"something will turn up, always has, always will”

What makes me write?

When I was a little kid (probably 6 years old), I started writing small stories where there would be a hero named ‘John Maston’, who would bravely and relentlessly fight the ‘evil that men do’. The stories generally ran a page or two and after completing each and every story, I would force my parents and my maternal uncle to read it. This hobby of mine lasted for about two years after which the diary that I used to maintain for the stories  ran out of pages.

Years later, after having been appreciated by most of my English teachers throughout my school life, for writing essays and other passages that I was academically required to write, I came to a conclusion that writing is something that comes naturally to me and that I have developed a liking for it as a hobby.

After school, I made it to a law school where I resumed writing once again. This time it was a book, the title of which I have not yet thought of. After having typed a few chapters, my hard disk crashed and I lost every word of the story, I had come up with. It was then that I decided that the book can wait and that maybe I’ll restart again in my later ages, after I retire or earlier, if I end up being unemployed.

I took a break from writing anything worth reading for some time. Nonetheless, my friends were coming up with condescendingly long and interesting status messages on Facebook (some of them were so good that ‘doubt’ counseled me to Google out  the words in their messages and after realizing that most of them were stolen, I was greatly relieved). The relieve I felt made me complacent and I continued to live without writing.

But then again, recently,my words came back to me and I started playing with them again. A lot of people are responsible for making me write again (besides the fact that I do enjoy writing). Particularly, when my father, Sri Sumit Kumar Sirkar, came up with a book titled, ‘How to be Lucky and Successful in Life’ (you can google out the book to know more about it and you can contact my father here), my sister, Sourabhi Sircar who made me visit a few interesting blogs (most notably, Debosmita’s blog which can be found here) and unknowingly gave me the idea to come up with my own blog.

Hope to come up consistently, with more posts in the future and that you enjoyed the first three days of 2011.

Have a fantastic year ahead.


Comments on: "What makes me write?" (4)

  1. debosmita said:

    What can I say except that its a great feeling to know that my blog has been inspiring for you. I wish you all the luck in this new journey and may you write more in future.
    Thank you so much for this mention 🙂

  2. You are always welcome dear. 🙂 Did you get a notification about the mention?

  3. debosmita said:

    Yes, I got a notification by email when you linked to one of my posts 🙂

    By using the “My Comments” feature of WordPress, I can keep track of who replies to which of my comments on other wordpress blogs -and that’s how I am here today 🙂 though a little late.

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