"something will turn up, always has, always will”

The Three Year Hiatus

It’s been a while since I last wrote. A little over three years, I think. It has been work mostly but there is a lot of blame that I must take if I am to correctly analyse the reasons which precluded me from writing.

A lot has changed in the past three years. This blog, however, has remained, I haven’t deleted it even though the thought was considered. Something which started as a very personal thing has come to become a major suicide blog on the internet. Somehow I believe that I get more positive responses than the negative ones and that the page has helped and I remain a ‘Suicide Blogger’.

Crazy how a strange and a sad experience of your life which you try to take positively can get you to do things you may never think about. A blog post, even though sad was not meant to be read very seriously and probably was only ‘a would have been conversation’ between two friends which could have meant a different world for me today. It went on to reach millions. It was never a dedication, it was a conversation which never happened and it was about a life which was never saved.

With or without a writer’s block, I think I may have matured as a person and hopefully as a writer over the past three years and there is plenty I can write about. I have a story in mind. It may be in parts and it may be too influenced by some real events. But there will be one and hopefully this won’t just be a suicide blog anymore.

Love. The Clairvoyant.

NOTE: The blog page can be followed here: The Clairvoyant’s Blog | Facebook


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