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There shall be Blood (Lal Chowk)

Before some talk about the topic, I would like to welcome to the world of blogging, my dear friend Shantanu Tyagi, whose blog can be reached by clicking here . He started blogging yesterday and the only post he has, as of now, is related to the flag hoisting at lal chowk.

In Lal Chowk, on multiple incidents, the Pakistani flag and other Islamic flags have been hoisted on different occasions. The young men of the BJP have undertaken a task to hoist the Indian flag at the place with such hostile feelings for India. 

Moreover, the way Omar Abdulla and the central govt. have shown their skepticism about the hoisting of our own national flag at lal chowk, a place within the frontiers of India itself, is nothing but an act of shameless cowardice and continuance of the politics of appeasement. Trains to Jammu are being canceled and rescheduled and even the J&K government has officially denied allowing the flag hoisting at Lal Chowk. It is a matter of utter shame that we cannot do in our own country, what US has done in Iraq and Israel has done in Lebanon Any person prohibiting or trying to restrict the hoisting of our national flag in our own country should be severely punished for showing disrespect to the tricolor.

Even if the sham govt. we have, succeeds in preventing these men from going to Srinagar, they have made their point……THAT SOONER OR LATER……THERE SHALL BE BLOOD…..AND THAT THE TRAITORS AND SEPARATISTS WILL HAVE TO PAY.