"something will turn up, always has, always will”

“Thank you… I know it’s hard for you to understand why.. But you will.. I’m sure you will.. You’re smart guy Parth.. For now probably you can’t rationalize everything because you are clouded of what and how you feel..

I did this because I want you to be free.. In life there are so many things which we have to consider just so that we can be happy.. Me being with you will just make your life miserable and empty..

I’m hurt.. Yes I am.. Because I’ve fallen for you even in a short period of time.. I should be the one to be blamed in all this because I should have known better and I shouldn’t have let this happen.. Now I’m suffering because I know I have hurt you.

I guess it’s a lesson learned.. But I have no regrets of loving you.. For you requited more than I ever expected and I really felt you did.

I’d always want you to remember Parth, that life is a one time chance.. Everyday is a battle of living our lives.. I have fought so many battles already that sometimes I feel that I’m tired but knowing that life is unpredictable has made me realise that it is my decision if I want to live life and be happy..

Parth you are so lucky you have everything you needed… A great career, support from your parents and friends… All you need now is someone to be with you..I don’t want to leave you devastated because of me being gone and no matter how hard you keep trying to deny it, you know that one day it will happen.

Take care and make your parents proud.. Be the best lawyer.. Be the best at what you do.. Stay strong and enjoy life.. Love will come soon.. Then everything will be ok..

Don’t worry about me.. I’ll be ok.. I know God has a plan for me.. Whatever it is I know it’s for the better… He knows I’ve suffered enough for him to reward me of a little joy… I’ll be waiting for that to happen..

Goodbye and take care



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