"something will turn up, always has, always will”


Hello readers.

I am Pritish Sirkar. I am an independent legal practitioner, serving many corporate and individual clients and am based in Lucknow, India. This is my personal blog, however, some posts may be related to my work in the field of law. As a blogger, I chose the name “The Clairvoyant” because it was my gaming alias for a very long time.

Reading, writing, travelling, watching movies (almost any genre, I happen to be a good movie critic), biking, listening to music (generally almost all genres again), having laughs at other people’s expense and watching football are my favorite hobbies.

My strengths include my deep thinking, analytical mind, good judgement (and contrary to popular believe, they are three different things), my smile (which has helped me evade a lot of trouble in life) and the fact that I am a non-scheming, uncomplicated person who does not ‘mouth’ himself into trouble.

My weaknesses on the other hand include my over experimental nature, my inability to tolerate certain people after some time and to share things (I am an only child, you probably know the rest), my way of expressing anger (it is of no use and generally has no effect)  and that I am not a “morning person” (and occasionally not a “day person”).

I motto in life is that “there is no need to worry, something will turn up, always has, always will”.

For the sake of the title of this post and the lovable people who took time to read about me, I’ll keep this post short and come up with an autobiography (if it is of any economic and literary value in the ‘non-foreseeable’ future).

Please feel free to contact me at pritish.sirkar@gmail.com

Thank you for reading.


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  1. Please give me a word of wisdom. Hurting so much and not understanding why Gid doesn’t like me. Why does He continue to send bad things in my life? I try to be a good person and help others. I want to be dead. But can’t commit suicide and hurt my family. I am 58 years old. Will it ever be better?

  2. hopelessandfinished is exactly the way i feel, up until two days i had a strong belief in Jesus Christ but with one phone call from a filthy pretend christian has changed me completely. made me realize that it is nothing but a crock of shit. i was deliberately maimed at birth so the government of canada could use me and many other individuals for the most grotesque experiments to be guised as medical research ever, in this let’s pretend stand against
    abuse, HUH. What a sham and a scam, they are so coy at combining their filthy practices. Ever time the topic of snuff productions are exposed they so cleverly disguise them as imaginary. Well they are so amoral they are putrefied to the existence of the core and damn proud of it. SHAME ON THEM! i can will prove every word of this but for over forty years i have tried and yet again this faked up government discredits all of it. i have had a bounty on my head and was made aware of this when i was fifteen years old by an angel that warned me vehemently that i was marked for a violent death, rape or torture, if videoed for the elite as so proudly consider themselves, the higher the payment via tax dollars. This individual was absolutely tortured until they finally succeeded in performing a surgical lobotomy on him and he shot himself in the presence of his wife and children, more fodder for their future generation of their amoral sham. i have savagely raped and beaten and all the police can claim is it my fault, never a charge laid against any of the perpetrators. my identification was deliberately stolen and i was brutally arrested by the police illegally. And even when it was proven my fingerprints and photo didn’t match what they had on file, i was further charged with failing to appear at a court hearing i told in the presence of witnesses that i would not have to attend. However, fourteen years later i was arrested and when they proved i was not the person they were attempting to pursue, they issued an arrest warrant for my arrest, they want me to plead guilty to lesser offences, nooooooooo way. they incarcerated me for 98 days for no criminal activity. To add, i was not allowed to see the person using my identification to commit crime in my name because their confidentiality is protect, well latty da! i cannot be employed because of this. A schizophrenic deliberately poisoned me and no charges could be laid because of her illness, although she bragged on facebook that she finally got me. Her father owed me over six thousand dollars in back wages, had me kidnapped by a brute and tortured to of all things collect insurance on me, just my pimp husband, who pitifully claims i ruined his life because i didn’t accidentally die for a five million dollar life insurance policy. The pillar of the community he is!!!! i left him in 1985 and recently his two sisters sold every one of my possessions. Unfortunately, nothing can be legally, how pitiful is that. i use to believe in Jesus Christ but i see now that is just a scam to loser like me robbed, raped and ridiculed. Do you really feel committing suicide is just a bad thing. if i defend myself they arrest me. WOW I have had it and i will not take another attack especially from the riot squad of the ever so upstanding bullshitting police. don’t pray for me I don’t much care anymore! thanks for you website it makes me feel more convinced that my plan it going to be well worth my absolute last effort. No one will be invited to my demise, they have had quite enough entertainment on me!!!! no more

  3. Hi. I wrote something on your blog about suicide under the name Stephanie R. Please would you remove it. My mental health was not in a good place at the time. Thank you and sorry.

  4. Take this down please.It is like you are helping people abandon life.Death is not a topic to adress in a blog,especially suicide.I can even believe you posted this.Please , show some sensitivity .Suicide is always painful .If anybody thinks of suicide please,I beg you reach out for help.I fyou cant find anyone,you can even email me a random person from the web,because I care.And I am definately not the good Samaritan, I am just aperson who is sick of violent and abuse and LACK OF SUPPORT.

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