"something will turn up, always has, always will”

A Quickie Pilot

Hello readers.

First of all, I would like to express the mixed feeling of happiness and amazement that you found time to read my blog and more so, this post on my blog which is entirely dedicated to me, my and mine.

I am Pritish Sirkar. My name means the same as ‘Preetish’ i.e. ‘The God of Love’ but ‘Pritish’ definitely sounds cooler and better. As a blogger, I chose the name “The Clairvoyant” because through my blogs, not only would I try to predict and foresee a lot of events (concerning one and all or just me in some cases) that are likely and unlikely to happen. “The Clairvoyant” was also my gaming alias for a very long time (yes I am more intellectually gifted than an average video gamer).

I am a proud hedonist and the ultimate goal of my life is the pursuit of fun, pleasure and merrymaking (I’ll be honest here, I have never found world peace or poverty related problems even remotely affecting my goals in life). I generally do what amuses me and people have a hard time convincing me into anything until and unless I really want to do it (although I generally do not like to use a stubborn “NO” for an answer).

I am a typical Sagittarian as far as my emotions are concerned i.e. I am an emotionally independent person and can very well manage on my own with or without people around me. Also, it is very easy to irritate me but extremely difficult (or even impossible if you are talking long term here) to hurt me. Nonetheless, contrary to my nature, I have on few occasions gone out of way to help people close to me. When in a monotonous environment, i like to keep to myself and try to minimize the conversation I have with people around me.

Reading, writing, travelling, watching movies (almost any genre, I happen to be a good movie critic), biking, listening to music (generally different forms of rock), having laughs at other people’s expense and betting on video games (only the ones I am good at) are my favorite hobbies.

I have obviously not experienced true love (i am still happy with my life) but have not given up on it (well….at least completely). A reference here can be made on the quote that ‘….a clever man learns from other peoples’ mistakes…’

I might not be the most liked guy around but I am definitely fun to be with (save with the people who know how to suck the colors out of every moment and obviously the people who suck).

My strengths include my deep thinking, analytical mind, good judgement (and contrary to popular believe, they are three different things), my smile (which has helped me evade a lot of trouble in life) and the fact that I am a non-scheming, uncomplicated person who does not ‘mouth’ himself into trouble.

My weaknesses on the other hand include my over experimental nature, my inability to tolerate certain people after some time and to share things (I am an only child, you probably know the rest), my way of expressing anger (it is of no use and generally has no effect)  and that I am not a “morning person” (and occasionally not a “day person”).

I motto in life is that “there is no need to worry, something will turn up, always has, always will”.

For the sake of the title of this post and the lovable people who took time to read about me, I’ll keep this post short and come up with an autobiography (if it is of any economic and literary value in the ‘non-foreseeable’ future).

Please feel free to contact me at pritish.sirkar@gmail.com

As of 30th December, 2010 (the date on which this post was made), I am a final year law student about to pass out next year.

Thank you for reading.

P.S: you might find a few american spellings here, not that I don’t know the British ones (the ones Indians usually use), its because of the grammar and spelling checker which marked my British spellings in red. Please don’t be condescending in your judgement.


Comments on: "A Quickie Pilot" (4)

  1. A nice intro about yourself, must say. However, I recommend you get a “about me” page and add it there. As someone who’s been into blogging for quite sometime, I would also recommend dressing up your blog a bit more for more eye-catching value 🙂 Otherwise, I liked the reasons you gave for the title and the catchline of your blog 🙂 Keep blogging!

    • Yup did that already. Copied and pasted this entire post there. I am still working on adding more aesthetic value to my blog. I am having similar problems with the dashboard here like the ones you once had with your new desktop.

      I am glad that you liked the title and the catchline.

      Thank you so much. 🙂

  2. Deepika Agarwal said:

    hello pritish…….welcome to the world of writing…..though i hav n option of calling u n knowing abt ur life……bt would love to read ur thoughts…..so keep writing…..

    • That would be a big encouragement for me if you read me continually. Unbiased responses, feedbacks and criticisms from close friends like you would only help me nourish the blogger in me.

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