop me ? No it didn’t and it still doesn’t. The doctors told me they didn’t even know how I survived my last overdose last December to be exact December 14 2011 That was my last pretty much major overdose. They told me they couldn’t see me surviving that. So I truly know I have someone or something by my side watching over me. Guardian angel ;3 To be honest I don’t even know how I survived all those times. The point of an overdose is to kill you not relive your pain. But like I said no one will ever understand me.

  360. i want to commit suicide because people have used and used and abused me and now my future is gonna be fucked up why live in a world where once u got something going for yourself that some people make you feel bad and they always asking for money i always gave it to them and then i stole from my job. i was given a 100% horrible life from birth. i was adopted and abused, my adoptive mother thinks im a bad guy, i joined the national guard but that didnt work out with there being a second chance but i have no more money after next week so i wanna buy something that will just end it without me going to jail.

    • I know how you feel richard i have been used and abused all my life so to speak not so much from my parents but my husband then my ex husband and now my ex boyfriend and to be honest i really dont know why i think i try to hard maybe i give them everything , i take of them when they are sick ,cook and clean buy them things you name it i do it, i feel like a damn fool i really do and im old enough to know better and in the medical field and this is not right i think of ways all the time to die sure i have been on antidepressants i had a nervous break down about 4 yrs ago i wanted to die i tried my best . but i guess it didnt work im here writing you i hope things get better for you i really do as i do for myself.. If anything you have a new friend on here,

  361. The people that hurt me don’t really matter anymore; why should they? I don’t. My ending it all wouldn’t necessarily be to hurt those who hurt me, but a means to stop them from hurting me over and over and over again. I can’t take being hurt repeatedly by people who claim they love and appreciate me; God put others on this earth to help one another, and no matter how good a steward I am toward to others, I just keep getting the shortest straw; I feel there is no straw left to grab. I cannot even cry – it takes the energy I just don’t have anymore. People need to stop the hypocrisy and mean what they say and show it. God created me equal to everyone else, so why am just a…well, I don’t know what I am – obviously not much!

    • I can’t do it – I do have other friends who need me. Suicide is NOT the answer! God Loves us ALL!

    • I understand a little of what your saying i just honestly think im a good person and i want to help everyone ,, but why cant i help myself why i dont get it, i go beyond the call of friendship and still get used and treated like shit, this is why i think its better to leave this world of hate and scammers i love my kids and my 2 grandchildren but i dont even get to see them as much why i dont know i raised my kids all alone no help, no food stamps or wic, NOTHING and i get walkled on all the time..i really do and i believe in god and everything that is true but i have to ask why would he let someone treat me the way my ex has treated me i truly dont deserve it, and it hurts everyday ,,,

      • I feel what you’re saying. I feel the same way from people at my church; I love them, and I believe, to some degree, they love me too. But, I way too often, fall through the cracks; I feel like a body, or a filler, to do the jobs nobody else wants and do them well – I recently became a new Sunday School teacher for the first time in my 40+ years (and I’m getting feedback that I’m doing it well), a Youth Leader, Volunteer driver (doing Sunday pick-ups/take-homes), community visitation, volunteer through the entire Christmas season, and more. But do I get respected? No. I’ve done favors for my Pastors and other leaders, but when I’m so busy that I need the favor returned just once I don’t matter. I feel like, “Brian’s doing what we want/need, who care what he wants!” I feel hurt and so much pain and eventually I let it out to those who hurt me; then I started getting the favors returned ALL the time and invitations to games/dinner through pity. My philosophy is if my hurt/pain guilted you into offering these things, then they mean nothing. I ALWAYS do things from my heart without them asking, but for 7 weeks of the holiday season, I got nothing until I complained. All I ever heard was, “Brian, can you do this?…Brian, can you go (t)here?” Now I left my Pastor a note about how I feel, and now she won’t reply to my texts. Ignored – been getting it for almost 2 straight months now. But a midst all this hurt/pain, I decided I am worth it, I have others who need me, and God wants me to be a teacher, leader, volunteer, and I am going to continue it to the best of my ability. If no one else recognizes it, God DOES, and waiting patiently in Faith, I will reap His rewards. Sure, I wanna cry right now, and maybe that’ll help, but I still need to forge on. I DO have a purpose! God wants to use me. I may just have the right thing to say/do for someone in more need than me, and I can’t do that if I’m gone.

  362. Guys
    i dont have that much intention to live.Behs the people r thinking about themself alone even we would care about them.i cant find such kind of true heart to serve and take care of others life.it s a painful life without loving each other.Most reason for this happen in this society people has been changed in that mindset which wil be affected r created by corporate body rules partially way.kindly give ur concentration to love each other.

    • Hi John: I understand when you say, “it s a painful life without loving each other”. I have quite a few people that say they do in their own ways, but it later proves to be just words; they don’t come through with the actions. But, one thing I can guarantee you, is that God IS real and He is everywhere – with me and with YOU! If you haven’t accepted His son Jesus as you personal Savior, please do – even through my darkest times (everything I said above, plus the death of both of my parents and my wife), I DID get through it eventually. Yes, it was hard – but things worth fighting for are often hard to do. You ARE worth fighting for – so FIGHT! God DOES love YOU and so do I!!!

      • bayoumihisham@gmail.com said:

        I’ve been really depressed and missing out life, then I started taking Prozac, makes you think really clear again, therefore you feel happy and dependant cause after all what depression does it makes negative thought wear your energy out leaving you feeling worthless and not even wanting to try anything.

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      • Ask your Doctor if you can take Cymbalta. I took Prozac for many years, and it just stopped working. Cymbalta has worked very well for me in just a couple weeks.

    • Your so very right John but in todays world there is so much hate nobody loves anybody anymore they dont you can be the best person in life and do so much for others and all they do is walk over you as myself i have let that happen so many times in my life im to the point im sick of it. It hurts to hate someone i thought i never would hate someone the way i do my ex but i do with all my heart for how he has treated me and now because im sick he treats me out of guilt maybe its all fake it makes me feel like shit !!! To know I did everything for him and he has done nothing for me. I tell myself he isnt worth it and he isnt im not trying to take my life because of him i want to take it because im ashamed of myself for letting myself be treated like this and then he goes and tells everyone im crazy so not true im a very private person i truly am i dont even talk to the neighbors. for what thye are his junkie friends but im looked at each day like a piece of shit. maybe i am i dont know but to wake up everyday and feel the way i do its horriable.

  363. I have been so depressed here lately that i just want it to end im tierd of being sick , i had a boyfriend for 3 years and when we moved to another state he went the other way, he lied cheated and god only knows what, im not all perfect either but i dont lie or cheat i feel like shit he has no respect for me and in his eyes he see no wrong i saw a text on his phone saying he still loves his ex wife. that stared it, then he does whatever his boss the town drunk tells him to do, i have found condoms in his pocket and of course they are not his yeah ok they were in your pocket in the washing machine we are no longer together but live together until i get a place so why does he have to lie to me anymore he says he isnt seeing anyone but he gets home from work showers changes then says he has to go to work again after telling me we are going to go get something to eat so i like a dumb ass wait on him, so an hour passes by and he is down with the nasty whores drinking and i go knock on the door to give him his keys they dont answer after the 4th knock but he says thats a lie oh well i give the drunk bitch his keys to give to him and is is sitting there in there dump smiling at me. i know he was having sex or getting a blow job something took too long to open that door, but he says im nuts then i catch him in a bar with a girl who he says is gay REALLY like WOW,, my point is if we are not together why does he feel he has to lie to me yes it does hurt because i love him i would have and did do anything for him for 3 years gave him whatever he wanted and he treats me like this he didnt have a job for 3 years, and now he got this ghetto job he throws me away like trash . If he dont care or love me then why does he treat me like this and why does he lie it would make it alot better to be honest, im to the point now i will never believe him ever again never no matter what it is i lost all faith and trust in him. he swears on his mother and his kids everything GOD he is not doing nothing it makes me sick i just want to die i feel ashamed and disrespected to no end he has talked so bad about
    me where we live to everyone telling them im crazy im a fat lazy bitch who dont do nothing i work hard everyday never miss work and im sick very sick now terminal sick and he talks trash about me his own co-worker has told me he is not honest what does that say, i know he is not worth dieing for but i just want to find a easy way out im depressed everyday , not happy , because i know he cheated on me and lies all the time, feeling sad and lonely i do all the time i just want out, no more pain and no more tears,

    • Your ex is obviously oblivious to how wonderful you are. He’s not worth the tears – so don’t let him win. God created you beautifully and you need to remember that. I KNOW how you feel, I REALLY do! But God does have a plan for all of us, if we are patient and have FAITH! I feel no purpose right now, and feel like shutting the entire world out and just rotting away at home – but I AM fighting it and you have to too. God doesn’t make mistakes, and He created you for a reason. Please allow Him to help you and find another purpose. I am waiting as well. I find volunteering at my church a great help. Remember, God Loves You and so do I!!!

      • Thank you bkb1965 , i just dont understand sometimes. i think its better talking to a stranger then someone i know because your friends and family tell you what you want to hear rather then the truth, i just want to move on we also live together which makes it very hard, i logged onto my computer just now and all these sex web sites started popping up i did ask him whu i dont know i knew he was going to lie about it, thats why i just think taking the easy way out is better then being here, i love your words they mean alot,

    • You are welcome my friend! ALWAYS remember you are worth it; love yourself for who you are, and eventually people will follow. You WILL find a significant other. Have Faith and Be Blessed!

    • I’m sorry to hear of your current situation. I know how being rejected and ignored feals. Eating, sleeping, focusing on tasks, etc… becomes a chore. My daughter’s mom and I broke up a while back (because of my drug use and lack of understanding of what love is), but now we are great friends now that I’m drug free for 5 years now. I feel like she is my only friend now that everyone I knew as a friend are still doing the same drugs and parties. I can’t go back to that. I know what you feel like when you know he is lying. I am the same way. I know my ex and I will not get back together, but when we lay down and she asks about my love life (wich is none since my crack head girlfriend) and she comes back and says she is not with anyone and hasn’t been with anyone for a while. It shouldn’t hurt but it hurts more than anything I ever feel knowing she is lying to me. I can read her like a book and she knows it. This brings out depression like no other. Well I don’t have anything to be happy about at the moment so I guess I’ll just wait and hope you will wait with me. I and I’m sure everyone who read your post will agree your man is a prik and dosn’t deserve you. It’s time to move on. I know what fealing you will go through when it is so-called over and yes it does go away. Sometimes the same fealing will return. I guess we just have to deal with it. Thanks writing what you did. If you need to share anything I’m here to listen.

      • Your welcome Mike and im here if you ever wanna talk. Im sure we are on different sides of the world but hey its better then nothing i feel like i should give myself i chance to heal but you know its not the rejection that hurts because deep down i dont have feelings for him anymore i never thought i could ever hate someone the way i do him because i truly was very good to him and he took me for grated and used me. And then went out to make him self look like good in others eyes and me like the DEVIL !! Why i ask myself what did i do . because i caught him in so many lies that he has no way of defending him self but to tell others lies. I dont know anymore i also know he is not worth dieing for but im just sick of the way people look at me my family my kids my friends thats a laugh i dont even talk to any of my friends anymore for what to be told im a fool , ETC , ETC, been there done that, Well i hope things work out for you i truly do. Im here for you if you need to talk i listen really good .

  364. God didn’t create shit, i appreciate your cynical way of addressing the situation. Thank you for the laugh. I needed it.

  365. When the stars will never be in your alignment and too old to re-coop your losses – best to cut the cord. It’s a dangerous place to be when you give up hope and feel if good times come your way, you’ll never see the light again. I was a victim (still an extreme victim that has brought attorneys to tears). I’m out of money now and no job. 25 days left on rent. The police detective actually testified against me and lied in court to protect the stalker as stalker resides in their jurisdiction and pays homeowner taxes. I tried to get TRO against stalker. Now, stalker never leaves me alone and it’s brutal and nothing I can do about it. I can’t even report it to police as they don’t want to hear and get mad at me for reporting it. Stalker just knows how to play a victim and extreme psychopathy. I won’t live the rest of my life a victim to a female stalker that grew up poor and loves Ted Bundy as her idol. I’m NOT gay. I can’t even fight back due to her (now) police detective protection. What ever you do in life, DO NOT move to Irvine, CA. It’s not a place for good hearted people. We call Orange County, CA “mafia-ville”. Judges are a joke. Good people have left. Just not a good place for people who want to live an honest and have a nice life. Too many con’s have moved here and who were raised by bad people. They only know how to get by in life by bullying and abusing and ripping off the system. They are so jealous of people who had a nice life and talk nice, they will destroy any goodness you have to make themselves feel superior and just laugh at destroying others. Then, the police will protect them because they have experience (all their lives) lying to get by in life – “professional liars.” Sure, the detective who testified against me and caused me more harm had a crappy child hood and hates anyone who had an nice child hood. People told me what’s going on was “white discrimination.”

  366. I’m 15 years old and I’ve been contemplating committing suicide mainly because practically all my life I’ve been alone I’ve had no friends no talents gotten bad grade in school and in general hated every new day because it’s been the exact same one as it’s previous I read this blog and almost every comment that it has it really hasn’t changed my opinion on the matter much but it has shown me that your blog has made a difference to a few people’s lives and I commend you for that accomplishment

    • bayoumihisham@gmail.com said:

      I’ve been having endless suicidal thoughts because I felt like I’m a loser at all fields, but then I went to a Doctor and he prescribed me Prozac. Things are so Fuckin awesome 🙂 I now have the energy and passion for life once again
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  367. By the way, nobody had suggested getting electrocuted as a way to commit suicide. I have an oppointment with a psychiatrist in two days and I need to commit suicide and die as soon as posssible, I’d do just about anything to die before the oppointment. So, is getting electrocuted a good idea? If so, where is the best place to get electrocuted, if I want to promise myself that it wll result in death, and I mean death only.



    Hello, I know I might not go through life changing events like most other people. So please, if you feel my life isn’t horrible at all, then tell me. I might just be an attention seeking kid but why not share it. I’m a 16 year old boy, I have no legs. I lost my legs due to a birth accident in which case the umbilical cord wrapped around my legs and caused them to deform. I want to tell you guys a few things. About my family, my life at school, and my life outside of school. So first lets start off with my family. I have a Dad, a Mom, a Step Dad (My parents are split), 1 Brother, and 2 sisters, my Brother is older then me, he’s 19. My older sister is 20 well my younger sister is 9. I have a very special girl in my life as well. I have decent grades in school, and I used to play basketball. (Yes with no legs), I’m part of an army cadet corp and I have quite a bit of friends. You’re probably wondering what part of my life sucks? Well lets start with my family. My Father, is an alcoholic, sober for quite a bit of years though, he puts AA (the group that helps him be sober) first, he would rather spend more time there then he would with us, he calls us his “Belly Button” Family and AA his Real family. He used to abuse my mother, my sister, and my brother. He has tried it on me, but much like my mother I fought back, since then he hasn’t touched me. He yells a lot though, and blames a lot of things on me, like a messy house when I haven’t been there in a solid month. He has called me the Anti Christ, a thief, a liar, a prick, a idiot, and overall a horrible son. He has lied to me constantly over little things he didn’t think I would catch on about. He rarely ever tells me the truth and he really isn’t a good father. He tries to act like he cares but he always puts his children last. Now for my mother. She’s different now, but when I was growing up with my sister she always had to work, she was a single mom till I was about 7. She never had time for me or my sister (My brother is a half brother.), she never really could talk to me or my sister, whenever we had nightmares or something we couldn’t talk to her. She was always at work. She had dreams of being a lawyer, but she had kids and then she couldn’t really follow through with them anymore. I think she blamed us for that, she would always yell and never try to fix things, she would never be there when I really needed anyone. And now she tries to be there for me but I’m so caught up that she wasn’t there for my childhood I kinda shut her out. So my brother, this is where it really really hurts. My brother was my idol, whenever I would go through struggles I would always compare myself to his greatness, he was my hero, I would always aspire to be just like him. I wouldn’t ever want to fail him. He was great. Until I learned the truth, when I was around 10 I learned my brother was doing drugs, I only learned of weed, but in the coming years I would learn it was more. He still does use, but that’s not the point. I never thought he would do something like that, I felt betrayed, that everything I wanted to be was a lie. So when he offered it too me when I was 11, I didn’t say no. I upset my Father, (Who like my brother, used to be my hero, till I figured out who he really was) My Mother, my Sister, and everyone I ever knew. I felt like a failure, and then I decided to become everything my brother wasn’t. I decided to be better. To this day, he still does weed, he has gotten into coke, he drinks all the time, and I basically get threatened every-time I see him that I’m going to get my ass kicked, or stabbed, or shot with pellet guns. Great hero, huh. So now my step dad, the only one who has not failed me since day 1. He came into my life around 7, I was fatherless and so far motherless, I had my older brother who I didn’t really see, and a sister who blamed everything in her life on me. But he came in my life, and gave me one thing I always needed, a father. I may not call him Dad, but that’s what he will always be. My Father. There isn’t much I can say about him, he always treated me like a man, never a child, never a boy, always a man. He is never un-fair and always fun. So I’m not going to spend too much time on him. I’m going to skip right to my sister, my older one. During our childhood, she never liked me. Always hated me, I kept her from being with her friends, she would always have to look after me well our Mom was at work, and that’s not really what she wanted at the time. She wanted to be a kid, but with Mom at work and my Father being where ever the fuck he was, she had to be a parent. She blamed it on me, she hated me, like everyone else, she didn’t want to care, only had to because I’m her brother. And now for my little sister, well, she’s 9. She wasn’t around during my childhood, but I really don’t like her. Not because of how she acts, not because of how she treats me. But because she has everything in her childhood I wanted, a family. And I dislike her so much for it, but I would always protect her, no matter what. Because I know one day I’m going to need her to be my family. That’s basically my family, so let us move on to school life. We will start with public school. If you met me right now, you would not believe a word I’m about to say, because my Public School life was WAY different then my high-school life. In Public school, I was that kid that always wanted to be popular, have friends, be the cool kid, athletic, talk to girls all the time, and everyone like me, I wasn’t. I was a total loser, I had maybe 4 friends, I talked to NO girls. I didn’t play sports until about grade 8 when I started playing basketball. I wasn’t good or anything, and in grade 8 I was still a total loser. But over the summer, I went to cadet camp, where I started to talk to girls, and play basketball. So when I came into high school, i was a great basketball player for a kid with no legs, and I could talk to girls, really well. I got pretty popular, I now have a lot of friends and they’re pretty cool. My life outside of school though, I’m pretty much a loner, I’m in cadets, but they act like they don’t need me. I play tons of video games, and I played a lot of basketball in the summer, till my best friend moved and now I have no one to play with. So that’s pretty boring. If you’re still reading then yay, if not then, well you won’t read this. Anyways before I sum this up I have one more person to talk about, and god is she ever perfect. Like before I will not list names just tell you about her. She’s beautiful, and I am completely inlove with her. She’s really nice to me, she doesn’t care that I have no legs, and she loves my personality. She knows every single dirty little secret I have to offer, and she still chooses to be with me. We’re kinda long distance, which sucks, but I don’t know what I would do with out her. I tell her everything. No holding back. So you’re probably wondering why I’m posting on a suicide page? There is one thing I’ve wanted, for so long, and yet I’m still waiting for people to do it. I can count on one hand how many people have showed me, and I can probably count the words on this post faster then the people who haven’t. I want someone to show me they care, someone to tell me how they feel, tell me their feelings, tell me how they feel about me, tell me they need me. I want to feel needed, and I want to feel loved. No one has shown me, and yet plenty of people tell me they care, tell me they will never leave, but they can’t show me they care because they don’t know how. Well the people that have shown me they care, have stayed, the people that tell me they care, well you can probably guess where they are, and if you need a hint I can tell you they’re not really my friend anymore. They left, and I like many others they showed no sign of caring either.
    Sorry if you feel this isn’t relevant, and sorry for bothering anyone. I just needed to let everything out. Thank you for reading.

    • TO theleglesskid: Thank you for your excellent written story. I would like to offer you some advice about people in life. I know for a fact that people come and go. Not because of you, however, due to their own situations. Life takes me in different directions often, even when I want to be around some people, I can’t find the time with my own problems. Or, sometimes I like to be alone to deal with problems. It has nothing to do with you. Times are tough for everyone now. Your hard times are much worst. However, MOST times they come back FULL CIRCLE. Meaning, they will come back around when the timing is right. I’ve learned that people can’t be there all the time for ever. They come, they go and they WILL COME BACK again. It’s not you. Sometimes I really enjoy peoples company and only have time to see them ever so often. Peoples lives take many directions and turns. Be patient and accept their schedules with your own and watch how they come back around several times in your life. In between, wish them well and they will be back. YOU ARE SUCH A FANTASTIC INTELLIGENT WRITER – I TRULY HOPE YOU FOCUS ON OBTAINING FUNDING FOR COLLEGE AND ‘WRITE ‘OR HELP ‘PHYSICALLY REHABILITATE’ OTHERS OR BE AN ‘ARCHITECT’ 🙂 WHAT EVER YOU DO – FOCUS ON A COLLEGE DEGREE TO MAKE AS MUCH MONEY AS YOU CAN IN THE FUTURE. EVEN A MASTERS DEGREE ! I’VE BEEN RECRUITING FOR 20+ YEARS AND BELIEVE YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO DO REALLY GREAT THINGS AND CHANGE THE WORLD FOR MILITARY VETS WHO NEED HELP TOO. PLEASE FOCUS ON OBTAINING FUNDING FOR A COLLEGE DEGREE AND DO THE WORLD WONDERS. After you star making a really nice income – you’ll have money to travel or do anything your heart desires. Money can buy happiness too, because it gives your freedom. You can build your own home someday with money and make it just how you want it. With money you can live anywhere in the world – travel, take a cruise around the world. But, all starts with a college degree. Make sure from a GOOD 4 year college. Companies do look at the colleges. You are very bright ! Use it for extraordinary things.

      Thank you again for your story. I’m passing it to Dr. Phil show. I have their direct eMail.

  369. well i figured i should say something about my situation while i’m here. I want to die because i’m angry and fed up with people and I’ve lost the will to live why because people don’t take me seriously any more, i speak and nobody listens or understands so i shall speak no more (and i know if i kill myself people will think even lower of me but hey their not the first people I’ve disappointed). I’ve also stopped caring about things, I feel this way when i’m not filled with complete rage, I don’t see the point in me living i mean i’m just one person what little difference do i make. To me life is a chore and boring work, and it feels like that so much that my lifestyle is going down the drain, sometimes i feel better about things, that i can continue the long journey of life but then i realize how i really feel and slink back into my anger. I’m planning to kill myself by ingesting a type of poison, Cyanide, Arsenic, Insecticide, Leaded paint maybe? don’t really really know don’t really care which one just so long as i die then that’s good enough for me. And yes i understand what i’m doing is cowardly and extremely selfish but i cant continue, I’ve just had enough. so i guess that’s it. Maybe i might find an excuse to keep on living…maybe

    • bayoumihisham@gmail.com said:

      Dude your just depressed and the mind is playing tricks on you with illusions in the form of negative thoughts, I’ve been there. Take some antidepressants and you’ll look back and see that you were deluded, that’s how I felt !!
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  370. I feel like giving up. My parents don’t really care , nor does my brother. I don’t think my friends really care either. Whatever I do is always wrong. I can never get someone to cherish the things i do and put effort into. I don’t think I have many options on escaping this type of disastrous life. Every time I and my brother get into an argument, its always me who gets yelled at and hit. My parents even thought of putting me into a school with a hostel and just leaving me there for holidays too. That shows how much the can understand me and the things im going through. I can’t stop wondering what to do…. My mind can’t really concentrate on the things that are really important now. I need some advice.

    • bayoumihisham@gmail.com said:

      The way I see it , depression is the control of negative thoughts to your mind, wearing your energy out and ending with suicidal thoughts. Please go to a doctor and start taking antidepressants like I did so you can think straight once again and have the energy to sort and solve your real problems
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  371. Is complaining about IQ really something unnessisary and unusual? I read all sorts of stories of your comments but I only find stories having to do with loosing loved ones and loosing body organs etc’. WHY ISN’T ANYONE CONCERNED ABOUT IQ LEVEL?!?!?!?!

    • Well, My IQ is really low and made life much harder. See, I didn’t get a college degree and see that people with one are making much more money, life is easier getting a good paying job etc. I’m a recruiter too. Now, 50, can’t find work at all, with out a degree. I think people are drawn to smarter people as they find em more interesting to talk with. I should have struggled through college no matter what. I found later that I had no comprehension and trying to memorize only. Wish I knew what I know now, 35 years ago. I tried so hard to make good grades and worked at it, only to get a D. It war me down. I do love recruiting and offering people jobs. Wish I could do some of their jobs as very interesting and makes a ton more money. IQ & MONEY can buy you happiness and more decent people do want to be around you.

  372. What if the one who made my life difficult is my sister

  373. I think i’ll throw myself off a bridge for my 40th birthday

  374. Jfkchcucfjjjcjck

    It’s not anyone else, it’s me. I’m on anti-depressants and I disturb everyone who loves me. Yeah they might be sad and miss me but at least they don’t have to put up with me anymore and I don’t have to hear this negative shit even though I try so hard. I love life but the world is better off without me and that’s not feeling sorry for myself. It’s the hard ass true.

  375. Hi i am Phillip beck. i am 13. im writing this as i wait for the 43 Tylenol i just took to kick in. The reason i did this is because i am not really 13. I just look it. i have a special disorder that makes me look and act 13 even though in 34. i stand 5 feet even and weigh 120 pounds. i cant even get a job because their is no way to prove my age. ive tried to kill my self exactly 3 times. the first time i jumped off a bridged. thats what caused my disorder. the trauma to my brain stunted my growth when i was 13, i woke fro a coma 10 years later. i was 23 but looked 13. when i was released to a foster home i escaped. i managed to jump in front of a train. this caused the loss of my right arm and both legs. right now as im typing this i have a timer set to submit this in 20 min. This way even if i die you will know my story. the third time i sht my self in the head with my friends gun. the bullet missed and only hit gr

  376. im 50 years old and want to end my life need to find a good way to end my life

  377. Let’s just keep feeding the lie that’s said over and over again throughout life to people who think of committing suicide. “It get’s better.”

  378. Some good ways to end your life is: Drink some alcohol or take any narcotics. Go in a car and do an intestine in the exhaust and hang the intestine into your car. Then run the engine so you’ll suffocated.
    Another thing is to inject air in your body with a syringe.

  379. SUICIDE what an insanely beautiful question answer and mystery ha to be or not to be thats the question I am now going to explain everything i know in a giant run on sentence with millions of grammatical errors cause i dont care call it spam or read it because your interested either way life is a curse my acronym for life L I F E LOSERS INSTANTANEOUSLY FUCKED FOR ETERNITY yeah its an acronym but its my acronym i only use it because its how i feel and how i want to express it I am currently struggling with insanity because my life is so horrible and suicide is the brim of my end and every day is an eternity amazing how a few hours can be hell under extreme or inextreme condititons questions abuse verbal abuse physical mental abuse is abuse and it sucks and you have to either deal with it or escape you are all a bunch of outcasts either inside or outside your life and i am trapped inside the confines of my brains call me scatterbrains if you will its a cool name if youre feeling it I hate myself so much i might have dyslexia i might just be lost i might be stupid i just might be CRAZY but we have established that haven’t we now if you want to talk me out of suicide go fuck yourself because obviously you have been lying to yourself or confusing yourself or smoking pot or something or you are just oblivious to everything or you have brainwashed yourself with god or whatever the fuck your escuse is now after this point you have either started getting angry or feeling sorry for me or whatever your feelings are so many thoughts and perspections of life go through my head and I have learned to cope with everything inside myself but dont think coping is getting past things no its just shutting down your thoughts bout it or hiding it thats not coping or getting over it fuck that my emotions never come out when i am arond people i always have an inside feud about how i want things to go or how i wish they went maybe im not crazy maybe i am just fucked or maybe im an angel going through angel biz or maybe im god and you are god and we are just living in this big ass baby’s world ALLLLLLLLLLL MIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHTY POWER YEAH AWESOME AND IF YOU DON’T DO SOMETHING I WANT YOU TO DO I WILL BANISH YOU TO HELL YES I WILL BECAUSE I DONT LIKE YOU EVEN IF I SUPPOSEDLY CREATED YOU AND I AM TRYING TO CREATE ALL THESE PROPHETS TO GUIDE YOU OR MAYBE THEY ARE JUST CRAZY PEOPLE WHO CONFUSED THEMSELVES BEING SO SMART AND LEARNING HOW TO MANIPULATE THE FEEBLE HUMAN MIND AND AFTER I FAIL OR SUCCEED AT MANIPULATING THEIR MINDS I WILL DISSAPEAR AND NOBODY WILL HEAR FROM ME FOR YEARS AND MAYBE IM JUST ON SOME QUEST TO FIND OUT ABOUT HOW TO GET THEM EVEN MORE AND MAYBE ILL CREATE A BOOK TO KEEP THEM BELIEVING UNTIL I COME BACK AND CONFUSE THEM SO MUCH THAT THEY GET SO FRUSTRATED AND ANGRY WHEN SOMEONE DOUBTS MY BELIEF OR MAYBE I WILL SIMPLY TELL THEM THEY ARE GOING TO HELL I DONT EVEN FEEL LIKE EXPRESSING MYSELF ANY LONGER SO MAYBE LATER I WILL TALK MORE ABOUT IT SCATTER

  380. I would just like to point out to everyone that suicide is your choice, no one on this page really cares what you do with your life or how long you ‘hold on’ for, if you’re going to do it then that isn’t something you have been told to do, it is something you yourself have decided upon, if you don’t like how your life is then do something about it, you are the only person who has the power to change it, and i do agree with ‘The Clairvoyent’ to a point when he says that suicide is ‘weak’, I myself wouldn’t describe it as such as i believe it takes a great amount of courage to take your own life, but i also believe that it takes a great deal more courage and strength to be able to stand up and say ‘I am in control of my life, and I will change it’………… just sayin

  381. You have some good ideas but I don’t recommend suicide to those of you thinking about it. I have a friend who wants to commit suicide but I won’t let her because I love her too much…now me, I also want to commit suicide but I don’t really show it and so I don’t have a friend like myself. I think that I will eventually kill myself even if I will go to hell because of it. Thanks for listening I guess.

  382. I am missing my daughter very badley……. She is just 4 years old and my wife took her away from me…… She is my life…….. But now seems i lost every thing therfore I want to commit suiside now…….. I dont want to make a new start…… But what wud be the future of my daughter……. dose she will except me as her father when she will know all the story……. can she understand the circumstances under what I decided to end my life……. I hope so……. Please forgive me…….

    • Hey….. My earlier comment was just an time pass…. I will not suicide coz I know my daughter needs me…….I will have to live for her only…… and I will face all the difficulties and ensure a bright futuer for her……. No matter she is away from me but she is alwayz in my heart…… but wud be better if I can get her back….. God please hep me…….

  383. At least my reasons for killing myself are better than some others. I need to do this because
    a. im being a burden to other people
    b. the one thing in my life that i ever really wanted is just stupid
    c. i do so much for other people, that nobody stops and helps me (sort of how tiffany feels in silver linings playbook)
    d. i dont even know who my parents are
    e. my mistake can be used to stop other people from killing themselves.
    I may not seem rational, but I feel like this is how i am going to get to leave my mark on the world. This is for the greater good.

    • Well, you are irational. Thing is, every reason for killing yourself is stupid.You will be dead enought time, use this little to do something you can not when you die. Like, fuck this boring persons in your life and go. Save money, steal, do whatever and run. Never come back. Nobody have the right to make you feel bad you exist. What greater good? Do something REALLY great to this world full of shit. And I think you are have that thing that people miss, and that is you think for everybody. And it will be great world if everybody was like you. But people are selfish and everybody cares only for themselves. But one thing, dont let them destroy good things. Your life is now nearly nothing and your death will change nothing, but I think and believe that everybody who see that something is terriblly wrong with this world (and really it is) have a duty to act, do something to make it better. And when I say this, I think really important, not something like killing yourself. If you are sure you have to kill yourself, do it, because if you are hundred percent sure in something, that means you are stupid, and that means you can die because we already have to much stupid people alive. I will not be the one who try to stop the selection. I have to write this, Im sorry I was boring, but I saw sometnih in your post that makes me hate that people who does that somebody feel the way you do. like a burden. And I never hate. But anyway, good luck 🙂

  384. i wnt to kill myslf cuz i had a fyt wit my bro wit no reasn. . .he beat me so much wit a wooden rod. . .my parents dint stp him. . .m lockd in a dark room. . .i wnt to end my lyf. . .