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Advantages of Being Single

I have been single for quite some time now and want to take this opportunity to write about the advantages of being single. I’ve had a lot of fun ever since I’ve been single and there was a time that I almost forgot how it was like to be free and liberated. There is a famous saying that couples and single people are both covertly jealous of each other. The former thinks that the latter is having a lot of fun which the former is missing, while the latter thinks that the former has something reasonable in life. This is just the ‘never satisfied human’ thinking.

I have been in a few relationships as of now and so have most of my friends close to me. What I have come to realise after having an experience of maybe, a few years is that relationships are overrated and people tend to stick to a failing relationship after having failed to realise that life can be better for both people in a relationship, without each other.

Thus, with a very noble intention of helping people who are trying to work upon a difficult, almost failed relationship and all their efforts are going in vain,I write. I want to help them in coming to a decision about their relationship and their partner i.e. whether they want to continue the relationship or not and whether they still want their partner to be in their lives, just like the way he/she had been.

For my purpose to be achieved, it is imperative for me to enumerate the advantages of being single and what all had you been missing out on while you had been fighting with your lover and feeling frustrated.

1. Freedom and Independence: Being into a relationship forces you to do a lot of things you don’t want to do. You don’t have to watch a lousy chick-flick if you don’t want to (you can go with friends to see all the blood and gore), you attend only the classes you want to and you have all the time in the world left either to rediscover yourself  (phbbbt) or spend it any damned way you want to. You tend to stop being needy ,clingy and become a more confident and spontaneous person over time. In some cases, getting out of relationships is like getting out of a cocoon.

2. No nagging and No mood swings: Who does not get fed up of continuous nagging and mood swings that few women have to offer (I am not a misogynist and I admit that some men do it too). Nagging is like a blood thirsty demon which slowly sucks the life out of the person who is being nagged at while mood swings may frustrate a person to such an extent that he may even contemplate killing himself. Just imagine yourself getting out of such a traumatic relationship and never ever having to tolerate such an atrophy again.

3. Finances: Who doesn’t like to spend his money the way he wants to. Financial freedom is an essential part of life so that one can enjoy life without worrying about buying presents and paying for dinner. This might not make much of a difference in most cases, nevertheless, you can now spend your money on partying, books, dressing well and so on. You become the undisputed owner of your own money.

Besides, these top three advantages, there are several other advantages which can be availed after separating from your partner:

4. You can focus on your career.

5. You don’t have to tolerate some of the most annoying habits.

6. You can flirt freely.

7. You have time for new activities.

8. You don’t have to share things you don’t want to share

9. You don’t get continuous phone calls on your cell phone

Having enumerated the advantages of being single, there is an onus upon me to say that companionship, fulfillment and children may only be achieved through relationships and marriage and single life cannot be a substitute for that. All one needs is to make sure is that he/she is with the right person who helps attaining these accomplishments.