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My Friends….

There are a lot of people who come into our lives and few after sending a little time with you might come up with big statements claiming to be a very close friend but we all need to realise that the term friendship, in itself, includes not just fun, frolic and  partying but a lot more than that. An expectation of a friend includes a lot of things being left unsaid and the other friend responding in a way you so desire.

I consider myself to be very lucky and fortunate because I have found a bunch of friends who have stuck with me relentlessly, unconditionally and have got out of their way to help me whenever I’ve been in distress.

While I know it well that I sometimes have not been the type of person my friends have wanted me to be but I am still friends with the ones who matter and in the end I guess that is what is of prime importance. I have been disappointed on occasions too but somehow they have always found a way to make up to me.

A friend is a person who does not judge your past, looks forward to get in touch with you often and accepts you as you are.

Just a short post, a dedication to my closest buddies around and the one God took away so early.

Love you all.