"something will turn up, always has, always will” (Blog of Advocate Pritish Sirkar)

I have received a lot of e-mails for my blog. Most of them are replies and feedbacks from people who read my post on suicide. Every mail from you encourages me write more and more.

Some of the folks who know me personally might wonder why I don’t I write about law and lawyers much. An honest reply should be that I am still a learner and I’d  write more once I am an erudite, learned lawyer. It’d still take me  a few more months to become a full-fledged lawyer.

Also, my passion for writing dries up when I’m supposed to write anything about law. I guess, that is what five years of legal study does to you. I got a few mails from some of my readers to write more about law and law schools and that forced me to write about this dearth of interest for law in me.

I have thus made it a point that I’d write more and more about law school before I pass out later this year and a lot about law, once I leap into the profession.

This is just a reply to my lovely readers from law schools. Never knew I’d have so many (or as much as I have today). Hope you enjoy my blog as God wanted it to be.

Love you all.


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