"something will turn up, always has, always will”

Random Thoughts

At the moment, I am the most confused person on earth. I don’t know where my thoughts are taking me and I have been lingering in an oblivion for the past five years. More than anything else, I want to be with my parents because when I am with them, I am emotionally balanced. Right now, the only thing I’m looking for is a place where I can sit in seclusion and think because I really need to think. Needless to say, theres no place other than home which comes to my mind. I can feel that my mind has degenerated a lot since coming to a place where I never wanted to be. I have made some wrong choices in life. The problem lies in the fact that I don’t even have the time to repent. I am not a very expressive person and the only fact which is encouraging me to write are the ideas that are coming to my head at the moment. I hope I look at this post one day and laugh at what I am writing. I enjoy writing and blogging but I had been silent for a very long time and the only reason was a writer’s block that I was experiencing for quite some time now. I feel glad that I have finally been able to break the wall down and start writing again. I wanna leave myself to God and let him take care of me and just hope that I do not make wrong decisions again. I really can’t screw up again….I can’t afford to.

p.s: I am thinking of getting something which can inspire and motivate me. I have my inspiration with me but not my motivation. My motivation is lost in the confusion which has spawned from the apprehension of making mistakes again. I desperately needed to write and I feel much better now that I did.


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  1. Keep leaning on God, He has a beautiful plan laid out for you. That plan is tailored just for you. I know it’s confusing, I often feel this way. Just pray, read God’s word and trust, and then make the best decisions you can. If you do this, God will bless you, even if you make mistakes. God looks at the heart and He loves you so so much.

    • Thank you so much. I feel better already. I always believed that God helps those who help themselves but I guess, God indeed is an infinite source of strength and determination and helps whenever we are ready to accept his help. 🙂

  2. Try to write something brave, spirited with tenacity of winning spree

    • Not that I am depressed, but its just that I’d need a lot of patience for another month or at least until I get some good news after a very long time.I seem prepared now.

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