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The Demon and the Saint (ref. X-Men)

Recently I went for this movie, X-Men-First Class. It was a wonderful movie and I had a superb time. There were two main characters in the movie, Dr. X and Magneto, played by James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender respectively and in one of the dramatic scenes, McAvoy encourages Fassbender to use his special powers and move a gigantic metallic structure. It was then that McAvoy tells Fassbender that, “Focus lies somewhere between rage and serenity”. At that point of time, I completely agreed with what was being said in the movie and that kind of reminded me of the epic saying “With great powers, come great responsibilities”  from Spiderman.

Nevertheless, after giving it an astute thought, I now believe that focus does not lie somewhere between rage and serenity but it lies with you when you have both rage and serenity at the same time. Rage and serenity are like a demon and a saint who live inside you. Its essential that you become the master of both for if you let either one of them take control of you, you would be likely to find yourself in a very difficult set of circumstances.

The logic that I am offering is simple. If you have rage but lack serenity, you would be likely to go berserk and mad and on the other hand if you have serenity alone, you would surely be complacent in life and end up being an underachiever.

Give it a thought and if you agree with what I’m saying, trying enslaving both the demon and the saint. If you have rage and serenity at the same time i.e., you are determined, ambitious, aggressive and enterprising (because of rage) and calm, composed, patient and willing to endure (because of serenity), at the same time, you would be unstoppable.

These words of mine also remind me of a quote my favourite ‘Guru’ (I’m not going to name him here) once told me. He said while saying a lot of other things, “………revenge is the dish which tastes the best when it is served cold…..” I guess there is some connection with what he said and what I learned from the movie.

So control your rage but don’t do away with it.

Good night.


Real Beauty, The Never-Ending Cycle of Life….

Beauty, the presence of which brings delight to the observer’s eyes. Beauty, the reason behind thousands of smiles. Beauty, an inspirer of great poets, writers and painters, is also said to be very subjective. Some would argue that it lies only in the eyes of the observer and some would add on to that by saying that in reality it does not exist at all.

Whether beauty lies only in the eyes of the observer or whether beauty is existent or not are very complex questions. Nevertheless, it is an established fact that beauty is a very subjective phenomenon and what might be beautiful for one person, might be very ordinary to another. Thus, if it is so hard to conclude if something is beautiful or not, how can one write about or define real beauty?

Right from the cradle, to the grave. From the bright red toy one had during infancy to the smile on one’s grandchildren’s faces, there are a lot of things, a man finds beautiful.  For me, my mother’s bangles which made a tinkling sound, my father’s bright blue t-shirt and my bright red tricycle were the most appealing things I came across as a little kid. In late teens, there is always a girl in your class who is the most beautiful creature for you and till then only toys are the most beautiful things you have around you.

The look on your parents face, the day you graduate is beautiful. The feeling you get when you hold your crush’s hand for the first time is also beautiful. To love and to be loved in return, is beautiful. A day comes when you feel that you have accomplished something, you have a look in the mirror and feel beautiful. When you buy your first car, its shiny metal body seems beautiful.

You hold your baby for the first time and that baby grows up in front of your eyes, its beautiful. The look on your child’s face when you gift him a toy, and the look on his face again when he, himself becomes a parent one day, everything is beautiful.

There is a day when you are an old man and you realise that you have discharged all your duties well and have nothing significant to do, an emptiness begins to surround you when suddenly your little grandchild comes looking for you, catches hold of your finger and a fresh chapter opens in your life, that is beautiful.

And then, one fateful day, your entire life flashes in front of your eyes, just before you die and every beautiful thing that you have always commemorated, flows into your mind just like the sands of time and that day you realise what a ‘real beauty’ is.

Maybe the real beauty lies in this catch 22 situation which is nothing but a cycle, a never-ending cycle of life and that every beautiful moment in that cycle is like drinking from the “endless fountain of immortal drink” (Keats). It does take a life time to understand the true meaning of real beauty.

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Random Thoughts

At the moment, I am the most confused person on earth. I don’t know where my thoughts are taking me and I have been lingering in an oblivion for the past five years. More than anything else, I want to be with my parents because when I am with them, I am emotionally balanced. Right now, the only thing I’m looking for is a place where I can sit in seclusion and think because I really need to think. Needless to say, theres no place other than home which comes to my mind. I can feel that my mind has degenerated a lot since coming to a place where I never wanted to be. I have made some wrong choices in life. The problem lies in the fact that I don’t even have the time to repent. I am not a very expressive person and the only fact which is encouraging me to write are the ideas that are coming to my head at the moment. I hope I look at this post one day and laugh at what I am writing. I enjoy writing and blogging but I had been silent for a very long time and the only reason was a writer’s block that I was experiencing for quite some time now. I feel glad that I have finally been able to break the wall down and start writing again. I wanna leave myself to God and let him take care of me and just hope that I do not make wrong decisions again. I really can’t screw up again….I can’t afford to.

p.s: I am thinking of getting something which can inspire and motivate me. I have my inspiration with me but not my motivation. My motivation is lost in the confusion which has spawned from the apprehension of making mistakes again. I desperately needed to write and I feel much better now that I did.

My Friends….

There are a lot of people who come into our lives and few after sending a little time with you might come up with big statements claiming to be a very close friend but we all need to realise that the term friendship, in itself, includes not just fun, frolic and  partying but a lot more than that. An expectation of a friend includes a lot of things being left unsaid and the other friend responding in a way you so desire.

I consider myself to be very lucky and fortunate because I have found a bunch of friends who have stuck with me relentlessly, unconditionally and have got out of their way to help me whenever I’ve been in distress.

While I know it well that I sometimes have not been the type of person my friends have wanted me to be but I am still friends with the ones who matter and in the end I guess that is what is of prime importance. I have been disappointed on occasions too but somehow they have always found a way to make up to me.

A friend is a person who does not judge your past, looks forward to get in touch with you often and accepts you as you are.

Just a short post, a dedication to my closest buddies around and the one God took away so early.

Love you all.

Why Don’t I Write About Law?

I have received a lot of e-mails for my blog. Most of them are replies and feedbacks from people who read my post on suicide. Every mail from you encourages me write more and more.

Some of the folks who know me personally might wonder why I don’t I write about law and lawyers much. An honest reply should be that I am still a learner and I’d  write more once I am an erudite, learned lawyer. It’d still take me  a few more months to become a full-fledged lawyer.

Also, my passion for writing dries up when I’m supposed to write anything about law. I guess, that is what five years of legal study does to you. I got a few mails from some of my readers to write more about law and law schools and that forced me to write about this dearth of interest for law in me.

I have thus made it a point that I’d write more and more about law school before I pass out later this year and a lot about law, once I leap into the profession.

This is just a reply to my lovely readers from law schools. Never knew I’d have so many (or as much as I have today). Hope you enjoy my blog as God wanted it to be.

Love you all.

Advantages of Being Single

I have been single for quite some time now and want to take this opportunity to write about the advantages of being single. I’ve had a lot of fun ever since I’ve been single and there was a time that I almost forgot how it was like to be free and liberated. There is a famous saying that couples and single people are both covertly jealous of each other. The former thinks that the latter is having a lot of fun which the former is missing, while the latter thinks that the former has something reasonable in life. This is just the ‘never satisfied human’ thinking.

I have been in a few relationships as of now and so have most of my friends close to me. What I have come to realise after having an experience of maybe, a few years is that relationships are overrated and people tend to stick to a failing relationship after having failed to realise that life can be better for both people in a relationship, without each other.

Thus, with a very noble intention of helping people who are trying to work upon a difficult, almost failed relationship and all their efforts are going in vain,I write. I want to help them in coming to a decision about their relationship and their partner i.e. whether they want to continue the relationship or not and whether they still want their partner to be in their lives, just like the way he/she had been.

For my purpose to be achieved, it is imperative for me to enumerate the advantages of being single and what all had you been missing out on while you had been fighting with your lover and feeling frustrated.

1. Freedom and Independence: Being into a relationship forces you to do a lot of things you don’t want to do. You don’t have to watch a lousy chick-flick if you don’t want to (you can go with friends to see all the blood and gore), you attend only the classes you want to and you have all the time in the world left either to rediscover yourself  (phbbbt) or spend it any damned way you want to. You tend to stop being needy ,clingy and become a more confident and spontaneous person over time. In some cases, getting out of relationships is like getting out of a cocoon.

2. No nagging and No mood swings: Who does not get fed up of continuous nagging and mood swings that few women have to offer (I am not a misogynist and I admit that some men do it too). Nagging is like a blood thirsty demon which slowly sucks the life out of the person who is being nagged at while mood swings may frustrate a person to such an extent that he may even contemplate killing himself. Just imagine yourself getting out of such a traumatic relationship and never ever having to tolerate such an atrophy again.

3. Finances: Who doesn’t like to spend his money the way he wants to. Financial freedom is an essential part of life so that one can enjoy life without worrying about buying presents and paying for dinner. This might not make much of a difference in most cases, nevertheless, you can now spend your money on partying, books, dressing well and so on. You become the undisputed owner of your own money.

Besides, these top three advantages, there are several other advantages which can be availed after separating from your partner:

4. You can focus on your career.

5. You don’t have to tolerate some of the most annoying habits.

6. You can flirt freely.

7. You have time for new activities.

8. You don’t have to share things you don’t want to share

9. You don’t get continuous phone calls on your cell phone

Having enumerated the advantages of being single, there is an onus upon me to say that companionship, fulfillment and children may only be achieved through relationships and marriage and single life cannot be a substitute for that. All one needs is to make sure is that he/she is with the right person who helps attaining these accomplishments.

There shall be Blood (Lal Chowk)

Before some talk about the topic, I would like to welcome to the world of blogging, my dear friend Shantanu Tyagi, whose blog can be reached by clicking here . He started blogging yesterday and the only post he has, as of now, is related to the flag hoisting at lal chowk.

In Lal Chowk, on multiple incidents, the Pakistani flag and other Islamic flags have been hoisted on different occasions. The young men of the BJP have undertaken a task to hoist the Indian flag at the place with such hostile feelings for India. 

Moreover, the way Omar Abdulla and the central govt. have shown their skepticism about the hoisting of our own national flag at lal chowk, a place within the frontiers of India itself, is nothing but an act of shameless cowardice and continuance of the politics of appeasement. Trains to Jammu are being canceled and rescheduled and even the J&K government has officially denied allowing the flag hoisting at Lal Chowk. It is a matter of utter shame that we cannot do in our own country, what US has done in Iraq and Israel has done in Lebanon Any person prohibiting or trying to restrict the hoisting of our national flag in our own country should be severely punished for showing disrespect to the tricolor.

Even if the sham govt. we have, succeeds in preventing these men from going to Srinagar, they have made their point……THAT SOONER OR LATER……THERE SHALL BE BLOOD…..AND THAT THE TRAITORS AND SEPARATISTS WILL HAVE TO PAY.